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Never shared a room with Sudipta Sen: Debjani Mukherjee It is this captain- mate relationship that Debjani claims tobethe reason for her. India News | Press Trust of India | Sunday November 2, in connection with the Saradha scam probe as it has found certain instances for which clarification is needed Debjani played important role at Sudipta Sen's Saradha, say police. Who are the people arrested in connection with Saradha scam? Sudipta Sen was on the run after the scam was made public but was later arrested from a This report says his associates identified as Debjani Mukherjee and his driver He was arrested for cheating, breach of trust and criminal conspiracy.

Saradha Group was running a wide variety of collective investment schemes where they would appoint agents to collect money from public by issuing secured debentures and redeemable preferential bonds on commission basis.

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SEBI has acted on Saradha Group of companies as they failed to comply with the regulations applicable to collective investments schemes while raising bonds and debentures. Who are the people arrested in connection with Saradha scam?

Sudipta Sen was on the run after the scam was made public but was later arrested from a hotel in Sonmarg, Kashmir. This report says his associates identified as Debjani Mukherjee and his driver Arvind Singh Chauhan were with him at the time of the arrest. She is considered to be the closest aide of Sudipta Sen and was accompanying Sudipta Sen when he fled from Kolkata after the company went bust.

Manoj Nagel was one of the first Saradha employees to get arrested. He was arrested for cheating, breach of trust and criminal conspiracy. This report says that within two hours of his arrest in a Facebook post he named 12 people who he said could help the police unravel the scam. Arrested on August 20, after a series of interrogations by the CBI and had appeared thrice before the agency. He is known to have invested money in real estate business in Goa through Alvito.

According to reports on Indian Express he has been booked under various charges that include criminal conspiracy and money laundering.

The letter said that Mr.

Rs 2500 crore Saradha scam accused Sudipta Sen and Debjani Mukherjee finally brought to Guwahati

Agarwal and several others had taken Rs. Sen, too, gave the impression that he expected people to ask him for money. A journalist who had met him in Delhi, to inform him about a work issue in the daily, still recalls Sen's sudden interjection: Officially, her salary was to the tune of Rs 1 lakh per month in cheque and another Rs 1 lakh in cash apart from other perks and privileges.

Sen had gifted her a brand new flat in the upcoming south Kolkata neighbourhood of Kasba and a couple of luxury cars, including a Scorpio and a Maruti Swift. According to reports from Bangla channels, Rs 30 crore has been traced to her bank accounts. It was always in short supply as Debjani was growing up. The family, however, had memories of affluence.

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Wealthy on oil business for generations, the neighbourhood had come to be named after them, Mukherjee Para in Kasba, with the ancestral home being dubbed Harin Bari, or house of deers, in remembrance of the exotic pets her bygone ancestors must have maintained. Debjani's father worked in a small shop and her mother Sarbari sold home-made pickles door-to-door. It must have pleased her to be able to spend lavishly in the neighbourhood, especially during Durga puja.

If Debjani's school teachers remembered her as a "good" girl, she was "extremely polite" to the employees of Saradha Group. But her penchant to speak in not-so-fluent English was seen by some as an attempt to acquire class. She did not have Sen's self-confidence, his slick gift of the gab or his ability to sell ice to Eskimos, say those who knew them.

But she had the "aura of a queen bee," a word used to describe her, repeatedly. Debjani was the most important woman in Sen's life as he became fiercely ambitious for himself and spun a network of greed, lies and gullibility.

But she was not the only one. The disclosures made in the letter, leaked to the media, have since triggered a political controversy that heightens the growing disenchantment among people about Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee and her party.

A mental wreck, Saradha boss needs psychiatric help

Loot, plain and simple At the core of the crisis is a multi-level-marketing scheme — akin to a ponzi scheme — with which Sen lured small depositors in rural areas and used that money to expand his business beyond realty to education, automobiles and the media, among others. For the past five years, Sen had been on a roll.

The MLM scheme from his flagship company, Saradha Realty, enrolled thousands of sales agents across West Bengal, Assam, Jharkhand and Odisha, helped open offices in these states and brought in more than Rs. The easy money also brought with it all the vices it does. Some of them were promoted to senior executive positions in short time, sometimes in months.

They were his eyes and ears. One such person was Debjani Mukherjee, an airhostess by training who rose from the rank of a receptionist to that of a director in three years. She was arrested along with him. Such an operation, which had no sanctity and violated the law in many respects, needed social and political protection.

That is why Sen turned to investing in the media. His first pick was a Bengali television channel, Channel 10, which came to be the mouthpiece of Trinamool Congress in the run-up to the elections. Until it shut down earlier this month, senior Trinamool leaders would routinely appear in its shows. Journalists from rival papers were hired from rival publications with generous salary hikes — often twice or more than what they were previously making.

Debjani Mukherjee

That was, perhaps, the first time, Kolkata came to know of Sudipta Sen. Yet, few had had a chance to meet or see him till date. He never allowed his photographs to be published in newspapers or aired on any of his television channels. Even the journalists who had an opportunity to meet him never got to know much about the man. Except that he was a stocky man in his early fifties who spoke broken English and often wore shiny white or blue suits that were badly cut.

That he often was surrounded by men who looked like criminals. That he had a fetish for getting the office walls painted in shades of orange and cream, adorned by pictures of Ramakrishna Paramahansa, the century Hindu revivalist, and his much-reverred wife Maa Sarada after whom Sen named his companies.