Eren levi relationship problems

Levi x Eren: 5 Reasons They are the Ultimate BL Couple

eren levi relationship problems

And? You are still shipping Levi with fifteen year old Eren. If anything, I see Eren and Levi's relationship as one of a mentor and student. Modern Day Ereri AU with a side of arranged marriage. They were the best of friends, and if one of them was in trouble the other wouldn't. Eren x Levi is mainly just a crack ship, and we can safely assume that won't actually that is so true. historia and eren relationship is so hated because people Ironically, I also used to have a problem with how Eren treated Mikasa early on.

If they have to kill someone on the opposing side, does that make them a murderer? Just in the same way, if Levi was ordered to beat Eren by his commanding officer, does that truly make him an abuser? Does Erwin get any blame for giving the order?

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Things to think about. He did it simply because he was ordered to do it. All things worth noting. Before continuing, I just want to throw this chart from the Official Guidebook in here, to keep in mind as I continue.

First Day at the Castle: Levi is watching Eren as they head to the castle. But, aside from a small panel in the cleaning scene a little further down, this is one of the last times that Levi ever really looks at Eren with this face on, showing that his attitude and opinion of Eren does change. Eren is a bit nervous about the squad as a whole, because he knows that any of them can kill him if they have to, and at this point he really does believe that their job to keep watch over him and keep him under control.

But to summarize, Eren is shocked that Levi is okay with following orders which we know. He comes back, visibly irritated toward Petra, specifically and tells Eren to go redo the cleaning in order to break them up and stop gossiping about him. Also, I find this scene kind of foreshadowing what happens later in the forest. Eren initially thought Levi was freer, that he made his own rules.

And here he learns such is not the case. Trust Goes Both Ways: Short and to the point, let me just throw these panels out there: Will there be anyone I can rely on, no matter what…? And while this particular scene focuses more on his inner monologue about whether his squad mates will learn to put their trust in him, later down the line we see how his lack of trust in them or, more importantly, Levi surfaces.

And how he chooses to trust them only after being reminded that they chose to trust him. The next thing I want to cover is so extremely crucial. This scene is so, so, so, SO important!

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Levi does not want to kill him and he does not intend to do so. But the point is that there are no intentions to kill him. There is no way to eliminate the risk for either side here. Levi explains this to Eren and tells him that both parties are at risk no matter what. After he explains this, Hanji asks for his approval to start experimenting.

So in the next scene, Hanji and Levi have asked Eren to stand inside the well. They light off the signal flare and Eren bites into his hands repeatedly trying to trigger his transformation.

Levi instantly says that Eren definitely saw it, and nothing is happening. They approach the well and look down, both in shock, to find Eren in there with marks and blood all over his hands. I think that at this moment, Levi now understands what Eren has to go through simply just to transform. His frustration is understandable. Petra even goes over to him, a little nervous herself, in an attempt to just get him to calm down. That they saw him as a literal monster. He understands that this was an accident.

I would say this makes it clear that Levi has already started to trust Eren. And he is protecting him here. Hanji comes onto the scene and does Hanji. Now that things have calmed down, Eren takes that as his cue to get himself detached from the titan. And Eren acknowledges this.

eren levi relationship problems

First off, Eren opens up to Levi. That they care about him. He talks about why he chose them. After this is the bite scene. Hanji talks about the spoon, and comes to the conclusion that Eren needs a clear goal in mind along with his self harm trigger in order to turn into a titan.

So they choose to trust him. So basically, once the squad enters the forest, Eren instantly goes into a questioning mode. Levi tells him to stop stating the obvious, and to try and think hard about the situation, also pointing out that the trees are great for optimizing the 3DMG. The female titan appears and Eren is stuck watching as soldiers are dying behind him, trying to buy the squad time.

The entire squad is kind of losing their nerves at this point and Levi is doing nothing because he was ordered to lure the female titan in, not to engage it. And Eren is confused. But you have to keep in mind that Eren does not know what this expedition is about.

Levi fires the sound grenade to get his squad to stop yelling and let him talk for a moment. Even if it costs them their lives. Okay, so here it is. His immediate response is to decide the only person that he can rely on is himself. And he openly speaks out against what Levi is allowing to happen, right within earshot, knowing that Levi can hear him.

And he has no problem questioning him because at this moment he does not trust him. Remember when he was surprised a while back when he realized that Levi follows orders just like everyone else?

They were all in agreement that Eren was not to transform unless his life was in danger, but here we have Levi telling Eren that if his intuition is telling him to fight, then he can. His squad questions him and Levi goes on to explain that Eren is a monster his strong willpowerand that no one is going to be able to force him to submit. And this is how Levi has seen him since he saw The Monster back in the dungeon. He gives his speech to Eren about how no one knows how things are going to turn out, that he must make a choice, and pick the one that he believes he will regret the least.

