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Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Tragedy - Whitewing, Ashfur The moon was a sliver, like a cat's claw, and smoky gray clouds, gently . There was something more, she realized, with her relationship with the gray tom. Whitewing is a small, soft-furred, snowy-white she-cat with green eyes and Ashfur finds a fox trap and Whitepaw silently watches what the fox trap can do to . Mate is the Clan terminology for a partnership between two cats. There are a variant relationships with similar aspects to mates, either in mutual affection, ( Jayfeather and Half Moon, Squirrelflight and Ashfur, Bramblestar and Jessy, Birchfall and Whitewing · Brackenfur and Sorreltail · Bramblestar and Squirrelflight.

Something even deeper than her relationship with her apprenticehood friend. And she welcomed it. She saw herself walking with the gray tom on a warm, sunny day, with their apprentices bouncing around their legs. She remembered the border patrol they spent together, talking and occasionally play-fighting a little when the lead cat wasn't looking.

There were so many memories that she had stored up inside her mind. Her fur fluffed up with astonishment. What else had she forgotten when Birchfall had re-entered her life? As if in a trance, she stared towards the hole of light a tail-length away. She could see patches of the night sky through the criss-crossing branches of the trees from where she lay. The quarter moon shone brightly.

Suddenly a dark gray cloud drifted over it, blocking out the moonlight. As darkness filled the set, Whitewing was struck by the memory she had been looking for. Her eyes went wide as images crossed her vision. The sun had vanished. The sound of fighting cats was so close Whitewing was terrified that they would start breaking into the camp. She paced back and forth with her apprentice, Icepaw, her thoughts tormented as she fretted over the gray tom's safety.

Then she remembered the tremendous rush of joy and relief when she finally spotted him after what seemed like hundreds of moons. He had staggered into the camp, reeking of WindClan and RiverClan scent and bleeding heavily from several wounds, but his blue eyes were shining when he spotted her.

Whitewing had run into him, burying her face into his chest fur as she basked in his presence. It was at that very moment that she realized she loved him. Then came that fateful night. The gray tom had accompanied her on the night patrol.

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He had taken her away from the others and had brought her into the badger set so that they could speak alone. His meow was low, sullen. It was like looking into a storm. Swirling…swirling…it was impossible to read.

Yet by the tingling in her spine she knew that something unpleasant was going to happen. She should have turned and ran far away without looking back.

But she had no idea of what was coming.

After a long, awkward pause, the gray tom spoke again. She continued to listen with every hair on her pelt sticking straight up. He was clawing deep furrows into the ground. She noticed that he spat out the name as if he had bitten into a piece of crow-food.

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She felt a flare of shock. When she opened her mouth to speak, nothing came out. He sounded as though he was talking to himself. I wanted to kill Choking down her horror, Whitewing could tell he was struggling to control his anger. I--" Whitewing immediately let out a hiss, cutting off what he was about to say. But he blocked her way with ease, firmly pushing her back with one paw. She whipped around to glare hotly at him, her lips twitching in the beginnings of a snarl.

She stopped, her ears pricked and her neck fur bristling. Her mind was turning over and over, like a fish on dry land. She looked into the gray tom's eyes, and the ice in her began to melt.

You healed the deep wounds of my heart. I've found true love again. There was a lump in her throat, and she looked away, her voice cracking when she mewed, "But I can't forgive you. She couldn't bring herself to look up at him.

She didn't want to see his eyes. He stared at me, pleadingly.

I shook my head. But I won't ever forget you as my friend. Can we still be friends? Birchfall looked on, narrowing his eyes. It wasn't long before I started talking to Birchfall more often. ONly two or three times, and every one thought that we were mates because Ashfur was so absent all the time. One day I found out I was pregnant, but I knew it wasn't with Birchfall's kits. Birchfall started circling me proudly, as if I were his, but Ashfur was so absent these days I let him think that he had mated with me.

One terrible night after the fire, Ashfur came back from the Gathering. I wailed out when I saw him, thinking he had been killed by a fox. But they said we drowned. They said we would never wake up.

They said it was WindClan. Birchfall wrapped his body around me and touched his muzzle to mine. I murmured something back to him, so only he could hear. I breathed in the last of my mate's scent, tears soaking his fur even more. Suddenly, I felt a warm body beside me. I felt like pulling Ashfur's body somewhere else so I could sit vigil for him alone, but I would lose Birchfall as a friend.

Later that night I cried to myself. A moon later, the kits were coming. Birchfall was going to the Gathering. We was being much more friendlier to me, and I knew that he doubted that the kits were Ashfur's, although we hadn't mated. I acted like he was my mate because I found comfort in him, but I was still a very sad cat. That night I pushed and pushed and two little kits were soon suckling at my belly. I smiled down at them.

One silver tabby and white, Ivykit, and the other, fluffy pale gray, just like Ashfur, Dovekit. Dovekit had green eyes, MY green eyes, and Ivykit opened her eyes. I cried tears of joy when Ivykit opened her eyes. Birchfall spat loudly, but I didn't scold him. Ashfur would live on forever, in both kits. Ashfur was one of the only gray cats in ThunderClan at the time, and Dovewing is gray.

So this must mean the Ashfur HAS to be the father. Female kittens take one color gene from each parent. The color of the female kittens in a litter will always be either a combination of the mother and fathers colors, or the dilute form of those colors. So yes, Dovewing can't be a kit of Whitewing and Birchfall because neither of them have gray in them.

I don't know much about genetics, so I'm not going further into that.

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But since when has Warriors been true to genetics? Example, how did Leafpool come from Sandstorm and Firestar. I highly doubt that, considering Sandstorm always threw tantrums over Firestar preferring Spottedleaf. Also thanks for making me aware that cats can get genes from their grandparents, I told you I know nothing about genetics XD Anyway, my point is that the Erin's don't care about genetics, so this isn't a good reason to assume that this theory is true.