Alex and piper first meet what episode

alex and piper first meet what episode

Piper Chapman can't stop asking, "Where is Alex" in "OITNB" season 6 as she searches for her missing fiancé. Those are the first words we hear out of the mouth of supposed Orange Is The New . When the season 2 finale of This Is Us aired in March , viewers were met with a major tear-jerker. Alex and Piper first meeting. Vauseman in season 1 of Orange is the new black!. According to Orange Is the New Black's Alex and Piper, the couple The first few episodes of OITNB's sixth season tried to create Not only that, Alex lies about what she did for quite some time after the two meet up in jail.

Ultimately Kohan cast Taylor Schilling. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. She comes from a wealthy family, and was a debutante as a teenager.

Chapman is bisexualand in college was in a relationship with Alex Vause Laura Prepona drug smuggler.

Orange Is The New Black: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Alex And Piper's Relationship

Eventually, Chapman grew disenchanted with Vause's lifestyle and broke up with her. She then began dating Larry Bloom Jason Biggsto whom she got engaged. Piper is one of very few emphatically atheist inmates on the show. She responds to a request that she baptise herself by saying that she cannot pretend to believe in a god, saying that while it might make her happier if she believed in a religion, she "needs it to be true", and instead looks to science to explain the world.

alex and piper first meet what episode

In another episode, when confronted on the subject again, she clarifies that "I've always thought agnostic was a sort of cop-out If I had to label it I'd say that I'm a secular humanist. It seems like it's coming out of nowhere. June Season 1[ edit ] Chapman is sentenced to 15 months in Litchfield Prison for Criminal conspiracy and Money laundering ; [9] Vause had been arrested and named Chapman as an accomplice in order to reduce her own sentence.

On her first day, Chapman gets felt up by guard George "Pornstache" Mendez Pablo Schreiber and unintentionally offends prison matriarch Red Kate Mulgrewwho runs the prison cafeteria.

Red starves Chapman to make an example of her, and the other inmates are too intimidated to help except for Crazy Eyes Uzo Aduba. Nonetheless, Chapman resists Crazy Eyes' subsequent advances, and makes amends with Red by making her lotion to help her back.

She befriends Nicky Nichols Natasha Lyonnewho becomes her confidante and protector. She also discovers Vause is sentenced to the same prison. Chapman is assigned to the prison electrical workshop and accidentally steals a screwdriver.

Her cellmate Miss Claudette Michelle Hurst helps her evade the guards' searches.

In order to ingratiate herself with the other inmates, Chapman offers to review their appeal letters. Although Bloom learns that Vause was the informant who gave Chapman up, he does not share this information with her.

Chapman then rekindles her relationship with Vause. It's just something to keep in mind when Piper Chapman says her prison wife is the love of her life.

Alex and Piper, though, seem to have never gotten this message, as they each do the thing the other hates: The two characters both hate to be manipulated, and yet they're both characterized by their willingness and ability to manipulate people. Just like both Piper and Alex have demonstrated that they're willing to betray one another, they've each demonstrated that they can and will exploit the other for their own benefit.

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This is a constant through the series, as they're seemingly always ready with some white lie to tell to twist situations to their advantage. It may not be malicious, but it doesn't make sense for a committed relationship. After all, every inmate has their own story, and nearly all of them have gotten up to some questionable activities. What makes Piper Chapman so irritating is that despite being at least as bad as everybody else, she still thinks she's a better person than all of them.

This is a recurring theme throughout the show, especially in the early going. What is especially galling is that Piper thinks she's a better person than Alex, when anybody with eyes can tell they are two peas in a pod.

The Story of Alex and Piper Part 1/4 (All Flashback Scenes)

While this might frustrate viewers, it honestly doesn't make sense that it never drove Alex completely away. Whatever the writers' reasoning for Alex's absence in that season, their explanation for her return is shaky beyond belief. After Piper snitched to the cops that Alex was planning to skip town, Alex gets sent back to the exact same prison.

While some prisoners spend tons of time in one facility, most inmates get moved from place to place.

alex and piper first meet what episode

In real life, Piper Kerman and Catherine Cleary Wolters both saw the inside of several different prisons. It's more than a little unrealistic that the justice system would send Alex back to the same prison, especially given her history there. This is because she is constantly blinded by her own privilege, being an educated cis white woman from a family with a comfortable income.

alex and piper first meet what episode

Her background-- and frequent inability to sympathize with others' backgrounds-- brings her into conflict with almost every character on the show at one point or another. The series has shown that it also annoys Alex. Given that she has stated she can't stand Piper's privileged, classist outlook, you would think it would cause more problems in the relationship than it does.

alex and piper first meet what episode

While Piper and Alex's relationship is certainly the most central to the show, they almost always rank near the bottom of the heap in these rankings.

So many articles have come out during the show's run calling for the ending of this specific relationship. Fans may love the show, but they love to hate on Piper and Alex.

alex and piper first meet what episode

It doesn't help that they tend to feel that the show sidelines more interesting couples and plotlines so Alex and Piper can get yet more screen time. The attraction between them was exciting at least partially due to its forbidden nature.

Now that Larry is out of the show and Piper and Alex have no obstacles to their romance, the relationship doesn't have the same sizzle. Fans have largely grown tired of the romance, and it's not just because of Piper and Alex's questionable moral choices, it's also because they just aren't as interesting together as they were when they weren't allowed to be together. A surprising amount of the plot is generated from Piper or other characters getting the wrong idea, and it's started to get tiresome.