Either way, Levi has his back. Levi could have barked orders. He leaves the situation up to Eren. He gives Eren the opportunity to act on his own intuition without any disciplinary repercussions. He remembers how, despite that, they decided to place their trust in him, and asked that he place his trust in them in return.

He wants rely on Levi and his squad. And even though it pains him to leave those other soldiers to die, he decides not to transform. And Levi is genuinely surprised. Up until this moment, he just assumed that Eren would only act on his own desires, that he would simply unleash The Monster and do as he pleases.

But Eren proves him wrong. And I think that this leaves a more favorable impression on Levi. Eren wants to rely on him and his squad. Eren wants to be a part of the squad.

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Part of the Survey Corps. My reason for believing this is because, even though I believe that he grew to genuinely care about Eren and his well being prior to the expedition, he was still talking to and about Eren in a disrespectful way e. But after this happens, Levi has only ever referred to Eren by his name. Anyway, they keep going, and Eren is reflecting on what I had talked about earlier, how he wants to be treated like an ordinary person and so on.

Finally they reach Erwin and the people with him and they manage to restrain the female titan. Levi advises the squad that he has his own duty to carry out and gives them very clear directions on what to do and leaves Erd in charge. Eren now realizes that there was a plan this entire time. This was what he wanted to begin with, was to know that he can rely on his squad mates and his captain. So they fail to get Annie out of the female titan and she calls the hoard of titans over to come eat her titan.

Then Levi says this: I find it worth noting that Levi makes it a point to express concern about Eren individually, and he even mentions Eren before mentioning the Survey Corps as a whole. He chooses again to trust in them and let them fight while he gets away to meet back with Levi and the rest.

Not too long after, Eren is now facing the result of his choice - his squad is dead. Devastated, and pissed, and vengeful, he transforms into his titan in order to fight and kill the female titan.

He made the wrong choice. Almost like Levi was actually trying to encourage Eren to transform to begin with. And in his despair, he fights, and when he hesitates, he loses, and is captured. He asks Mikasa if Eren died, and Mikasa explains to him that the female titan only contained Eren in her mouth. So they fight against the female titan er… well, Levi mostly until Mikasa makes her blunder.

Conversation in the Dining Hall: And Levi is talking about anything besides what happened in the forest. Levi simply says that no one could have predicted the outcome. That there was no wrong choice, because, as he stated earlier, when going against titans there is always information deficiency. One more thing to note is that these two now have a unique bond that they share through losing their entire squad. Only they will really have the memories that were shared by their squad, and only they will really be able to reflect back on that.

But… When he learns that Annie is the suspect, he has a change of heart. He decides to enter the conversation and questions Armin on his conclusion, stating that there is little proof to determine that.

eren levi relationship problems

Eren is still defensive, and Levi puts in words why Eren is so outraged. They want to go with a plan without any proof, and are accusing someone who Eren holds a lot of respect for. Basically, Eren and Levi are the only ones who are questioning or expressing concerns with the plan. I think this shows well how their relationship has changed up to this point. It may help everyone if I try to straighten this out, including myself.

You see, I work at this big law firm centered in the most crowded and overdrawn city in this state. That's right, New York City. It sucks all hell for parking, but it pays well, and it's getting me and my sister through college. I don't do any of the serious business the rats- Er… I mean lawyers do, I'm an assistant to one though, and boy, he is the definition of a lawyer.

His name is Rivaille. A lot of the people in our office call him Levi, and on occasion I do too, but only when I'm not paying too much attention and I forget who it is I'm talking to. I really try not to, because he gives me this look, a look that says, "If you call me that again, I'm going to throttle you. I didn't know he walked into the room.

Suffice it to say, I couldn't walk straight for a week. It's true, he is short, but he's utterly terrifying. He has these eyes on him that, even if he's trying, couldn't look happy. He couldn't make them softer, couldn't make them widen even a little, whether he's shocked or not, and at some times, I honestly thought he couldn't blink.

If he did, he did it while I wasn't looking or he blinked too fast. I can't really be too sure. He also can make you feel about three feet tall, even if you're the taller one. I'm taller by five or six inches, and every day I am reduced to the fetal position at my desk and hoping he'll walk away.

I don't know how he does it. It's possible that it's because he really will kick anyone's ass if they mess up in any way or do anything to insult him. His motto is that pain is the best form of discipline. I can tell you right now that he's tried proving that to me about twenty-two times so far. I lost count after that.

