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meet dave salsa song

Without having seen the movie and not finding a list of songs from the movie it's hard to say. No song having anything to do with salsa or with. Chino Espinoza (–), a salsa singer, is from Costa Rica and lives in Los Angeles, California. He has As an actor, he appeared in Eddie Murphy's film Meet Dave. 1a lively Latin American song form that combines African and Spanish. 6) -\ I I The song is included in Chlno Esplnoza (—), a salsa singer, is from the Imdgenes As an actor, he appeared in Eddie Murphy's film Meet Dave.

Ohhh, my God, are you all right? Please don't be dead! Oh, did you see that? He came out of nowhere! It kind of looked like you sped up to hit him. I was going for the parking spot! Are you all right? Oh, my God, his foot! I'll call an ambulance! Please stay alive, please stay alive, please stay alive, please stay alive.

This is such bad karma from Where did he go? Right arm, all well. Lieutenant Buttocks, what is your status? Captain, we had a small gas leak. It was silent, but not deadly. Well, crew, it seems our ship has survived the impact.

Actually, diagnostics are not encouraging, Captain. This collision was unexpected, so our impact shields weren't activated. How long can we operate at full capacity? Forty-eight Earth hours at most.

After that, system functions will fail. That means we only have the last known coordinates of the orb. It can be anywhere within 10,square meters of our current location. We could continue on the mission, sir, but it's extremely risky. The prudent course would be to return to our home planet, Nil, and repair the ship. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for an address by your esteemed captain!

This is the moment that we've all been training for. We all know what's at stake. Our planet is on the verge of a catastrophic energy crisis. The device we sent to this world to drain its oceans has been knocked off course and is lost somewhere in this city.

Once it is found and deployed, the salt from this world shall power our home world for ages to come. Without it, our people will perish in less than one generation.

I will not permit that to happen. Back to your posts. Do we have sufficient linguistic information to help communicate with these natives? I tapped into their central planetary databank, named "Google". What a frivolous name for such a vital function.

Meet Dave Script - transcript from the screenplay and/or the Eddie Murphy movie

Well, if you prefer, there's another called "Yahoo! Already on it, Captain. My team can handle any threat posed by these Gargantuan savages. We have orders, No. Our entire home world is depending on us. We should not lament the fates of these inferior creatures. If the orb has fallen into their hands, who knows for what nefarious purpose they could be using it at this very moment?

Mom, there's a drunk guy in the alley again! Oh, I barely clipped that other guy. Sir, coronal gas readings just spiked. Hi, are you all right? I really feel terrible about what just happened. Can I call you an ambulance or something?

Any medical attention for Our first verbal encounter. Thank you for your concern. It's way too high. I'm all better now. How hard did you hit this guy? It's time for you to go to school before you're late, okay? See how she squeezes the smaller one's skull despite his protests.

Meet Dave - gettin' off the closet

And if those boys are after you, you tell me! I'm calling their parents. Would you like to come upstairs for a glass of water, maybe? I can help clean you up. I am in position. Okay, but, see, that's not fine. So, maybe you should come upstairs, or I can call an ambulance. Sir, we cannot let her contact the authorities. We will go in long enough to put her mind at ease.

Yes, I will accompany you. Thank you for your hospitality. The thing about my car is you gotta pump the brakes. I mean, I just got it back from the shop, and I-I'm seriously considering suing my mechanic, because that was just crazy about what happened. Oh, sorry, right here! Oh, sorry, right here. I, uh, got something for you. Three tubes of cerulean blue. Why does he thrust his arm towards us? Probably best to imitate him. Okay, here you go.

The liquid shifts the equilibrium! So, then, you don't need to call your lawyer, or anything crazy like that, because that would be just pointless, wouldn't it? Oh, I'm Gina, by the way.

Whats the name of that salsa tune "maria" something?

This is a list of the most common names on this planet. Sorry, you just struck me more like a Dave, or something. Which happens to be my other name. All right, well, Dave, um, I feel just terrible about this whole thing, uh, and I was gonna have some breakfast. Would you like to join me?

I mean, I sort of have a rule that, when I hit somebody with my car, I need to make them breakfast. That was a joke. So, where are you from? Do you live around here? I am just a regular person from right here on Earth, just like you. I just don't get out that much. Yeah, judging from your suit, I'd say since about Note, all-white apparel is not as standardized as we thought.

You late for a Bee Gees concert or something? Barry, Robin and Maurice, the Brothers Gibb. Winning ten Grammy awards and selling over , records. That's impressive love for the Bee Gees, man. I'm sorry, I had no idea. Foot in the mouth. Listen, do you, uh, mind whipping these up for me?

That would be so great. Just a little help. I'm so used to making breakfast for Josh, and all he wants is waffles. Anyway, he's off to school now. Yeah, I don't know, he's got these bullies after him right now.

