Sir mix a lot swap meet louie lyrics kingsmen

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sir mix a lot swap meet louie lyrics kingsmen

He walked into the kitchen and met the cook, who happened to be Joe Perry. . Berry, Chuck Goode Avenue St. Louis, Missouri Rocker Chuck Berry was born . to play, but alas, the folkrock paradise still wound up becoming a parking lot. The lyrics from the popular Eagles song “Take It Easy,” written by Jackson . Contact MIX WRAL-FM .. Woman accused in plot to kill police officers denies guilt .. They dare declare martial&#; law and they will meet formidable .. Louie Allen is dead now who used to do the TV weather on Channel 9, Oh My Good Lord! Are we This Time I'm In It For Love (in HQ w/timed lyrics). Lyrics to "Swap Meets Louie" song by Sir Mix-A-Lot: "Hey, homeys!" "Who me?" " Yeah, that's right. You the fly hustler." "Ya'll still sellin' that fak.

Trivium is often reviled by metal fans for making songs that allegedly copy the notes from other metal bands' songs, primarily Metallica. In fact, most people see them as trying to "copy" Metallica. Dave Mustaine, while a member of Metallica, wrote the song "The Mechanix" which is included in some of their early demos. However when he was kicked from the band's roster they kept the song and rewrote the lyrics and some parts and made "The Four Horsemen". Later when Mustaine formed Megadeth he dropped the "The" in the same and sped up the main riff and included the track on his debut album.

There's a YouTube series called "Metal that sounds like other metal" based all around this trope, pointing out the similarities between songs intentional or not. Heck, just watch these videos.

A techno song called "E" included the melody from a popular Eminem song. However, when that techno song got popular and got released in a larger scale, they changed the melody to the Suspiciously Similar Version. The funny thing was that Eminem mocked techno in this song. Later, two songs which carry four similar aspects appeared: The drums on the two songs are also very similar.

However, John Lennon himself freely admitted that he borrowed the riff. The Beatles more or less admittedly used this technique to craft the song "Come Together" out of Chuck Berry 's "You Can't Catch Me", even taking one of the lines "Here come ol' flat top".

"Swap Meets Louie" lyrics

Berry tried to sue them; they settled out of court. That one wasn't settled out of court. Harrison was successfully sued: Bright Tunes Music vs Harrisongs became a landmark decision in American copyright law. He later wrote "This Song" to rebut the lawsuit. It wasn't Chuck Berry who tried to sue, actually. Morris Levy had snapped up the publishing rights to a score of songs from the s and 60s, including "You Can't Catch Me", and jumped at the opportunity to extort a dollar from Lennon and, eventually, an album - "Rock 'n Roll".

Lennon remained in good stead with Berry and performed with him on occasion. But peole have noticed the similarity to Martha and the Vandellas' "Nowhere to Run". Neil Young then swiped the same riff for Buffalo Springfield's "Mr. Soul" a couple years later.

It's reportedly a coincidence, and since this came to the band's attention before Bridges to Babylon was released, they actually credited lang and her co-writer, Ben Mink as co-writing the song to help prevent any kind of lawsuit. Robbie performed the song last year on Good Morning America. Great version, but Levon's was special. Thanks to Kevin Gilbertson for answering my question. The Web Not sure that I agree with the first concert after Richard's death being called a "distinction", although it was indeed in St.

Louis and it was purely to fulfill an obligation.

We need you!

I was with Rick and Blondie 2 days prior to that show, and talk was about whether or not to cancel or do what they promised to do. And being men of their word, they opted for the latter.

And btw - I saw them in April of - and my most vivid memory of that night was Richard's Yamaha on a revolviong stage, going around and around with noone there to play it. Left an impression on everyone there that we won't soon forget. This is in fact not correct. I believe that distinction belongs to the Fox Theatre show in St.

