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Perhaps a surplus of “relief funds” subsequently bought quite a lot of American corporations. It was lastly determined to ship it directly to Belgium as “relief for the starving Belgians”. The Commission for Relief in Belgium raised its sale costs to the National Committee by an amount equal to the revenue that had formerly been taken by it. John Hamill, author of “The Unusual Career of Herbert Hoover” states that Emile Francqui, director of Societe Generale, a Jesuit financial institution, opened an workplace in his financial institution as the Nationwide Relief and Meals Committee, with a letter of authorization from the German Gov. The Report of the National Committee states that “The National Committee and its subsidiary organizations were not subject to control of the Belgian Public Administration and neither was it accountable to the public as a public authority. Alan Pifer interlocks with many leading banking institutions, in keeping with a special chart dedicated to him in “Federal Reserve Directors: A Study of Corporate Influence”, an August 1976 workers report of the House Banking & Currency Committee, which shows he interlocks with Rockefeller Center, J. Henry Schroder Banking Corp., J. Henry Schroder Trust Co., J.P. British American Continental Corp., Electric Shareholdings Corp., Hydroelectric Securities Corp., Manati Sugar Corp., St. Regis Paper, Swiss American Electric, Prudential Buyers, Worldwide Holdings and Investment Corp., the final two being firms managed by Societe Generale and Francqui.

Herbert Hoover based the Hoover Establishment at the suggestion of three men, Andrew Dickson White, Daniel Coit Gilman, and Ray Lyman Wilbur, president of Stanford. Carnegie Corp., director American Council on Germany; Don W. Seldin, who was chief of medical services at Parkland Hospital Dallas when the body of Kennedy was introduced in; and George W. Weyerhauser, director SoCal, Boeing, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, member of the lumber household. Donald Rumsfeld, President Nixons righthand man in Washington for a few years; president is Donald B. Rice, Jr., served in office of Secretary of Defense 1967-70, OMB 1969-72, director of Wells Fargo; directors are Harold Brown, former Secretary of Defense, director AMAX, CBS, IBM, Uniroyal, and Trilateral Fee; Frank Carlucci, a State Dept. official since 1950, has served in Office of Economic Alternative 1969-71, OMB 1971-72, underneath Sec. Rockefeller, 1959-64, Ambassador to Uganda 1970-72; Lane Kirkland, president of CIO, additionally on board of Brookings, Rockefeller Foundation CFR; George Cabot Lodge, son of Henry Cabot Lodge; Barbara Warne Newell, president of Wellesley College, ambassador to UNESCO Paris 1979-81-her father was Colston Warne, founder of the buyer movement within the U.S., organized Shoppers Union 1936 on clearly outlined Marxist objectives (the elimination of non-public brands replaced by “cooperative” manufacturers, supported by radical journalists, trade unionists and academicians); Shoppers Union was organized by Warne, Arthur Kallet, Dewcy Palmer, Frank Palmer, an organizer with the IWW, James Gilman, Julius Hochman, Adelaide Schulkind. On Nov. 13, 1918, Hoover sent a letter to President Wilson requesting authority for Edgar Rickard “to act in my stead” whereas he was in Europe. The first president of Markle Foundation was Frank C. Vanderlip, member of the Jekyll Island staff which wrote the Federal Reserve Act in 1910. Lloyd N. Morrissette is now president; he has been vice pres.

An uncle of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Delano was an original member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in 1914, and was later named by his nephew as Governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. He has been a director of American Ditchley Foundation since 1975, and is on the board of overseers of Harvard, chairman Presidential Task Pressure on Training, Presidential Committee of White Home Fellowships, African American Institute, director Federal Reserve Bank of N.Y.– he was secretary U.S. Shipping Board. He served on this put up from 1917-1919, working closely with Herbert Hoover and Prentiss Gray, later of J. Henry Schroder Co. Delanos sister was Mrs. Price Collier of Tuxedo Park, N.Y.; his son-in-regulation was James L. Houghtaling, who was particular attache on the American Embassy in Petrograd in the course of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 (he later wrote Diary of the Russian Revolution) Federal Emergency Administration 1933, Commissioner of Naturalization and Immigration 1937-90, War Finance, Dept of the Treasury 1944-46; chairman Fair Employment Board Civil Service Commission 1949-52 – his mother was a Peabody of Boston. Charles Michelson wrote of Hoovers career on the Dept. of Commerce, in “The Ghost Talks”, 1944, “Officially, Mr. Hoover was ever a promoter.

Shotwell was Honorary Chairman of the San Francisco Conference to arrange the United Nations with Alger Hiss. Whitney Co., Paine Webber, now chmn Cambridge Royalty Co. of Houston (whose directors are Frederic A. Bush, H. Haslam, Francis J. Rheinhardt Jr.). The Carnegie Institution of Washington was incorporated in 1909 by Daniel Coit Gilman, Cleveland H. Dodge, Frederic A. Delano, Andrew Dickson White, and Elihu Root, Darius Ogden Mills and William E. Morrow. A group from Hoover Establishment moved into Washington in 1980 as the vanguard of a “conservative” administration. Jessup was Chairman of the Pacific Council of the Institute of Pacific Relations, a hotbed of Communist intrigue and espionage. The foundations by no means oppose or contradict a single plank of the Communist Manifesto. Although the title of Andrew Carnegie looms massive on the roster of American foundations, for many years the five Carnegie foundations have been mere appendages of the Rockefeller Foundation.