Resident evil leon and claire relationship questions

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This report was included in the Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles commentaries such as notes on Code Veronica and on Leon and Claire from RE2. The booklet also contains a timeline divided by year and character relationship charts. No responsibility is accepted or implied for issues between individuals or. We got the chance to play the demo for the Resident Evil 2 Remake at the Tokyo Game Show, and we came away mightily impressed. I don't think they will simply because Resident Evil is a franchise that's not about romance. We have seen some hints about possible romantic.

As mentioned above, she's retired from fighting bioterror outbreaks with guns. Hand her a gun though, and you see why she's a survivor of Raccoon City. Survivor 2 consists of hers. You lose count of how many times you missed Sherry, and in just one game. Happens again with Rani, though not to the same extent. This may also tread into Babysitter from Hell territory, since she does a complete u-turn from her Cool Big Sis attitude at the end of the game and runs off to find Chris, leaving Sherry behind with Leon.

Despite this, she seems to have come back for Sherry afterwards, since according to RE6 files she was Sherry's biggest role model and surrogate mother figure, so it can be surmised that Sherry was important to her, but her still-missing brother was even more important. Her most well known outfit in Code: Veronica has a black t-shirt that shows off her stomach. She is also the only main character in the series to wear an outfit like this as her default outfit.

Minus Party Girl since the game she's in isn't canon to the series. As well as a few of her bonus outfits. Such as the biker outfit in 2, her alternate battle game outfit also in Code Veronica, her biker outfit in Darkside Chronicles and her cowgirl outfit in Revelations 2. She does this again in the Heavenly Island Manga via tying the shirt in a knot at the side.

Near the end of Code: Veronica, after the death of Steve, the normally tough and cool Claire becomes a crying, helpless mess. Beware the Nice Ones: She's warm and compassionate, loves children, wouldn't hesitate to put her life on the line to help others, and is the only main character to take the civilian route in her fight against bioterrorism, working for an NGO that focuses on legal measures, non-violent protest, and helping victims.

She's also just as capable of kicking ass as the military-trained characters, knocked a U.

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In Code Veronica, her outfit bares her midriff but she does not have a visible belly button. Averted in later games where her bonus outfits show her stomach. Plus, in the comic adaptation of Code Veronica, sometimes a belly button can be seen on her. Well, she's more of a redhead than a brunette, but she's quite intelligent still. Sadly, only possible in gameplay very briefly in Darkside Chronicles and within the Mercenaries 3D side game.

The Bus Came Back: While she has appeared often in non-canon games like Mercenaries 3D and was the co-star of the Degeneration film, Revelations 2 is Claire's first appearance in a game in fifteen years that isn't an explicit retelling of either the Raccoon City incident RE2 or the Rockfort Island incident Code Veronica.

Her retiring from an active role in fighting bioterrorism didn't necessarily mean the action would never come to her. Romance doesn't come up often for Claire, but when it does, it always ends terribly: VeronicaSteve is nursing a blatant crush on Claire throughout the game. He gets turned into a monster by Alexia and then killed saving her, resulting in him Dying as Yourself. He turns out to have been behind the outbreaks in order to secretly drum up interest for both the T- and G-Viruses and his newly invented antivirals on the black market.

He turns out to be cutting a Deal with the Devilsacrificing the rest of Terra Save's members to Alex Wesker's twisted experiments so he can conduct terror attacks that will, he hopes, bring about the revival of the disgraced FBC. Then Alex Wesker injects him with an Uroboros sample and he turns into a deranged monster that Claire has to kill. In Code Veronica, Alfred accuses Claire of sending "her people" to attack Rockford Island, even though she insists that she had nothing to do with it.

Alfred doesn't buy it and spends the rest of the game trying to kill her without knowing that Wesker was the one behind the attacks. Claire has no official romantic entanglements, and by the time of the later games it's implied she may be partially Married to the Jobspending all her time focusing on working for Terra Save rather than dating.

On the few occasions when she does seem to have found someone, it never works out — see Cartwright Curse. Though don't assume she's helpless for it. Once again, she's always dressed in some shade of maroon-pink, even if Code: Veronica took it a bit father towards red. Not an issue in Resident Evil 2, but a major one in Code Veronica. During this game there are numerous cutscenes in which she stumbles into situations that require rescue by other characters like Steve or Chris.

