Type of people you will meet in high school

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type of people you will meet in high school

Unless you went to a really different kind of school, I'm going to go as far as to Here are the 15 people you'll (probably) meet in high school. 17 Types of People You Remember from High School Here are some of the reasons that made your high school life suck so much or rather. However, listening to others tell their high school experiences along with mine, I can't help but notice that some types of people are in every high school all.

When you go to the park on your open period, this guy is probably there playing basketball or working out with his other sports-obsessed friends. They travel in packs to compare the kind of muscle growth progress they want to achieve. While the first half of the religious students are extremely fun and loyal to hang out with, the second half is awkward to be around.

type of people you will meet in high school

No one knows what being their friend is like because no one is willing to risk befriending someone who will just start talking about and pushing for their religion.

You can smell the desperation when you enter the school. This person is taking at least three AP classes, and they never let you forget it. No one has struggled as much as they have.

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Despite the constant need to be recognized, these attention seekers get three hours of sleep, max, and you should really feel sorry for them. Until, of course, they get into Yale with half of their tuition paid, and the attention is heaped upon them in spades, and your full ride to a state university is forgotten and ignored.

Forgot your lack of debt, their k debt is much more interesting. The dysfunctional teenager knows all the good concerts to go to. The burnout lets you have fun. The sporty one reminds you that everything you eat will weigh you down if you let it.

This is the one who always knows what's going on in the socialsphere and will make sure you're along for the ride. The Best Guy Friend This is the friend who's like a brother to you.

Chances are, his parents dig you and vice versa. He's allowed to sleepover at your house on the couch because he's an honorary member of the fam.

The only time you guys argue? When he starts dating someone who doesn't have your approval. Half of your friends are ones who pour over from junior high, while others are ones you make during your awkward phase of figuring out high school life.

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The truth is, as you move on to other grades and start finding yourself as a person, you'll likely drift from at least one person you hung with on the reg during freshman year. In fact, you'll probably look back and think: Wow, I can't believe we were ever friends! Either way, this type of "friend" is toxic, so don't let them in too deep.

type of people you will meet in high school

But at the same time, as we've pointed out in the pastbe smart by keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.