Yona and hak relationship

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yona and hak relationship

Son Hak. Basic Info: Anime: Akatsuki no Yona. Akatsuki no Yona OVA Tribe's backing and Hak's special relationship to Yona, he became a. Relationships. Yona. Yona is the main female protagonist of the series and is the main love interest of Hak. Ever since childhood, Hak has been close friends. Anonymous asked: "I've always wondered at Hak's relationship with Yona. Was he in love with her even before the Soo-Won incident? And if so, how did he fall.

He knows that she does not feel the same about him.

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And he wants his two beloved friends to be happy. And that's the most beautiful thing ever. He is heartbroken and shattered. The only thing he can do now is to continue the previous King's orders to protect princess Yona. Hak has experienced quite a severe case of unrequited love for the past decade or so.

yona and hak relationship

But gotta hand it to the guy who has kept it in for so long. He has not confessed because he knows Yona probably doesn't feel the same way and wants to respect that. Hak just values her way too much to trouble or confuse her about love. She doesn't want to tie him down forever by her father's orders.

One days she wants him to be free Especially right after what happened with Soowon. Which is why I think that Yona has become oblivious to romance because of how traumatized she must have been when her first love betrays her.

yona and hak relationship

She's probably afraid to fall in love again and doesn't want to be heart broken again. She has way more important things to deal with before getting back into the romance game. Like sorting out her emotions and recovering from her previous love, as well as setting goals and becoming stronger. That's what makes this one of my favorite shoujos.

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He no longer wishes to stifle her in an attempt to protect her; he wants to let her grow. As for being untouchable by emotional trauma… well, for the longest time he never seemed nearly as broken up about Suwon as Yona was.

yona and hak relationship

Very, very angry, of course. It was that he had a habit of suppressing it, so he could fulfill that role of emotional supporter without having to unload any emotional baggage on Yona, and the result was realistically unhealthy for him. But the trait that really makes me wonder if he was meant to be a deconstruction is his dynamic with Yona, and the way he tried to make romantic advances. The manga provides a reason why Hak tends to take a physical route to making romantic advances.

Even when he had his break-down with Suwon, he went straight to kill-mode.

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The physical advances; the attempts to kiss, the kabedon… none of it did a thing for Yona. Yona is strongly against this, but her father insists that he will be the one deciding her partner, for the sake of Soo-Won not meeting the same fate he has. Yona is chased by an unknown person In disbelief, Yona runs out of her room and stays in a hallway while contemplating the things she has heard. All of a sudden, an unknown man looms at her and, fearing that he is an insurgent, she dashes away from him.

She goes into a room, which luckily belongs to Soo-Won, and there she is calmed down by her cousin. However, she becomes worried over the chance that Soo-Won will get involved if she stays with him any longer and she tells him that she shouldn't be in his room. Soo-Won tries to ignore her as he still believes that he misunderstands her but Yona asks him what his reaction would be if it is not a mistake. This makes Soo-Won confess that he suddenly sees her as a woman.

yona and hak relationship

However, as he is inexperienced in love, he is unable to reciprocate her love. Despite this she is still satisfied with the outcome of her confession as he is now even a little bit aware of her feelings. Soo-Won calls her and gives her a hairpin as a gift.

He explains that it suits her red hair and because of this, Yona suddenly learns to love the hair she doesn't like. In the midst of their conversation, Hak appears and tells her that her father is looking for her.

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But upon arriving there, she witnesses the murder of her father at the hands of Soo-Won. Shortly after Kye-Sook and some of the guards enter the room.

Without hesitation, the former demands that Soo-Won must kill Yona. Terrified, she escapes from them, but she is eventually caught and pinned down by the guards. As she is about to be killed, Hak comes to her rescue and defends her, though in the end he is also cornered. Suddenly, an arrow shot distracts everyone and Hak grabs her to flee. They meet up with Min-Soo, the person who shot the arrow, behind the bushes.

While they are hiding, Yona cries as she expresses her regret of being unable to express her gratitude to her father. Min-Soo then tells them that he will disguise himself as the princess so that they can get away from the castle.

As they carry out the plan, she and Hak manage to escape, but Min-Soo is shot by an arrow. They continue to hide in the mountains, but at one point she loses the hairpin she got from Soo-Won. She is quickly saved by Hak, but he suffers a venomous bite in the process. After that she receives her missing hairpin from him. After she awakens, Tae-Yeon feeds her and asks her about her relationship to his brother to which she answers that they are friends. Yona is about to rephrase her answer when Hak stops her and tells her to keep a low profile and tells her to go by a new identity, Rina pronounced "Lena"a court lady in training.

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When she finally regains her strength, she is asked to do laundry and Hak guides her to the river.