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wingnut tmnt 2012 meet

In @dustinweaver and I would do a non-alien version of Wingnut and Screwloose in Bebop Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie on VHS, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Meet Mondo Gecko. #tmnt #brotp tbqh#OOC. Suddenly a female teenage mutant ninja turtles from thirty years into the future comes to meet the present turtles. She does not This is set after the newest TMNT episode with Wingnut and Screwloose. (In my opinion it. Wingnut is a comic book superhero and the partner of Screwloose. In his comic series, Wingnut is an alien brown bat who comes from the planet Dexion V in the .

I glance at the crystal and something pulses from it. I catch April with her hand on her neck. Something tells me that she's more attached to that thing than before…and that worries me. Leo and I were in the dojo. He was meditating and I was doing some katas. I was practicing with my sword but I dropped it.

I groan and bend down to grab it. I flick my ponytail behind my back and turn to him. I saw that he was blushing but he wasn't focused. I look at him before smirking and sitting on his lap. I raise an eyebrow with a smile. I giggle, both my hands scratching his shell now.

Leo churrs softly as I near the center of his back, leaning towards me, silently pleading for me not to stop. Leo lets out a small squeak of glee. I was looking at your butt! I stop as I stare at him. Raph's T-Phone rings and he picks it up. I tilt my head in confusion. Okay then…Mikey suddenly gasps. Why do I feel like something bad happened? I throw a smoke bomb at the eye.

Just like from the comics," Mikey murmurs happily. Mikey screams, jumping back from the shot. Leo laughs and uses his grappling hook, landing on the building behind the eye. Donnie runs and lands in front of the eye. A blast knocks them back. I open my wings and fly in front of the eye. He fires a blast at me, but I make a shield in front of me to push it back.

Unfortunately, the force was too strong and I'm knocked to the street. Mikey hollers and pokes the eye before he's hit.

April jumps down from the Argosy Theater and holds her crystal. I need it," April retorts before throwing her tessen. It stops next to Monoculous and she uses her crystal, her eyes blue. The tessen slices through the eye. I look at Donnie before looking back at her. I move the tessen back and forth into Monoculous with April before it explodes into white and yellow dust. I glance at April. I wasn't moving the tessen as fast as she was… April catches her tessen, putting it in her back pocket.

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Anyone want to tell me what's going on? My comic book came to life," Mikey answers. Raph rolls his eyes. April and Raph both grunt as Mikey pushes past them. He shows Leo and I a page from his comic. I see a white silhouette. I give Leo a look of disbelief.

wingnut tmnt 2012 meet

That's why there's no eyeball monster in your comic…at all," Leo says sarcastically. I sigh and walk away. Let's head back to the lair," I order. Am I really supposed to believe that a monster came from a comic book? I stand behind Donnie as he inspects the crystal. They gave me wings, remember? Honestly, I'm not worried about my emotions anymore. Your ice abilities were connected to your emotions," he points out. Like, if I'm scared, they'll protect me," I explain.

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I sigh and shake my head. And if I'm correct…it seems to have more power over her than me," I say as we both look at the crystal. This might take a while. Donnie snaps his head as I yawn. April was throwing things from a cabinet aggressively. Donnie and I give each other a look. She walks up to us. I gave it back to you. Now you've lost it," she tells us in anger before looking around. She slaps it away. I want my crystal," she says, throwing away a table.

It's just a crystal," I murmur and she turns to me angrily. Wait…did you take it? You don't know what you're saying! She frantically searches on the floor and I give Donnie another look. I hear a thump and we turn to Splinter, Leo, and Raph. April gasps as she looks at him. The crystal is a crutch.

I recommend against using it," he tells her. It's just very important to me, and now it's missing," April answers defensively.

This should be good… April paces behind me as I try calling Mikey. He's doomed…and not by me this time. Why would he take April's crystal? It makes no sense.

If he did something…what do I mean, if? Mikey plus April's crystal equals trouble.

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Me and Casey need help! I hear roaring from his end. We're tracking them across the city right now. Did I mention they're evil? Mikey has finally lost it," I tell them. I put the T-Phone back to my ear. They came from April's crystal," I hear from Casey. There, he was exposed to their mutagen, thus mutating into a more intelligent humanoid form, and cared for very much by the aliens as if they were his parents.

Leatherhead later got separated from his "family" when the TCRI building self-destructed and retreated back into the sewers, only to be attacked by a big-time hunter named Mr. Marlin, who injured his left eye. The Ninja Turtles saved him and brought him to their old home, but when four Foot Clan ninjas and promised him a Transmat device. Leatherhead complied, believing this device could return him to the Utrom home world. The Turtles intervened when they saw him trusting the Foot even though their main idea was to help Leatherhead out.

