Dual meet swimming

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dual meet swimming

1 INTRODUCTION. In a college dual swimming meet there are thirteen events ( eleven swimming events and two diving events). The eleven swimming events. A high school swim meet is not like any other meets you—club swimmer—have probably been to before. It is not like the three day long Junior. A dual meet is a meet where each on how individual swimmers on a team swim.

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Event - An event is a larger category than a heat. The name of an event typically describes the stroke and age group, as well as distance of the race in meters or yards. Note that our home pool is a 25 meter pool. Heat -There are often multiple heats within an event. In larger meets such as Championships, there may be as many as eight or nine heats, but in a dual meet, there will be two to three heats.

dual meet swimming

Heats help to group swimmers by seed time and various qualifying times, especially if there are more swimmers than the number of lanes in the pool. Psych Sheet - Much like a heat sheet, but geared more towards swimmers. This allows swimmers to compare their previous times to other swimmers in their event. If a swimmer has not previously swum in an event before, this will appear as NT no time.

In a dual meet, there is both a medley relay and a freestyle relay for each age group.

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A medley relay is co-ed, and divided between two boys and two girls. Each swimmer will swim 25m of either backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, or freestyle.

All of our relays in regular meets are m total!

dual meet swimming

There are typically two freestyle relays per age group, a boys and a girls relay, each consisting of four swimmers total. Each swimmer on the relay team swims a 25m freestyle. Swimmers will be placed in relays depending on individual seed times, stroke preference, as well as participation in practice. In a relay meet, there will be other sorts of relays in addition to the above e.

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Opposed to a high school meet, the event line up includes the likes of the freestyle, butterfly, and occasionally the I. David Wegiel A premium is placed on winning. Meet scoring formats for college swimming allocates nine points to the winner of an event. Winning an event is crucial to making up points on an opponent. Relays especially are critical to the success of the team due to higher point values for winning relays.

dual meet swimming

Most college programs do not have the pool capacity or space for warming down between races, besides the incorporated breaks in the meet line-up. Being able to race with lactic acid is difficult but necessary for a college swimmer.

William and Mary Athletics Both figuratively and literally, swimming becomes a team sport much more in college swimming.

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Dual meets are won by team efforts. The swimming of one individual cannot carry a whole team. Multiple swimmers must take the helm and lead their team to victory. Your teammates are no longer your competitors, teammates talk race strategy, psych each other up, and attack races communally.

College swimmers celebrate teammate success more than their own.

dual meet swimming