Uyghur chinese relationship

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uyghur chinese relationship

According to the Council on Foreign Relations, Han Chinese made up around % of Xinjiang's population in and 40% in However, the Uyghur had. Chinese officials have been targeting the ethnic group for decades. Uyghurs have to keep an eye on their present country's relation with. 2Xinjiang (East Turkistan2), which was annexed by China in the .. At the same time as relations between the Chinese state and Uyghur society were becoming .

Why is there tension between China and the Uighurs?

On the death of the Kamul Khan Maqsud Shah inJin abolished the Khanate entirely and took control of the region as warlord. Sheng's leadership was marked by heavy Soviet influence, with him openly offering Xinjiang's valuable natural resources in exchange for Soviet help in crushing revolts, such as in InSheng sought reconciliation with the Republic of China, abandoning the Soviets. Though direct evidence of Soviet involvement remains circumstantial, and rebel forces were primarily made up of Turkic Muslims with the support of the local population, the new state was dependent on the Soviet Union for trade, arms, and "tacit consent" for its continued existence.

Uyghur Muslims Suffering in China

The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region was established in Responsibility for the attacks was acknowledged by Uyghur exile groups. Although the attackers were Uyghurs, [] Han and Uyghurs were victims.

The violence left at least 21 people dead, including 15 police and officials. A captured attacker and three others were charged on 30 June.

uyghur chinese relationship

They did not participate in the attack, since they had been arrested two days earlier. Five Uyghurs and two Vietnamese guards died in the incident. Ten of the Uyghurs were men, and the rest were women and children.

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Three people, including the attackers, were killed. The attacks killed 43 people and injured more than 90, the deadliest attack to date in the Xinjiang conflict. Two hundred fifteen attackers were arrested after they stormed a police station and government offices. Immediately after the riots, mobile phone and internet service was cut off in the entire province. For the next 10 monthsweb access would be almost non-existent in Xinjiang, what was and still is one of the most widespread internet shutdowns ever.

Since then, the situation has steadily worsened.

uyghur chinese relationship

The catalyst was the appointment of Chen Quanguo as party secretary for Xinjiang. He was previously the party secretary in another volatile region — Tibet, where CPP apparatchiks praised the hardline tactics he used against protests ; tactics which garnered international condemnation. In Xinjiang, Chen has had the freedom to take whatever measures he wanted to suppress Uyghur dissent, with a seemingly unlimited flow of financial resources.

uyghur chinese relationship

The vast majority of those detained have never been tried and committed no crime. Paramilitary policemen stand guard near the exit of the South Railway Station, where three people were killed and 79 wounded in a bomb and knife attack, in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region, 1 May Yet, there has not been a strong response from the global community.

uyghur chinese relationship

Despite a growing wave of media attention and piling evidence, no country has taken action against China for these camps, nor for its blatant attempts to destroy Uyghur culture. One place that is stunningly silent is the Islamic world. Not a single Muslim-majority country has spoken out on behalf of the Uyghurs this decade. Part of the reason is likely trade — China is investing heavily in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East as part of its Belt and Road Initiative, which might have the side effect of buying silence from leaders who, in most cases, have their own human rights problems to deal with.

uyghur chinese relationship

There is the potential for action from the United States, too, as some members of Congress are pressing for a probe or even sanctions. Unfortunately, these actions may not be enough.

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China has become a major trading partner to nearly every country in the world which is buying silence. Speaking up has consequences though. As Turkey learned inwhen the first riots took place.