To read the text online, go to the following website: La Crescent, Minnesota Howdy folks-I have been a huge fan of the Band ever since I can recall, as I grew up with my parents enjoying thier fabulous music. Here are the items I am looking for: Thanks a bunch folks, I really appreciate it!! Jeremy Reynolds Tue Mar 30 I'd still like to see a wierd combo though like Garth and Prince, singing maybe a Lovesexy Genetic Method Maybe Garth can wear the overcoat and speedo and Prince dress like a Rabbi Northern Maine Hey tape traders.

If you have these email me at zeus4life hotmail. Howe Tue Mar 30 Any more info anyone? Performed 'The weight' and 'Stagefright' at an open mic night in town yesterday, seemed to go down well.

Are there any other guitarists out there who have managed to successfully perform band tunes on an acoustic guitar? Also does anyone know the tuning Robbie uses on 'Unfaithful Servant'. I seem to remember reading somewhere that it was an open tuning of some sort but I haven't been able to figure it out yet.

If anyone could provide me with the tab or even just the correct tuning I'd be grateful, cheers! The Web Here's a question that I don't think has been asked here before. Does anyone know how Aaron got the nickname Professor Louie?

Figuring that Rick probably gave it to him, but does anyone know why? Just one of those nagging little tidbits that I've forgotten to ask over the years. According to the CD it was record on October 10, Levon's vocals are similar to his vocals on Jubilation. Berry The following poem is submitted with all due respect for the eyes of Aaron Horwitz. The tune is the Kingsmen's "Louie, Louie. Fine Crowmatix shows gettinscarce to be Lots of people readygo and see.

You talk to the mon and hepay yourfare, You play any place and dafans be there. Louie, Looeye, oh no, weneedashow. Yahyahyahyahyahyah A Louie Looeye, oh baby, give us more danko. That night at ten, we show up again. Elmo and Ranch and Marie stand up there. We'll all carry Levon inawoodenchair. A Louie Looeye, oh no, we needashow. I say we needtaletgo. Line up a show Louie. Mon Mar 29 I've always wanted to hear what Garth could do with some of Van's more "atmospheric" type songs.

Maybe they saw things differently while recording that album. Connecticut Did anyone purchase Miss: River of Song featuring Levon and James Cotton?

Did Levon record it before his throat ailment? It would be a dream ticket. What they share apart from history is that Van, like the Band, is totally genuine. He plays what he wants to play. The Band would be a superb collaboration. Dr John fans mentioned his autobiography recently where he mentions some of the er issues in working with the guy.

As I posted last week, the lyrics must appeal to The Band. Sounds like you got a great kid there. I couldn't agree with you more. My life consists of running to jazz band rehearsals, play rehearsals, vocal rehearsals, dance rehearsals I wouldn't want it any other way. Good luck to your daughter in her future. Sounds like she's got what it takes. I am not a Van authority; therefore I don't know how many of his works he has had total control over.

Van come back to Old Old Woodstock and produce the Band. I have't heard such a "live feel" off the floor in years. The textures are beautiful.

The instrumentation is perfect. The mix is exquisite. What an album that would be. Would you agree Mr. Re your quote regarding high schoolers: My daughter is a 9th grader who plays a mean flute and piano and has been taught by her old man how to improvise, how to play freed from the charts. She sits in with me frequently when I'm gigging and takes extended leads no problem. In addition, though, she has a very impressive high school music program. This year thed music teachers got hold of several of Duke Ellington's charts and formed the concert band into a replica of Duke's big band.

They played several Ellington compositions note for note, including all solos, as charted by an ex-Ellington band member apparently. Worked on them for months, broke each selection down, discussed the composition and composer's intentions.

The concert was a smash. So there's more going on at the high school level that marching around playing "We Will Rock You", thankfully.

Now if only some teacher would turn their attention to The Band's charts. That would teach the high schoolers a little about rock 'n roll. Hudson and Hoiberg do London! Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

It occurred to me as I was just looking at it that Garth seems to be the one original Band member who's aged the least. Know that god-awful version of "Somewhere" that you mentioned very well.

