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fours , , , , , – (Henshaw) Honda CBR FireBlade Stag (Mort) Triumph Thunderbird, Trophy & Tiger (Henshaw) Triumph TR6 Carrera Panamericana, La (Tipler) Chrysler – America's Most Powerful MX-5 Miata Roadster (Long) Maximum Mini (Booij) Meet the English (Bowie). Of our 10 Best Engines, only Honda's L fits this description. “Cost, complexity, weight,” says Craig Brazeau, principle engineer for Honda R&D Americas. “We are able to meet our requirements with the SOHC, and it gives us engine springs to life like a tiger hiding in the brush, pouncing on. challenge to meet the stringent new emissions standards . Product Development — Honda's R&D operations in North America are its . NORTH AMERICAN. ENVIRONMENTAL REPORT. Environmental Tigers for Tomorrow.

Since those early days the NATO Tiger Association has steadily grown in international esteem and the Tiger Meet has become a firmly established annual event which is famous amongst members of the Association, NATO, and military aviation enthusiasts around the world. Since the very first Tiger Meet, the main objectives of the NATO Tiger Association have been to promote co-operation between the air forces, create a better understanding of NATO military objectives, and to develop unit interoperability.

The maintenance of strong personal ties between the members of each Tiger Squadron are equally important.

France, who hosted the meet for the first time in recognised the value and importance of ground crews in air operations and placed a new emphasis in their involvement into the Tiger Meet.

Cross training on different aircraft types was developed during a series of ground competitions. The professional profile of the Association was also enhanced in the mid sixties when General Robert M Lee placed his seal of approval on the annual event with the Air Deputy Award, that was presented for the first time in In spite of the world oil crisis of the early seventies which threatened the very existence of the Association further accolades followed.

Meeting the so-called Muskie Law, which called for sharply lower exhaust emissions bywas deemed an impossible task by most carmakers. Honda defied conventional wisdom by announcing that its new Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion CVCC engine could exceed the standard without a catalytic converter or unleaded fuel.

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This approach used two separate intake tracts per cylinder. After combustion began in the anteroom, the resulting flame front lit a substantially leaner main mixture in each cylinder. Having extra air for combustion minimized the formation of unburned hydrocarbon, carbon-monoxide, and nitrous-oxide emissions. CVCC technology also benefited thewhich arrived in From throughthe Accord was the best-selling car in America. Operations began in with motorcycle assembly in Ohio.

Three years later, those facilities grew into a million-square-foot factory for building Accords and, later, Civics.

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Further expansion, with new engine and transmission manufacturing plants, gave Honda sufficient capacity in Ohio to begin exporting U. Inthree years before Nissan and Toyota followed suit with their Infiniti and Lexus brands, the Acura Integra and Legend gave faithful Honda customers an opportunity to spend more money while remaining true to the fold. Finishing at the top of J. Having established solid foundations around the globe, Honda has spent the last two decades stretching its tentacles into new markets, traipsing boldly into realms ignored by most vehicle manufacturers, and keeping the competition honest.

The use of dedicated tankers enabled missions in excess of 4 hours, and meant that many of the fighters opted not to fly with underwing fuel tanks. Being crowned champions means that Squadron will host the next Tiger Meet of the Americas at Cold Lake, hopefully in An impressive line up of Fs on the Buckley flightline. In addition to the home based aircraft, some fifteen visiting Vipers were in attendance. Along with Nebraska ANG tankers operating out of their home base at Lincoln MAP, the 'Totin Tigers' provided both boom and drogue refuelling services to the fighter packages over the three flying days of the exercise.

Fifty Years of Honda in America

From left to right It was not recorded whether this gave them an edge in the 'furballs' over Utah. The Tiger spirit was much in evidence during Missions, Games and at the Bar! One event was the tug-of-war. A group shot next to the Bold Tiger car.