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meet the soldier gmod

Steam Workshop: Garry's Mod. Collection for pyro related Gmod stuff. This collection will be Meet the Pyro Baby Models. Created by Maxxy. I looked in GMOD workshops Then stumbled across (coincidently) meet the soldier heads! I hacked the models for TF2 and it worked! Notes ===== I did not. This addon adds the sniper's main weapons from tf2 into gmod . Note that this is not the original Meet the Medic model! Features.

Meet the Pyro

The Spycrab is an animation oversight caused by the Spy looking straight up while holding the Disguise Kitcrouchingthen walking in any direction. This causes the Spy to move around in an amusing fashion that resembles a crab. Dapper Roguea "Catalogue for the Gentleman Scoundrel", referenced this by including a "Crab-Walking Kit" with the description "It will change your skeleton!

meet the soldier gmod

Excruciatingly painful but worth it. Footage of a player doing the Spycrab can be found here.

Congratulations to the winners of the Seventh Annual Saxxy Awards!

Human Crab - Alive! The Spycrab has a page on Know Your Meme. A fan-made game mode was made in honor of this fad. A type of gambling was created in honor of this fad, known as "Spycrabbing.

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Under usual rules, the first person to do three Spycrab taunts loses, and the winner gets the items in the pot. A cosmetic item called the Spycrab was made in honor of this fad.

meet the soldier gmod

This fad is referenced in the Mannrobics taunt, in which one of the moves involves the Spy "pinching" the air, mimicking a crab's claws. The Carnival of Carnage map has several posters plastered around the site, one of them reading "Human Crab - Alive! Another animation error unofficially named the " Democrab " by the community derives from the Spycrab's name and its effects on the user's body.

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It causes a Demoman's left hand to twist awkwardly if he is holding the Conscientious Objector or other Saxxy Reskins while crouch-walking, similarly to the Spycrab. But enough of our reminiscing - go see which of your favorite entries won! Announcing The Saxxy Awards Nominees!

Gmod Filler (Wheatley and Rick Meet Soldier) Unfinished

November 17, - SFM Team We're approaching the culmination of another year filled with some really amazing Source Filmmaker videos! Today we're announcing the nominees for the Saxxy Awards, and there are entries that had us laughing, crying, and shouting in surprise and excitement. So make some popcorn, grab a drink, and go watch the Saxxy Award nominees! Once you've watched the nominees, and rewatched your favorites, remember that there are many more entries available that may still end up on your personal favorites list.

And don't forget to come back tomorrow and find which of your favorites were chosen as winners!

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That time when all the Saxxy Awards entries have been submitted, and we can watch videos all day long instead of working.

More importantly, so can you!

meet the soldier gmod

Upvote the ones you enjoy, downvote the ones you don't, and just as importantly, downvote the ones that have violated the Saxxy Awards contest rules. For those who have submitted entries to the Saxxy Awards, please make sure that your videos are marked public, tagged with the appropriate categories, are free of advertisements, cards or annotations, and that you've attributed the creators of any music or other assets you've used, and received permission for their use.