Heard an incredibly talented high school kid do it this past weekend and it brought tears to my eyes. Nice to know there's so much talent in the next generation.

Now if only they'd learn how to pick up after themselves It may interest some that Just Us kept on changing their name and their lineup. They eventually moved to LA, took aboard some Americans and became Mama Lion who are fondly remembered for their gatefold cover. Georgia More good news from the vinyl sidings department. Minor correction Pat Brennan I get them confused myself: I don't know if any of them did a version of "Cool".

Down in Old Virginny Kevin: Could some-one please put some guitar tab on the web-sites. The sheet music is really helpful, but some of guitar solos by Robbie Robertson are too hard to figureout.

sir mix a lot swap meet louie lyrics kingsmen

Charlie Young - do you by chance remember a blues band from the Fan fronted by Dennis Folley back in the 70's - early 80s - called Just Us? The only connection I know of is the Homespun video. Down in Old Virginny There was some talk here recently about recent recordings which might be considered "Band-like" and I shied away.

I think that's why I spend so much time at this site and hardly visit any others; there ain't none like The Band.

Also prominent is the almost Garth-like accordian of the great John Magnie formerly of the Subdudes. Anyway, the disc is called "The Secret Handshake" and it's mostly a bunch of very old blues and gospel songs and a few originals by Geoff Muldaur.

There are definite echoes of New Orleans and The Band. I don't think anyone here would be disappointed. Ca Now so much time has gone right on by I never thought I could be so wrong Then one night I was drink'en and think'en In the bottom of the glass I could see Bessie's face so strong Just some trivia for fun.

New Orleans Rick didnt keep away from Marie, Ragtime; that's why the boys ended their tour prematurely. She said- "Poor Little Fool".

She said "Don't Ya Tell Louie". He said "That's Alright", he's busy with the "Java Blues". Off to the "Great Beyond": Re West Side Story: This was under Lennie's own direction, mind you!

But Rick should keep away from "Maria" It sounds like it was a great show. Please keep us informed on the boys.

sir mix a lot swap meet louie lyrics kingsmen

Sun Mar 28 I wonder if these are the extra tracks? I saw the cover art was added today, I remembered seeing an advert last week for "Bobby Charles" album "with extra tracks". Does anyone know what these are? I already have it on vinyl and CD. This appears to be a new release. I didn't go for a variety of reasons, and reviews didn't mention Rick very much--tended to harp on hometown hero Billy Corgan and his father singing together. BTW, Corgan's dad--according to eyewitness sourses--blew the boy away.

I remember the dad from some 70's local bands and he was a great player. Same eyewitness said Rick sounded great and looked huge. I recall liking it but the memory is vague. Will have to put on the OST album and clear my mind back to the original. The Web Mornin everyone. Still humming West Side Story tunes here, and it occurs to me that Rick Danko would probably do and outstanding job on the tune "Somewhere" from that musical. Can almost hear it now. There's a time for us, somewhere a time for us Must be something about the passion and emotion in his voice.

And lastly, a personal note to my son, "Snowboy". I'm soooo proud of you, and I know dad would be too. Thanks for a great weekend. It was in St. Paul, Minnesota, the first time I saw them. The Great North I am sick and tired shelling out cash to see bands that dont "do it" for me. I need a BAND fix. A sweaty juke joint; an insect filled outdoor gig.

A bad night with the boys is better than the crap that is out there. Clapton always blew me away; that night was no different. Hurray back boys; please? A Fan Sun Mar 28 But Jan's page was there. Rick is off doing his shows. Garth is off in England with Randy.

I hear Rick Bell is back in Toronto doing sessions. If they can all play separately, why not together as The Band? Something must have gone down after New Year's. Sat Mar 27 Well friends and neighbors I am happy to report that Barnesandnoble. Can't make it myself Proud mom here this weekend. I've found things here that I never could've gotten anywhere else. More than the music. Semi intrigued by this mysterious newcomer. Or am I fishing in the wrong pond?

