Relationship banker definition

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relationship banker definition

The terms would vary between banks - there is no standard for the terms used to describe bank employees who manage clients through relationships. I would. Definition: The rapport you establish with the bank with whom you conduct they 're courting community banks, where "relationship banking" is the rule, not the. Jul 1, A relationship banker sells financial services and handles a client's They work branch hours, which often means working weekends and.

What Is Relationship Banking?

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Relationship banking refers to the marketing of financial "packages" to customers, rather than one-off accounts or loans. By cross-selling banking products, institutions can increase total assets per customer and subsequently, total revenue per customer.

relationship banker definition

However, relationship banking isn't just about the bank's bottom line and can beneficial to the customer, too. For one, building a relationship with your bank means establishing trust on both ends.

relationship banker definition

Your bank trusts you to meet your financial obligations, and you trust them to meet your financial needs. The stronger the bond of trust, the more financially beneficial that relationship becomes for both parties.

Joanne Cleaver, who recently bought a condo with her husband in the small west Michigan town of Manistee, attributes the strong business relationship they built with their Northwestern Bank loan officer, Laura, to the overall smooth home buying process they experienced despite hangups along the way.

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We thought we were on top of it with getting all the papers notarized and over-nighted to the title company, but on the Friday morning of closing one set of papers was nowhere to be found," recalls Cleaver. Nonetheless, Laura was quick to help and had all the needed paperwork "signed and delivered for the next Monday morning -- by 1 p. Access to better interest rates and loan terms Greg Meyer, banking expert and founder of The Credit Union Guy Blognotes that financial institutions "concentrate their sales efforts on bringing in a larger share of the customer's wallet," which can work to the customer's advantage.

Namely, more affluent bank customers can gain access to better interest rates than what is advertised to the general public.

Job Description of a Branch Relationship Banker

Meyer calls this "relationship pricing" on loans and savings products, explaining "depending on the size of your overall relationship, you may be able to get higher rates on your time deposits and lower rates on your borrowing. Fewer fees Because you're considered to be a highly valuable customer, things like checking account overdraft fees are easy to have waived. Not to mention, maintaining higher balances means you're likely to be exempt from common monthly maintenance fees, which are generally only charged when accounts fail to meet a minimum deposit requirement.

Added convenience Benefits of relationship banking go beyond the obvious financial savings. She should learn how to be effective in cross-selling the bank's products and services to customers.

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She would be responsible for expanding her understanding of how the bank works in order to make good suggestions for fulfilling customers' needs. Qualifications Associates are high school or college graduates who aspire to become bank loan officers.

Studies should be concentrated in business, accounting, finance or economics. It is a plus for associates to be working toward certification as a chartered financial analyst or another professional designation. Bank employees in this position should exhibit familiarity with banking terms and the workings of bank operations.

relationship banker definition

Skills Relationship banking associates should demonstrate analytical skills and be able to understand the financial situations of consumers and business customers. This ability allows them to make informed suggestions of bank services. Foreign language fluency is a plus. Interpersonal skills and written and verbal communication skills are necessary for strong performance as a relationship banking associate.