Near the end of the game, she is captured by Albert Wesker, who renders her helpless through use of the Standard Female Grab Area. Although that particular instance is justified due to Wesker being a Super Soldier at that point, and strong enough to have ripped her arm off with his bare hands. Playing Chris in the second half of Resident Evil: Code Veronica X, Claire is abducted a few times and needs rescuing.

Of the four main protagonists, Claire is the only one who's really capable of effective, non-groanworthy humor. Claire, on the Tyrant in Code Veronica: She starts Revelations 2 the same way she started Code Veronica, getting captured, knocked unconscious, only this time she's injected instead of getting wacked on the head with a rifle butt. She seems to pick this up whenever Wesker is near. One of the files in Code Veronica refers to her as a "goddess of destruction," and it shows.

Claire still has the highest baseline-human body count of any of the protagonists, and her adventures tend to come hand in hand with immense amounts of property damage. She doesn't blame Steve at all when he accidently breaks a pipe containing toxic gas This happened while he was distracted looking at her while her back was turned to him.

Exposed to the Elements: Given what she's wearing in Code Veronica, she ends up in a pretty cold place, Antarctica.

resident evil leon and claire relationship questions

But doesn't complain about it since she's got other things to worry about. Plus, she also probably had no idea she'd end up in Antarctica in the first place. In Code Veronica, after being hit on the head after arriving to Rockfort Prison, there is a flashback of her infiltrating Umbrella's Paris Lab, so this is probably a dream she's having while she is unconscious on the floor of the prison.

Friend to All Children: She's great with children and very protective of them. Oddly, this trait was seemingly forgotten in Revelations 2 where the normally motherly Claire overwhelms poor Natalia with questions, though this may have just been a convenience to show that Moira is also very good with children. Likes the color pinkwears makeup, has a strong maternal streakis more openly emotional than most of the female cast, and doesn't like spiders and cockroaches.

Still, of the major female characters Claire has the most rough-and-tumble fighting style. See Good Old Fisticuffs below. Most evident in Mercenaries where, in stark contrast to Jill and RebeccaClaire's melee attacks almost solely consist of her just beating the snot out of everything in her way.

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In Degeneration, she is injured in the leg by a shard of glass after the explosion at Wilpharma's research dome, giving her a limp until the very end of the movie, but she still manages to hold her own against zombies.

She breaks down crying in Code Veronica when Steve dies. How Dare You Die on Me! Veronica, she tells Chris he better not die on her.

resident evil leon and claire relationship questions

You HAVE to make it! Don't die on me!

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And then she blew up an entire squad. The camera likes to focus on Claire's plump derriere sometimes, like in one scene in Darkside Chronicles, where the camera views Claire from behind, and moves down a bit to emphasize and show her backside. It's revealed to be from Steve's POV, as he was definitely checking her out. Between Sherry from RE2 and Rani from Degeneration, Claire is very protective of children, even if she has none of her own.

Not only did she dive into a group of zombies to save Rani, but she proceeded to bitch-slap a standing United States Senator. Married to the Job: Played with in Revelations 2, since it's all but outright stated that she has feelings for Neil, her boss at Terra Save. Her reaction in Degeneration when she discovers that Terra Save had been bullying and criticizing WilPharma when they had in fact been developing a T-virus vaccine. Subverted, as it turns out later in the film that they really are corrupt.

Code Veronica and beyond, she seems to get knocked out a lot, it's surprising she doesn't have brain damage by now. Some of her bonus outfits are pretty revealing, mostly consisting of Bare midriff outfits.

Definitley, taking care of Sherry, to saving Rodrigo's life, Even though he was the reason she was involved in the Rockfort Island and Antartica Incidents. She is one of the most compassionate characters out of all of them. Next to Leon and Rebecca, Jill, and her brother Chris. Claire starts both Code: Veronica and Revelations 2 in a jail cell with no weapons. She most certainly raised hell in the beginning of Code: The files in Resident Evil 6 mention that she spent a lot of time with Sherry while the latter was in government custody, to the point where Sherry regards Claire as her foster mother.

This seems a little strange considering she's only seven years older than Sherry, though is nonetheless heartwarming. Pre Ass Kicking One Liner: To Neil in Revelations 2, who has just mutated into an enormous monster before her eyes, which is easily three times her size: The whole world will be saved You better hope someone saves you! Files in RE6 reveal that she was suspicious of Simmons and sent a letter to Sherry warning her to be wary of him, which never made it to her.

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