Jericho This a welcome to a newcomer to this site. In fact he ain't here yet, but I trust that he will be. He's a man with stones of marble, a true Rocker of the Ages. I hear he missedthe show to play a double bm or somesuch. Anyhow, welcoming you in advance, I trust life will imitate art and we will share this music, in its present and past form soon.

Sir Mix A Lot -Posse On Broadway

Would love to get a copy for the beloved spouse's Easter basket, though Lord knows then I'd have to watch it. But hey, I might learn something--at least, that was what my dad used to say about anything I really didn't want to do. That, and the line "no time is wasted if you learn something from it. On a lighter note, for all you Jimmy Buffett fans out there: One of the Beanies is a beautiful parrot named Jabber.

I didn't pay much attention to them until Whirlwind said something about Jabber needing some "stuff. Whirlwind looks at me like I'm a really big idiot and says, "Of course, Mitt-Mitt, he's a Parrot-head.

Last week I got worried because I noticed that Whirlwind had checked out "To the Limit" the new Eagles bio from the library. I told a coworker that I wasn't sure an adolescent should be reading about Don Henley's wild oats. The coworker just shrugged and said, "Hell, I'd be glad just to have my kids read a book.

One line that my dad did have right: How you see the show depends on where you sit. I think I'll go pretend to fish until happy hour. Please help me with this This would be nice to see all of your other interest. Cumberland, Maryland I want to know if the Band is out on tour this Summer to support the new album. Tom Pacheco opens at 9: Phone is Roswell, Ga Lastest news for anyone interested, is that John Hiatt did have surgery, and was successful.

He is on the mend, and should be starting to record and tour in the summer. Question for MP3 fans, have not had luck finding Band tunes on any pages, any help would be appreciated. Come Monday your musical horizons will expand.

Look for the new album in late May. I'm sure that Helm and Danko could be great banjo pickers after a rehearsal of fifteen minutes or so.

johngrissom guest page

A personal reflection - The people who immigrated from these woods to 'Ameriikka' settled down in Minnesota where you come from. They became miners and loggers. That's why we up here have special feelings for Minnesota. A personal reflection 2 - It's geat to see Ragtime back in here, isn't it!

Don attended Villanova University with Jim, and often speaks about him during his performances, so we thought we would extend an invitation to him to attend the "Gathering.

Here is the letter we received from Mr. Rick appears there annually. Doesn't take long to get behind in here Hey J. I guess not only are you kind and good-lookin' but you're smart, too. But's it's very nice to know. Thanks, and please pardon my hermitness-as-often-as-possible self, but i've never heard of the Brokerage.

Would love to hear about your place, if you are ever so inclined: His backup band is Stevie Rays' very fine Double Trouble.

Our BD Dave says they sound great. I'm very happy for these guys and Rick's and Levon's "second childhood. Probably very hard to find nowadays.

Fri Mar 26 I had to check out his statement; I agree that it would be nice to get something similar from Levon. One reason I immediately scoped out the statement was because for a second there I thought you were telling us that Ol' John had issued an anti-cigarette statement. I feared you were encouraging more Celebrity Role Model scolding. Down in Old Virginny John Prine recently released a statement explaining his absence from performing over the last year or so; he had surgery early last year removing a cancerous tumor from his throat "taking a portion of my neck"followed by radiation therapy.

Like George Harrison's similar battle, it looks like John won. Cigarettes still suck, though. I wish Levon would issue some sort of similar statement to his fans to help stop the confusion here. Prine's full statement may be read at www.

I always figured it was an inside joke Also, how about some tour dates? Great touches, but I always wondered just how much melody Rick could manage. His featured fiddling was more in the nature of hook, line, and sinker You could take 'em off, hit someone over the head with it, and it wouldn't even go out of tune.

