Oregon cross country state meet 1987

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oregon cross country state meet 1987

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On the boys side, the name that perhaps most quickly jumps out is that of the legendary Steve Prefontaine of Marshfield High School in Coos Bay. As a junior, Pre ran the 2. That time stands as the best winning time in the 11 years the OSAA used the 2.

oregon cross country state meet 1987

As a senior inPre set the national boys track record of 8: He went on to become a star distance runner at the University of Oregon and was a member of the United States Olympic team that competed in the Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany. During his stellar distance-running career, McChesney helped lead South Eugene to eight consecutive team titles four cross country and four track and field.

Interestingly, his winning times on the 5,meter course were nearly identical A standout distance runner at the University of Oregon, Rupp is the current American record-holder in the 10, meter run Eleven years later, Iris Cripps won her first of three state titles for Glendale with a time of As a junior in she ran the same course in In more recent history, Annamarie Maag of Portland Jesuit won three consecutive OSAA Class 6A largest enrollment classification 5,meter course state titles from towith her best time of Maag has also been a standout runner on the Hoyas track team, with PRs of Annamarie Maag Among fervent Oregon high school cross country enthusiasts, the names of two coaches quickly come to mind when seeking to identify the best to have coached the sport.

We went through league dual meets and some invitational without having anywhere between four to seven of our top runners competing and were still able to defeat the competition.

During the middle and later parts of the season the focus in training changed to getting in quality and intense workouts, thus the reason why we wouldn't compete in all the races and rather save it for the competitive ones such as Mt. Sac Invitational and league finals, so that we may peak at the right time.

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In late October at the Mt. Sac Invitational the time and effort we invested in the workouts commenced to pay dividends as we had one of our best races of the season in the Varsity Sweepstakes race.

We placed four runners in the top 15; Gerardo Puentes 11th That week we had heavy rain which altered the regular course dirt, grass and hills and a rain course was created hours before the races.

The new course consisted of asphalt and tough hills with an estimated distance of 3. Our varsity team was able to place its seven runners in the top Mike Deitch 8th and Doug Jones 11th earned all league second team while Gerardo puentes 4th This was billed as the State Championship. Bellarmine was fortunate enough to place 1st, 5th, 3rd, and 5th again in its 4 appearances. After participating in this meet for 4 years, it became clear to many of us up north that a true meet should include the entire state.

The representatives of the different sections of the state voted and became the real first state meet. The Bellarmine team was excited and hoped to do well in their section qualifying and be able to participate in this inaugural meet. The beginning of the season go off to a fast start, the middle of the season was a mixed bag of good runs, academic testing and injuries.

When November loomed on the horizon, the team was ready to compete. This is the same course that would be used for the section finals. The daily workouts seemed to be getting easier, more speed was emphasized and diet and rest were taking center stage.

College testing was over, everyone was healthy, and it felt as if the season was on the up swing. On, November 13, the Central Coast Section had it Division 1 Subsection qualifying and the team responded with wonderful race. The team ran in heat number two and when they topped the first major hill, 6 of the runners were in the top portion of the race. At the finish, the Bells went one through five and scored a perfect 15 points. Before the race, I asked the runners to be conservative in the race and no one followed the directive.

oregon cross country state meet 1987

Good athletes have a hard time running below their potential. Eight days later the team was ready to run in the section finals. The most nervous person on the course was the head coach. The team did their usual warm up and went to the starting line with confidence knowing that if they ran like they did a week ago, the race would be in their pocket. The race was a mirror image of the subsection and the finals results had the Bells again winning with 15 points. As one newspaper reported, the only way to stop this squad was if the bus that they were on crashed on the way to the meet.

Prior to the meet, the team met for reflection on what they had accomplished that season at the statue of Fr.

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Junipero Serra on the freeway named after him interstate and bonded once again prior to competition. The race concluded, the awards were given out and two of the happiest runners on the course were Ian Champeny and Torre Pena. Both runners were completing their fourth consecutive section title and were headed to the state meet.

Ian was the section champion and Torre still holds the school record for the course. Sac the team started to realize its possibilities for both winning CIF and placing high at the State Meet. What really impressed me at this point is the total confidence of our young athletes.

I think a coach can do a lot to motivate their athletes, yet it amazed me what affect the young leadership brought to a group of returning athletes. Everybody was caught up in the highly positive, hard working attitude of athletes like Deena Drossin, Tiffany York, and Bryan Dameworth.

On the boys side, Peter Oviatt had been a very strong role model for the team. When Bryan arrived the previous year it gave Pete someone to really work hard with and support the attitude I was trying to instill in this program. Now it seemed that everyone was caught up in it.

oregon cross country state meet 1987

What really stands out from those years past is how much fun these individuals found in the team, the workouts and especially the competition. Sac this fun took a freshman-like direction.

oregon cross country state meet 1987

Upon arriving back at school from a rain soaked workout, Deena and Tiffany got into a splash fight in a large water puddle.

The result ended up with two broken toes as their feet collided while kicking water on each other. A quick examination in the training room found that both had a rapidly swollen middle toe. That horrible feeling in my stomach, I can still remember! Again, these two individuals showed their stuff.

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The next day they had been to their doctors, gotten the ok to tape the toes to the adjoining toe, and never missed a beat.

They did feel pain but never once considered not running. We now were in our peaking mode as league finals approached. As the volume dropped, the quality was amazing.

oregon cross country state meet 1987

I think major changes can shock the system too much. We did cut the long run down quite a bit and changed up some of our medium days. One of my favorite medium day workouts was a grass workout on the football field.

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We would do a mile warm up, drills and strides. It would then be followed by a 3 mile run at an increasing pace, the same warm up routine as we did on our hard days. When we got back to the track they would do 20 minutes of easy, medium, hard.