Soulja boy meet me at the skating rink

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Soldier boy why feel blue. Don't you believe that she will be true. It's written in the book. That she was meant for only you. Soldier boy tell me why do you cry. Skating Rink lyrics: [Soulja Boy & (A-Rab): Talking] Ay A-Rab (Wasup cuzo? ) Man we gotta We bout to get de'z girls' numba's (meet me at da skatin' rink). da skatin' rink (Ay!) Meet me at da skatin' rink [Verse 1: Soulja Boy] I'm up at da skatin' rink, but I can't skate. Wit a hundred-dollar bill dat i'm gon' break. Yea, dey .

Soulja boy @ skating rink

- Вечером в субботу. - Нет, - сказала Мидж. - Насколько я знаю Стратмора, это его дела.

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