With Leo Fender's guitar designs I guess the old axiom excuse the pun rings true; "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Man, I envy your Bassman reissue. That's one of the amps that Mike Bloomfield used to favor. I've always wondered that the banjo never figured in any of the Band's work.

The only conclusion I've arrived at is that, like the pedal steel, no Band member ever mastered it to the extent that they could use it.

Navajo County Arizona

And that's a little hard to believe, given the real rudimentary fiddle and mandolin touches they've added from time to time. Pick up your banjo, listen to the 'Old Dixie', let that Am - C really moan.

Wouldn't it have sounded just great?! You're right on about the weight of the Tele compared to the Les Paul. Also, for those of us without huge hands, the Tele neck is thin and fast. Now the Fender banjo I've got is another thing entireley. As one of my musician buddy's exclaimed the first time he picked it up, "Son of a b, Rivard, this thing's heavier than my Les Paul! Both were in good spirits and obviously happy to be participating in a very worthy cause, organized by Chicago's own Nicholas Tremulis as "a night for celebrating American music, in all its forms.

Basic set-up gtrs, bass, drums, keys augmented by tasty fiddle and pedal steel work by two talented accompanists. End of the show featured Rick on acoustic guitar and the Professor on keys doing "Book Faded Brown," then Robbie Fulks returned for "Dixie," Langford for "Rag" and a rousing "The Weight," with various people taking individual verses and solos. Beautiful sounds all night long.

This was a very unique, and if you will allow me, a very Chicago event. No egos -- just great music for music's sake. The event was filmed and is supposed to be released by the end of summer. Will try to post the particulars of that when they become available. For the person who asked about how Corgan and Danko sounded together, that didn't happen.

Strangely, Billy did not return to the stage for "The Weight," although everyone else did! I'm not sure when Robertson switched from a Tele to a Strat as his main stage guitar, since I only got to see the Band a few times playing live down here in Georgia. Maybe someone else, more familiar with this, can tell us.

I'm sure that somewhere along the line, early on, he must have picked one up. When they played here in late his was using a Tele. Burton and some of the other Southern players discovered that they could substitute lighter gauge banjo strings, allowing thinner, unwound ones for the first three high strings.

This enabled them to achieve both country-style, pedal steel-like bends and bluesy notes raised up several pitches with ease. Fred Carter, Roy Buchanan and Robertson picked up on this technique.

When I first started playing, we used a variation of this technique. Of course we busted a lot of strings trying to tune up, but that was the price we had to pay. Eventually companies like Ernie Ball with their "Super Slinky" strings, Fender, Gibson and others would start making sets of lighter gauge strings, making it easier for guitar players everywhere. If you're not making a noise in the world, you're just taking up space.

Whether you make a noise about the injustices going on in Big Mountain, Arizona, against Dine' elders, or the injustice that goes on in corporate America against the impoverished.

If you know it's happening and you don't make a noise, you're an accomplice. Robbie nailed it with this track, and if the 60's come around again, this should be its anthem.

Cincinnati How was the show last night? I would love to know how Billy Corgan and Rick sounded together. You guys are like my brothers in arms. It would be an honor for you to play it sir. Rick, Thanks for being an influence on singing. You are too cool I hope I can see you in concert Scott Fri Mar 26 Hey, does anybody have a copy of the Aug 29, show listed in the tape Archive?

sir mix a lot swap meet louie lyrics kingsmen

Drop me a line, maybe we can swap something Texas Does anyone happen to know where I might find the Libby Titus lp that the boys played on. Also I've been looking for the "Hirth from Earth" lp forever! Name game sound a lot like What a wonderful world. Also another major radio hit from this album reminds me of late mr Cooke; an excellent singer. However, Van makes his songs sound unique, and of course he has had some inspiration from Cooke.

Always wanted a Tele. Did own a Fender Electric 12 string back in the late 60's. I believe it was based on a Fender Bassman and certainly was as heavy. I used the insurance money to purchase a used Gibson acoustic 12 string B It probably belongs to the 50's or 60's.