You don't have any kids, do you? I mean, you don't really seem like a kid person, but I try to be there for him, but I don't really know how to deal with it, you know. I'm just doing the single mom thing, and I'm so permissive of everything.

meet dave salsa song

Oh, my God, I am talking your ear off. And, uh, I can finish this. Here, you like ketchup? I feel much better now. That's a new one. Oh, that's our cat, Boris. I hope you're not allergic. Here we go, sir. Boris, what are you up to? Yes, my husband was a captain with the Navy. A captain of what? I am a captain of crunch. Where is your captain now? It's been rough sometimes, but we're okay. There is a strength to this one. Where was this image captured? That's Josh at school, the science fair.

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He,uh, he always walks around with this thing. See, he thinks it fell from outer space. I really have to be going now. Thank you for the ketchup. Um, you know, the eggs are just another Sorry about hitting you with my car. A couple of frat punks get drunk, miss the last ferry, stick a rag in their bottle of Stoli, and then, kaboom!

Suddenly, my morning roll in the hay with Tracy gets canceled. I think this is explosive residue. Don't do this, Dooley. I see you getting interested in this. I see that wacko X Files gleam in your eye. That might be the boy, there! In that group of Earth children. What structure is this? It appears to be some sort of shrine to technology.

This is the best they have to offer? Their mini-computers are gigantic! And a slamming home page means more online buddies. Dude, while you're waiting, check these out. Seven ounces, left and right quad. The sound will blow you away. It's like the subwoofers are actually inside your head. Damage reports coming in from all parts of the ship, Captain! We have got to get out of here! The sign clearly indicates "Do not walk". And yet, they keep walking and walking and walking!

Apparently, chaos is the order of the day here. Doctor, is Two all right? This is a big planet. There might be contaminants we've never encountered before. I'll keep an eye on it. Why don't you take a picture?

It's the ice cream man! Ice cream man, over here! It's this suit again! How in Nil did we wind up with this wardrobe debacle? We must have missed something. We carefully studied the only signal ever intercepted from Earth.

When we enter the boy's school, we must not draw any undue attention to ourselves. Yes, we must rid ourselves of this inappropriate attire and replace it with clothing that is the epitome of both hip and now.

Welcome to Old Navy! Welcome to Old Navy. Can I help you find your size? I am obviously the same size as everyone else. I just meant are you, uh, small, or I believe he simply wants to know the dimensions of your clothing. Yes, you can help me find my size.

Crew, prepare for an unrehearsed maneuver. It won't happen again! I can help you if you'd How about I help you take that. Yes, this is my size. Do you have a private chamber where I can try on these garments? Changing room back there behind hoodies.

Sir, we have arrived at the school. This can't be right. One singular sensation Every little step she takes Apologies, sir. Apparently, we are on West 44th Street. One smile and suddenly nobody else will do Let's get out of here.

Whatever it is, it's mine now. You gonna tell your mommy again? Can I help you? I am here for the fifth-grade classroom. Okay, all right, you're very late, but you It's-it's been a madhouse.

Half the teachers are out with the flu. I'm gonna have to throw you to the wolves. Don't say a word. I will mess you up. What are you doing here? Are you the sub? You would know the sub, loser! I don't know him! My mom hit him with her van! I am Dave Ming Chang, the sub. What is your name? I am sure the other Buttcracks would disapprove of your behavior. You don't look like a teacher.

I'm going to report you. I am indeed your temporary instructor, which I shall prove to you now. Let's teach them something simple, shall we? The unified field theory. The ultimate pearl of wisdom in all of the universe. Now, you are educated. What is your destination? Here, let me assist you. You're not really the sub, are you? You have something that is mine. It is a small spherical device, 2. How'd you hear about that?

And how can it be yours if it came from outer space? Are you an alien? I'm just messing with you. It's very important that I find it. Do you know where it is? It's, like, top secret or something. It is top secret or something.

meet dave salsa song

Will you help us, I mean Look, I don't have it anymore. This jerk took it. Well, we have to get it back. Where is this jerk? Him and his buddies are probably headed for the deli. No, but sometimes I run into him in the neighborhood. Everybody on the floor, now! Empty the register and no one gets hurt. This planet continues to reveal its ugly nature. It deserves its fate.

Gravity prevents me from floating off of it. Hey, you have forgotten your weapon! I mean, you totally threw that guy across the room. I was very fortunate not to be injured. No normal person could have done that. Do you have, like, superpowers or something? Do you know what would be very pleasant? If we were to change the subject of our conversation. Did you see last night's sports competition? You talk so weird. Come on, tell me, what's your secret?

Quick, where are you from? Give me an address. The Statue of Liberty. You live at the Statue of Liberty? Yes, the Ming Changs have lived at the Statue of Liberty for many generations. Now, let us locate the orb. Look, I don't know where Rich is now, but tomorrow's my mom's birthday. We're going to our neighborhood street fair. I'm sure he's gonna be there.

You know, if you want, you could come with me and my mom.

meet dave salsa song

Sir, we can't wait until tomorrow. Our power supply is dwindling. This child is useless. We must find the orb on our own. Without guidance, we might not find it in time. Contrary to expectations, Josh has been quite helpful to us. We will stick with him. Man, you are awesome at this! It's like you've got super video-game powers, too. Are you sure you're not a superhero?