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I know what you're thinking. Why am I working for a man like this, and then why am I putting up with it? Why am I taking this mental and physical abuse and simply letting him beat me on an almost daily basis?

Like I said before, both my sister and I are in college, so this job pays my way through it. We both pay rent and have to buy our own food too, because we both live on our own. We've been on our own since we were about sixteen when our parents passed away. She is adopted into my family, so she's lost two sets of parents. The mental anguish is nothing much anymore, but having to take care of ourselves is a constant reminder of it. So there you have it. I stay by this sadistic lawyer's side so I can get a better life.

Ironic, considering he may just end it at any minute. It's not that I hate him. On the contrary, I actually look up to Levi. I admire him, because he is a hard worker.

eren levi relationship problems

There isn't a time I've seen him where he isn't working on something important. Strangely enough, he makes me want to work harder just by watching him do it. I feel like I can accomplish something, anything really, because if he can do it, then so can I. So it's not all too bad working for him, however, I can say this for sure; after that day a month ago, I really, really wonder why I keep this job myself. I don't want to say something cheesy like, "It started on a sunny Saturday morning," but I guess setting the tone would be good.

On the contrary to the previous statement, it was a dark and raining Monday afternoon. Power had come and gone a couple of times in our office, and people were on edge, but only because they wanted to go home. I was no exception. After the third time the power flickered and inevitably making me lose the document I was working on I was about ready to get up, grab my bag, and leave myself.

I cursed at my computer, threw my hands up into the air, and grunted with defeat. I had been working on that document for Levi for two hours now. There was an auto save function, but only if I ever saved. Two hours of work down the drain, two hours to which he'll force me to make up.

5 Reasons Why Levi x Eren are the Ultimate BL Couple

Her nose barely peeked over the side of the divider, her hair barely curling on the edge and her big, brown eyes staring at me in the dark. I found it slightly cute, because the divider wasn't tall, in fact, it was a few inches shorter than me, but Petra was about five foot four, just a bit taller than Levi.

Petra lingered for a moment at the divider before leaving it in favor of standing with me. She held up a small package of something, but in the dark I couldn't see anything. I thought you could use a little pick me up. I smiled back at her, a sigh of relief leaving my lips. She giggled into her hand and went back to her office, but she peered over the divider once more. I chuckled as I went about eating the chocolate she'd given me.

It wasn't a special chocolate or overly expensive, but man, what a stress reliever. This little piece of chocolate and heaven was the perfect pick me up. Thank you for this, I really needed it. The lights in the building flickered, but they didn't turn back on. I heard her groan on the other side in her office, but she waved her hand over the side of the wall for me in appreciation.

I rolled out on my fun wheelie chair a bit to see Aurou with his head on his desk and his butt just barely in his chair.

eren levi relationship problems

He looked as if he was about ready to fall asleep, and I don't blame him. We all could use it. This new case we were working on was driving us nuts. Divorce cases are the worst kind, leaving us tired and grumpy with our own lives. People bring that crap to us and we suffer for it. We ended up with one divorce here already because of a previous one brought in, and that in turn brought on a whole bunch of awkwardness to the table, because the people who got divorced were Petra and Levi.

In all honesty, they never seemed to lovey dovey to begin with. I thought, at first, that it was because they were trying to keep professional at work. I heard later from Hanji that they had a few problems at home.

When a case for a divorce came in, they ended their relationship as well. It came as a bit of a shock, and it was also saddening, but they were very adult about it.

They broke up quietly, no arguing and no fighting, and it's been that way since. They talk to each other like longtime friends now, and surprisingly enough, they look a bit happier being friends than being married. It's hard to make Levi look happy. He groaned into his mouse pad and pulled his phone out.

The brightness of his screen nearly blinded me in the dark, so I ended up back in my office. When I felt the chocolate break in my hand, I went back and held it out for him. I don't want any of your nasty chocolate. I looked at him as he held out his hand. Why would I deny a kind gesture from a good friend? I rolled my eyes and placed some chocolate in his hand. It wasn't much of a secret in the office that Aurou cared for Petra.

The only people who didn't seem to notice the affection was them themselves, but they were always oblivious to it.

Aurou always acted like Levi, a bit of a childish thing to do, but he didn't seem to care. Petra, however, seemed to find it disconcerting. He didn't seem to notice that either.

eren levi relationship problems

I had a feeling that she thought he was making fun of her and their fallen relationship, which he wasn't, but that's what she perceived, and he was too blind and stupid to look at it in that way and apologize.

I'm sure he doesn't mean it, but he doesn't see it either. I rolled my eyes again, and then snickered when I heard him yelp in pain. No doubt he'd bitten his tongue again. I decided to ignore them, because if I got into the middle of that, it'd be the end of me.