However, the Transmat was already complete, but it blew up in Leatherhead's face, enraging him to kill two of his Foot Clan assistants. Blaming the Turtles for wrecking his attempt to return "home", he went on to become an enemy to them, but received a change of heart when they saved him from Old Hob.

In the seriesLeatherhead voiced by Jim Cummings was a giant American alligator living in the Everglades who swam in a part of his swamp that was polluted with mutagen by Shredder and Krang, and mutated into his current mutant form. Becoming an enemy of the Ninja Turtles, he first started hunting the Punk Frogs and then tried to help Shredder hunt the Turtles themselves.

Leatherhead eventually cross paths with the Rat King, and allied himself with him to eliminate the Turtles when his plan to trick them into killing each other failed. In the TV seriesLeatherhead voiced by Peter Lurie was an American alligator that was originally owned by a kind boy until his parents found out and flushed him down their bathroom toilet into the sewer.

But since they were unable to break his spirit, Leatherhead eventually escaped through the portal that they used to travel to Earth. Stealing the power cell that powered the portal, he returned to the sewers and spent the next 6 months guarding the cell with a maze of booby traps, swearing to keep it away from the Kraang so they wouldn't start their invasion at the cost of his own life. He first appeared in "It Came From The Depths," where he was saved by Ninja Turtles from the Kraang when they were demanding the power cell's location.

After being convinced by Michelangelo to take him back to their lair to be nursed back to health, the other three Turtles went out to find the power cell.

Unfortunately, Leatherhead attacked them after finding out and went berserk, only to be kicked out of the lair by Splinter. Michelangelo, feeling sorry for his new friend, followed him back to his lair with the other Turtles followingwhere Leatherhead explained the power cell's purpose and entrusted it into their hands as soon as the Kraang returned to demand it back.

In "TCRI," after the Turtles lost the cell to the Kraang, they went to Leatherhead to ask for the portal's location, and in return, he helped them fight against Traag when the Kraang used the portal to bring him through.

However, when they started using the portal to bring something else possibly Granitor through, Leatherhead sacrificed himself by entering the portal to stop it, dragging Traag with him. In "Into Dimension X," he was revealed to have survived the portal closing and has rapidly aged due to the time difference between Earth and Dimension X. After sending a message to the Turtles through a Kraang communication orb warning them that the Kraang have perfected their mutagen, Michelangelo led a rescue mission for Leatherhead and together they stopped the Kraang from pouring the mutagen through the various portals while Donatello closed them all down, thus leaving one open for them to return to their own dimension.

In "The Invasion," Leatherhead accompanied Splinter with finding the Turtles who fled the lair when the Kraang invaded it until they were cornered by Shredder, who seemingly killed him by slicing into his hide and sending falling into the river. In the two-part episode, "Battle for New York" Leatherhead was shown to have survived his wounds and recruited as second-in-command of the Mighty Mutanimals as they worked with the Turtles to take back the city from the Kraang.

In the Archie comics, Mondo Gecko had started out as a human skateboarder playing in a local heavy metal band. His girlfriend, Candy Fine, stuck by him even after some of Krang's discarded mutagen merged his DNA with that of his pet gecko as the band practiced in Shredder's former hideout.

It was this version of the character whose story was incorporated into both the Mutanimals series and the action figure line. This version is a mutated gecko who was taken in by a gang led by Mr. Michelangelo convinced Mondo Gecko to turn on his leader.

In the seriesMondo voiced by Robbie Ristwas named Jason, a teenage skateboarding star who was skateboarding home one night when a vial of mutagen fell on him. X" by his peers. Making quick friends with Michelangelo and Casey Jones, Mondo eventually saw the true colors of his boss, and after racing against him, he defected from the Foot Clan and became friends with the Turtles.

Jack met the TMNT at the aquarium where he explained his origin. Jack was exposed to Mutagen after he climbed into a pipe on Bayview Beach that was polluting the water. Jack needed proof of the illegal dumping and after finding the mutagen coming out of the pipe he climbed into it to try to find an emissions leak.

April walks up to her window. I wave and she opens the window. Um, great to see you. Yeah, uh, you mind staying on the fire escape? She's been acting weird ever since we stopped the Kraang. April shakes her head. Amy comes over here by herself all the time," she answers. I gestured to her to not say that, but it was too late. I smack my forehead.

The turtles give me a look.

Why didn't you take me? Dad's alien abduction nightmares are getting worse. He's so freaked out, he won't let me out at night. I'm surprised your mom isn't acting like this, Amy," April tells us. It's just-what if the Kraang are still out there? I'll do anything to protect you," Mr.

