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Unsurprisingly, he got the job! After accepting the offer, he sent a thank you note to his three references and gave them the good news.

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Employment Consultant, former colleagues, Meetups. All-star profile, conversations with hiring managers and HR personnel, online job applications. Three job offers in two months. She landed in Canada as an applicant dependant in January She spent the first month settling in Toronto while her husband started her first job in Canada: She found an apartment, setup a hydro account, got some pieces of furniture and started her job search.

This is how she owned her job search: Once she landed, she contacted one of the organizations her Employment Consultant referred her to and met with another Employment Consultant who started helping her to tailor her resume and cover letter, prepare her for interviews, interviews follow-ups and salary negotiation.

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She went through her network and found out a former colleague had immigrated to Canada about a year ago. She met with her and asked her how she had found a job.

Her friend found a job through networking. So, Marie googled events that were aligned with her career goals and found a few meetups, one of them being TechToronto.


During the event, attendees got name tags that identified them as either employers, job seekers or attendees just enjoying the event. The event included an announcement section where an employer mentioned he was looking for QA automation professionals.

During the break, Marie approached the employer and talked to him about the position requirements. Marie was getting up early every day. She was starting her day with a bowl of oatmeal and job board search. She setup job alerts that matched her career goals. Then, for every job ad she was interested in, she conducted a company research, wrote a tailored resume and cover letter and applied online. Some of the job ads were posted by recruiters. From this activity, she landed two interviews.

Her job search was not as smooth as it may seem. She knew some of those requirements were nice-to-have and she had a good shot at getting an interview.

meet george

Marie had a big advantage: What did she do? She passed by some of these recruiters by finding the ad at the company website or LinkedIn and contacted the HR Manager or the Hiring Manager directly.

Her efforts were rewarded with three interviews. The enemy is trapped. We control the surrounding land The French navy commands the sea. The British cannot escape. They cannot get more supplies or men. By the blessing of heaven, we will repel our cruel invader and see peace and liberty returned to these shores. Is it wise to talk so openly of your intentions? I see little harm in discussing these matters. A siege is inevitable and is the only practical military choice in this situation.

The Comte de Rochambeau, who leads the French Army, knows it. How will you conduct the battle? Sieges always are done the same way. Using artillery barrages, we will reduce their forces, and their will to fight. We will draw our lines ever closer to theirs. Our soldiers may capture positions by assault. Even if they do not, sooner or later, the British will run out of food and ammunition. How long the siege will take? Only one being can tell. I believe the enemy can last about three months at most.

Not only does Cornwallis have thousands of troops to feed, but his position is filled with runaway slaves, some of whom build and repair the fortifications. They do not have enough food to accommodate all those people for long. Is the Continental Army ready for the fight? The spirit of the men has never been better.

Meet George - George Strait

They believe in victory. The troops are well trained because of the singular efforts of Baron von Steuben, who drilled them and made soldiers of farmers, mechanics, and townsmen.

meet george

I also am pleased to note that the Virginia militia serving here has many veterans. Are we ready, sir?

Meet George

Indeed, sir, we are. And the French, can you rely on them?

meet george

We can and must.