Fine, I give up. I'm just happy to be able to play with somebody besides mom. Interacting with your mother makes you unhappy? Nah, I don't mean to complain. You know, my dad was a hero in real life. Yeah, we miss him. Now she spends all her time smothering me. What are you doing back here? Some guys with a gun tried to rob the store, and Dave stopped them and saved everyone!

It was so cool! Dave just took them out. Man, I wish I could do that. But look at me. I'm the smallest fifth-grader in New York City. You are a giant. Josh, the most powerful force in all the universe often comes from the smallest star.

Would you like to stay for supper? Sir, the longer we're in their presence, the greater the danger of exposure. Yes, I will stay. Although, if you thought my driving was dangerous, wait till you try my meatloaf.

I'll tell you when I find it. You know something, Dooley? We gotta find you a new hobby. Stevie, please just hold the insult. Oh, I forgot today was Arts and Crafts Day. Dave, would you mind helping me clear the table? Don't worry about it. This is something I do all the time. I'm constantly dropping stuff. Don't even worry about it.

My sister got that for me. I would never, um She just thinks I need to get back in the game, and Tell your sister there is no life on Mars! That's, uh, just something I felt. I don't really paint like that anymore. Well, things have changed.

And what is the Well, how does it make you feel? It makes me feel I remember when I painted this, I just felt, um, love. Huge and exciting and crazy, just How do you know when you Oh, I think when you feel love, you don't need to ask that question. Time for me to exit into the night. Well, um, thank you again for being there for Josh today and, um And, yeah, I think tomorrow will be fun.

I'm glad you're coming with us. So am I, Gina Morrison. Do you mind if I rest here? This appears to be a safe port.

meet dave salsa song

We'll join this urban camper. You ain't crazy, are you? The last guy was here, he said he was from outer space. And the party continues. Gets a little chilly at night. Did you see that? This man has nothing, yet he offers to share his sole source of warmth. It seems they are a more complex species than we imagined.

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Well, I think we all just need a good night's rest, doctor. Working rather late, No. I was just doing some additional cultural research. And what have you found? I stumbled onto an interesting file in the alien database, sir.

Every man, woman and child is forced to view it once a year. It could be helpful in understanding them. You have not changed since our days at the Academy. I remember the late nights studying together. And the nutritious protein squares you prepared for us. I would not have been able to graduate without your help.

And, yet, here you've become our generation's most renowned captain. What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down. Hey, that's a pretty good idea. I'll give you the moon, Mary.

I must say, sir, these Earth creatures keep surprising me. A most confusing place. It makes my head spin. I guess I'd better hold on, then.

meet dave salsa song

I want to send this out to every precinct, every security company and every hospital in the city until we ID this guy right here. Amazing that two idiots like you could've passed the police exam. I tried to tell him, sarge. It is a fact, a fact, that something or someone has landed here. Now, we could be making the biggest scientific discovery of all time.

I don't wanna hear another word about E. What are you doing? No, it's just a guy who shoved his face in the dirt. It is an alien, an alien who shoved his face in the dirt, and I am gonna find him. That only gives us about 12 hours. Then every minute counts. Remember our mission, crew. We must find the boy with the orb. This is not acceptable! And here we go, ladies and gentlemen. Chuck starts off fast out of the gate, eating down those dogs, but Earl and Homer are right behind him.

Look at them go!

Meet Dave (2008)

You never should have signed him up for this. Put it in your mouth! As on Wednesday they do not compete with any other venue it is a more popular night than Sunday. The lesson starts at 7pm. It is an hour and a half long. It is broken down in three sections of thirty minutes each: It starts as a small class and towards the end it gets more crowded.

Sometimes it looks like over a hundred hard to tell, may be even more people are in the class. The lesson goes at a slow pace, as there are many people in the class with various levels of learning abilities. It is a beginner class where basic moves from each dance are shown.

From the entertainment prospective it is a fun class to take, and if you have never taken a Latin dance lesson before you most likely will enjoy this class. They have two more classes during the week. They are on Monday and Tuesday. I never took either one of them, I just learned about them after talking to Brenda Smith — an instructor who teaches them.

On Monday there is a beginner class. And on Tuesday they have an intermediate class. Neither Monday or Tuesday classes are drop in, you have to sign up for them. There is a smaller number of people taking those classes. On Tuesday there is about 10 people currently taking the class, and on Monday also only a few people, as this is a new class they just recently started.

Social dancing at Dave and Busters starts at 8. On Wednesday night it is the number one spot for salsa dancing in the valley. On some Wednesdays it gets so crowded that it feels more like a nightclub than a place to go salsa dancing.

Social part has beginner dancers that stay after the lesson to practice and experienced dancers that start to come in for the social after 9pm.

So it does not matter what level of dancing skills you have, you will find enough people to dance with. Music that they play during the social part of the night is a combination of salsa, bachata and merengue, with a splash of cumbia and cha-cha. They play enough salsa songs for the people who dance mostly salsa such as myself to enjoy the night.

He is not specifically a salsa DJ but he seems to know exactly what the crowd wants, and he fits well in this Latin night. About the host of this venue: