Bilateral relationship between singapore and malaysia relations

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bilateral relationship between singapore and malaysia relations

The holding of the Malaysia Singapore Leaders' Retreat highlighted the inroads both sides continue to make in bilateral ties despite lingering. SINGAPORE — Despite newly-minted Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir golden period of bilateral ties between Malaysia and Singapore. Bilateral trade, investment, and tourism ties are robust. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak visited Singapore from 9 to 10 August and attended the SG

The close working relationship between both countries' prime ministers, Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore and Najib Razak of Malaysia, has set the trend for positive joint-government efforts on a range of issues. Under their watch, the legacy issue of the Malaysian railway land in Singapore was resolved, while both countries' sovereign funds, Temasek Holdings and Khazanah Nasional respectively, have signed deals on joint-property projects in both Singapore and Malaysia.

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One key underlying factor for the improvement in ties perhaps overlooked is that Singapore has become significantly less dependent on Malaysia for its water needs in recent years. Water supply had always been a tetchy issue between the two countries, and Singapore has worked towards achieving greater water security since being expelled from the Malaysian federation in The efforts of the Singaporean authorities have been so successful that there was hardly a ripple when one of two water supply pacts with Malaysia expired at the end of August last year.

With this overhang mostly off the table, the Singaporean authorities appear more comfortable in their dealings with their Malaysian counterparts. The strength of these ties was tested recently when allegations were made in Malaysian blogs that Singaporean diplomats took part in an electoral reforms rally commonly referred to as Bersih 3.

This incident had the potential to become ugly because Bersih 3. He responded in parliament in July by saying that ties between Singapore and Malaysia remain "very strong", and noting that he had telephoned his Malaysian counterpart, Anifah Aman, twice to indicate to him that the Singaporean diplomats in question had not participated in Bersih 3.

Iskander Malaysia becomes a residential and investment hub for Singaporeans At the moment, it can be argued that the most visible manifestation of the strong ties between the two countries is the Iskandar Malaysia IM development zone, an area three times the size of Singapore that lies in the southern Malaysian state of Johor.

No specific figures were given for the size of Singaporean investments, but IRDA noted that Singapore has maintained its position as the largest foreign investor in the region since December last year.

For a long time after the IM zone was launched in Novembermany Singaporean companies were hesitant to commit to the region. This is because they appeared to be waiting for a government-linked company to make a concrete move into the region, which would have indicated that the Singaporean government had given its blessing to invest in the zone. That signal came in June last year when Temasek and Khazanah announced that they had identified two sites in Iskandar Malaysia to carry out major joint development projects.

Malaysia-India bilateral ties moving forward

The floodgates then opened. In a joint statement, the prime ministers said the agreement, which builds on efforts over the past 10 years, will provide opportunities for officials, educators and students from both countries to carry out exchanges and collaborations on matters of mutual interest.

Singapore is consistently one of the top sources of foreign direct investments into Iskandar Malaysiaan economic corridor spanning much of southern Johor.

Cultural relations[ edit ] Malaysia and Singapore share significant historical and cultural affinities, as both countries have multiracial populations consisting of MalaysChinese and Indiansand had experienced British colonial rule.

Aside from being governed directly by the British as crown colonies until the midth century, the three territories are renowned for their cosmopolitan populaces, which include the Peranakans. In Singapore, it is officially known as the Tuas Second Link.

Relations between Singapore and Malaysia continue to thrive

The bridge was built to reduce traffic congestion at the Johor—Singapore Causeway which have been operated since 2 January In Singapore, the bridge connects to the Ayer Rajah Expressway. Malaysian and Singaporean counterparts thereby agreed to modify the Points of Agreement signed in Specifically, the two sides agreed to move the KTM railway station from Tanjung Pagar to Woodlands and created a joint venture to be called M-S Pte Ltd to develop six parcels of Singapore land, develop a rapid transit link between Tanjung Puteri in Johor Baru and Woodlands in Singapore, and allow Temasek Holdings and Khazanah to set up a joint venture for the purpose of developing a town in Iskandar Malaysia.

bilateral relationship between singapore and malaysia relations

The project is expected to be completed byand would connect Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru to Singapore. There is an ongoing joint hydrometric modelling study of the Johor River. The study aims to help find out why water levels in the Reservoir fell recently, and can also analyse what happens when it rains in Johor, and how this translates into inflows to Linggiu and outflows to the Johor River.

bilateral relationship between singapore and malaysia relations

The dip in supply was previously pegged to persistent dry weather, as well as large discharges of water to prevent salinity levels downstream from getting too high. Water conflicts between Malaysia and Singapore [ edit ] Under the Water Agreement, Singapore can draw up to million gallons of water per day from the Johor River.

This right expires in