Supah ninjas amanda and mike relationship quotes

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supah ninjas amanda and mike relationship quotes

Relationships. Amanda - Kelly's Kelly doesn't know why Amanda hangs out with Owen and Mike. You can help Supah Ninjas Wiki by expanding it! Thanks!. Amanda kisses Mike. Until the Supah Ninjas were formed, Mike and Amanda have not really had any repeated interactions to speak of. For more information on Mike and Amanda's relationship visit Mikanda. Memorable Character Quotes. Chapter 1. It was Monday and Amanda, Mike, and Owen were standing by Amanda's locker so they could all walk to home together." So Mike.

Mike finally accepts Amanda's relationship with Cameron in " Morningstar Academy " and asks out Julie, only to later on learn that Amanda and Cameron had broken up.

Amanda McKay

When he found out it lead him to dread his decision. After hearing that Mike is planning on asking Julie out, Amanda seemed hurt and starts saying bad things about Julie. She even wonders what Mike sees in her.

supah ninjas amanda and mike relationship quotes

In the end, she accepts Mike's feelings for Julie, not knowing he's only planning on asking her out because of Amanda's somewhat non-interest in him. Mike offers to double date with Amanda and Cameron before learning of their breakup.

In " Ninja Intervention ", Mike claims that Katara was his favorite epsiode because Amanda kissed him. In " Grounded Ninja " Amanda and Mike seem to be getting closer.

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Amanda tells Owen that sometimes in the night she feels like her and Mike are becoming more than friends but then says that she was lying. Before she leaves, she hides a look on her face indicating that she probably wasn't lying. Owen thinks everything she said is true. In " Spring Fling ", she decides not to leave because Mike wants her to stay and be a ninja with him. In " The Floating Sword ", Amanda thanks Mike for saving her and seems pleased when he says he didn't know how he did the blast from his hand but knew that he couldn't let anything happen to her.

She smiles and stares at him and Owen says "You're doing it again," hinting she might have been staring at him before and that she likes Mike.

supah ninjas amanda and mike relationship quotes

Contents [ show ] Early life Mike Fukanaga was Owen's assistant, blandly referred to as "friend," in their magic act when they were years old. They soon become friends and are still best friends to this day. Since a kid, his favorite cake combo is chocolate and peanut butter.

His mom passed away but, it's unknown what happened to her.

Supah Ninjas Mike Fukanaga And Amanda Mckay

However, she's spoken of every once and awhile in the series. Characteristics and abilities Mike has always had low self-esteem, never coming off as or seeing himself as what you might call a "winner. In fact, his friends regard him as being the nerdiest of the group, being a big fan of science fiction, comics and action figures, and even having learned Clyngonese from Star Trek. Mike's most impressive skill is, obviously, martial arts, with reflexes that are regarded by most as a remarkable phenomenon.

He is also very skilled with a pair of nunchucks, having been seen using only that and shurikens his most impressive shuriken being hidden in the medallion he unceasingly wears around his neck. In Cousin Connorit was shown that he is very skilled with a sword while he was fighting Connor.

supah ninjas amanda and mike relationship quotes

Examples include the fact that they had a magic act "The Great Owenini and Friend"most likely before they were ten, and also the fact that Owen only became a ninja because of Mike's pleading with his grandfather. Owen also knows many embarrassing facts about Mike which proves their long lasting friendship. Although Mike is frequently annoyed by Owens comedic and spontaneous nature, he typically tries to motivate Mike.

He even knows that Mike has a crush on Amanda. Until the Supah Ninjas were formed, Mike and Amanda have not really had any repeated interactions to speak of.

This is due to the reason that had been passed down through many shows: Amanda is one of the popular kids in school and has never really gotten to know Mike, while Mike has admired her from afar since 5th grade but has always been too afraid to talk to her.

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However, after Amanda realized that Mike and Owen were the ninjas that helped rescue her from The Rhymer, she told them to either let her join or otherwise she would reveal that Mike took several years of ballet and jazz tap. Ever since then, Mike and Amanda have been great friends. Owen secretly set them up on a date in the episode Ishina. Ever since 'Quake', Amanda has begun to show feelings for Mike.

She even appeared to be jealous of Mike's ex-girlfriend Julie. Later on Mike ends up dancing with Amanda. She then finds out about Mike still having feelings for her.