O'Neil replies, coming into April's room. I can take care of myself now. And-And I'll be with Amy and the guys! I couldn't be more safe! Shredder and those little squishy brain-freaks are long gone," Mikey tells him. Hmm…are we really sure about that? Mikey, Raph, Leo and I were playing dodgeball with the Kraang communication orb.

Donnie was doing something in his lab, as usual. Raph kicks the dodgeball to me. I smirk and high-kick it to Leo. He hasn't hit me once. I duck and it landed in Donnie's lab. I narrow my eyes at him. Leo and I sit down on the couch and he wraps his arms around my waist.

You guys can't just-" Raph scoffs. This is a party! Splinter walks in from the dojo. I'm so done… "Are our enemies truly defeated?

wingnut and screwloose

The Shredder is a crafty and patient foe who bides his time," Splinter says to us. Splinter slams down his staff. You five have become lazy, overconfident.

You shirk your training. Maybe he's right… "Well, that was kinda harsh," Raph replies. It's not cockiness when ya got the skills to kick massive-" The communication orb begins to beep.

We all look at it in confusion. This isn't possible…I thought… "That thing's working again? It must have received an incoming signal. Which can only mean one thing," Donnie explains. I pinch my nose in annoyance. We were in Donnie's lab, who was figuring out what the orb was alerting about. Oh no… "We gotta find out what that cargo is," Leo orders. Then, we follow the bees," Mikey suggests. We all look at him.

That is such a bad idea… Donnie pulls out a tracking device. It's aligned to the radar dishes we placed throughout the city. It'll create a triangulating pulse-" Raph scoffs. I don't know anything about radar! He barely lets me out of the house anymore," she replies. I remember his worries about the Kraang and April.

I shake my head. And my mom knows nothing about radar," I reply. We really need his help! Should I be concerned? We all stand in front of a converted Coney Island amusement ride my mom went there all the time that had the shape of a rocket.

There were four seats. We were all wearing helmets and something on our backs. I don't know what it was, since no one wants to tell me, no matter how much I pester them.

They just keep telling me that it's a surprise. Not even Leo will tell me! Where are we going, Jupiter? But that place is infested with space yeast! I slap my forehead. Ames, call April," Leo orders. I nod and dial April's number.

I think," she answers before hanging up. We all pile in the T-Rawket I'm surprised Mikey didn't complain about the namewith me sitting on Leo's lap.

Ames, when I tell you to, pull the string right there," Leo explains, pointing to a string near my waist. You're gonna love it," he answers. This is it," Donnie replies from the front. I scream happily at the speed we were going.

We fly up high in high speed, in the night sky. We all fall from the rocket and I scream. I pull the string and somehow, I float in the air. I look behind me to see wings that were pink. I gasp and look at the string. Was that what it did? I soar in the air in awe, flying next to Leo. How does it feel to fly? I smile and spin around him. I can't believe it…Donnie, you have gained all of my respect! I immediately stop myself before the others crash next to Mikey.

I giggle before we enter the ship. Three floating brains see us. How do they know about that?! The others snicker and I glare at them. We must alert Kraang!

wingnut tmnt 2012 meet

Three little floating blobs of brains, that's it? They're getting cocky again… A noise is heard from behind us. Our eyes widen and we turn around, pulling out our weapons. Eventually, a giant blue ape-robot comes out…with no head. A floating brain flies to where a head should be and places itself on top of the robot's body. We fight the robot, but when it's weapons almost struck Mikey, it strucked a button to reveal a shipment of mutagen!

It's muta-" Donnie is hit by the robot. Bring it down," Leo orders. This makes the ship go side-by-side. I stumble a little, and I almost fell out of the ship. Leo grabs my hand and pulls me to him. I smile at him before mutagen containers fall into the city. Donnie tries to grab one, but it's too late. All of the containers fall out from the Kraang ship.

I look in horror. What if someone already got mutated? It'll be our fault… "All that mutagen. You two are the biggest screw-ups ever! Donnie glares at him. The robot roars at us again. Donnie hits the robot's butt before it reveals cannons underneath. It has butt cannons? I don't know whether or not to be worried or disgusted… The robot farts, firing some lasers.

Ew… I dodge them. The robot continues to fire it's butt laser. I grip my katana blade tightly before I twirl it, using the handle to do so. I do a spin, my katana hitting the lasers. Donnie jams his staff into the control panel and moves it around.

The rest of us defeat the ape-robot. We all jump out of the ship and activate our flyers. We find April with a mutated bat. That must have happened as soon as the canisters fell out…I wonder who it was.

The bat roars at us. Don't hurt him," April tells us. We all stop in confusion. No…it couldn't be…could it? The bat pushes us away and flies off with April. He looks at his T-Phone sadly. I raise an eyebrow, but I don't question it. That mutant…I know who he is.