Sherry birkin and jake muller relationship goals

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sherry birkin and jake muller relationship goals

With mutual goals and a mutual respect, they grew close during their ten years .. Complicated is the word that aptly summarizes their relationship. Neo- Umbrella agents abduct Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin from Edonia. Jake and Sherry eventually find a mining drill to face him on even ground. . The Bus Came Back: 26 year old Sherry Birkin, after disappearing off the A BSAA soldier late in Leon's campaign also runs over a couple of zombies Carla, using the C-Virus, comes very close to achieving her goal and wiping out civilization. "I would also like to inform you, Ms. Birkin, that the new Chief Security Advisor has been chosen. My agents will It's been a very hectic couple of months." " Ah Sherry Birkin. I was going through your reports on Jake Muller. . This big family of friends and soldiers who are all fighting for the same goal.

He glanced at Sherry. When he straightened he glanced down at Sherry, eyebrow arched when she made no move to follow. I still have to report to headquarters. His gray eyes flicked to her and then away, staring straight ahead.

Sherry waited until she heard the faint click of his door shutting before she sighed, shoulders slumping. Her pointer and index finger were at a slightly twisted, disturbing angle.

From there it was the usual overwhelming odds and life-or-death battles that all their missions seemed to disintegrate into. Jake did so much for her, and he always fought so hard, she would feel to guilty to burden him with something so minor. And it was rare for Jake to so much as get winded in battle; he had to be feeling a hundred times worse than her.

Sherry looked at her poor, twisted fingers. Sherry knew what she had to do and she took a deep steadying breath. A small sound escaped her, the beginnings of a scream, but she smothered it ruthlessly, hunching over her hand where she held it cradled to her chest. Waves of pain nearly overwhelmed her and she squeezed her eyes shut against the burn, giving a shuddering, shaky heave of breath.

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She gave a shaky smile. They were swollen, a bright, angry red. She glanced at him surreptitiously through her lashes, but he was completely focused on her injury.

His mouth was set in a firm line, but even though he was angry, there was no denying how attractive a look determined was on him. Neither spoke as he splinted her fingers, a rough-looking but efficient job. Life as a mercenary surely taught him necessary first aid, seldom as the need may have been. Sherry held her fingers close to her face, was able to move them minutely but couldn't bend them at all.

It was a good job, if not a little tight. Unsure what to do, Sherry settled for projecting as much honest appreciation as she could. He heaved himself up and met Sherry on the couch where he collapsed into it again, somehow even wearier than before. He tipped his head back as Sherry watched him cautiously and rubbed a hand over his face. It really pisses me off. The conviction in her voice made Jake freeze. His mouth opened once, closed. He was quiet for a moment, shaking his head ruefully.

He glanced back up. Sherry didn't want to jump to conclusions. It was unfair to automatically be wary of Evan just because of Simmons. Then again, she would have rather been safe than sorry. As she headed downstairs to the main lobby she caught sight of someone waiting. A smile instantly broke on her face, and she jumped the last few steps to run over to Leon. What are you doing here? I knew you would be coming to see Claire as well, so thought I could give you a ride," Leon stated, smiling.

Sherry smiled up at him. He was always the gentleman. They walked to his Jeep, and got in. Her cellphone chimed, signaling a text message. Sherry twitched a smile, pulling it from her pocket to look at it. Didn't take you one for politics, super girl. She shook her head. Jake was replying to her text of her talking to the President.

He knew it was part of her job, he was just being a smartass as always. They kept in touch after parting ways in the aftermath of Lanshiang. There was no way the two could just walk away from each other now, not after all they've been through together.

Sherry snapped her head over to look at him, holding the phone up closer to her chest as if she thought Leon read her text.

I thought I was going to have to fight him after he shoved me away from you like that back at the plane crash. But I can also tell that he really cared about you," Leon stated, glancing at her for only a moment before looking back to the road. It made sense once I found out. That you knew Wesker? She lowered her eyes. I didn't know how to go about it. I plan on telling him though…if we ever see each other again. He was the only one to have met and saw Jake besides us.

He probably thinks no one would believe him anyway. There were already other vehicles parked in the large driveway. Sherry and Leon got out of his Jeep, and headed for the front door.

Sherry made sure she had her phone on her, and grabbed the briefcase to take inside. As they walked up to the front door, Sherry turned to Leon. The new Chief Security Advisor? Get your asses in here! Sherry grinned upon seeing Claire.

sherry birkin and jake muller relationship goals

She hadn't seen her in over six months. The two women hugged, and then Claire grabbed ahold of Leon into another tight hug.

Leon returned the hug, smiling. Claire kissed his cheek, and the three of them went to join the others in the big den. Sherry didn't know anyone else, but Claire was quick to introduce her to them.

They were all people she had heard of from Claire and Leon, so she was honored. Jill sat next to her husband on one couch while Barry Burton took up a recliner next to them. He had retired years ago, but still provided support and training to new troops. His red beard was graying like his head, but though he was getting up there in age, the burly man could still fight like a soldier.

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Rebecca, dressed in a cute outfit, had her long hair pulled back into a red bandana. Sherry heard she was in charge of the medical and chemical operations within the BSAA. Everyone greeted and welcomed her as if she had always been a part of the group. This big family of friends and soldiers who are all fighting for the same goal. Sherry felt honored by their acceptance. She sometimes worried about being judged because of her parents. She should have known better to hesitate at this group.

Sherry was upset to not see Piers here. She had heard he lost his life in the underwater facility. He sacrificed himself to save Chris and the world. It was heartbreaking, because Sherry saw so much good in him. He was her age, and had died too young. She could tell that Chris was a little down, but the support of his friends and family were bringing him out.

He was starting to realize that Piers would want him to celebrate this victory. It held a USB stick. The woman who killed your squad was actually a woman named Carla Radames. It's all on there. Derek turned her into some sort of Ada clone. Had I have known this sooner, then we could have stopped her when Helena and I showed up and we fought. He then nodded his head. I'll look at this.

Get it turned in. Maybe we can help clear the real Ada's name then. She just wanted you to know the truth. Consider it her own apology. I'm sorry about Piers. Jake and I should have stayed and fight. We could have-" "Nonsense. The two of you had to save the world," Chris defended. I was willing to give my life for him.

And so was Piers. She also gave one to Leon, who took it gratefully.

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Claire raised her glass, looking solemnly at her brother. He made the ultimate sacrifice to help save this world.

He saved my brother. Because he knew just as well as we all do that Chris is still needed in this world. Afterwards, the group settled down to visit. Chris spoke a lot of Piers that night while Sherry and Leon got caught up with Claire.

She was still working with TerraSave. The organization was really busy with cleaning up the C-Virus outbreaks across the globe, mostly China. It was only Claire's high, important position within the organization that allowed her to have some time off to visit everyone.

Later that night, when it was only Chris, Jill, Leon, Claire, and herself left at the house, she got a text message from Jake. She answered her phone to read it to herself. So I found out that I was actually born in the States. My mother just left for Edonia right after that. Maybe I shouldn't hate on Uncle Sam so much then. She typed back a response.

sherry birkin and jake muller relationship goals

Considering both of your parents were a part of this country too. Does this mean you will be visiting the US anytime soon? It took only a minute to get his answer. And it made her smile and shake her head.