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"Ratchet & Clank is a series of platform video games. with the exclusion of Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank, which were established a fantastic relationship with our friends and colleagues at Sony .. and fearing it would end up with no value by the end of the PS2, they got rid of it at the first chance. Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters is an installment in the Ratchet & Clank series . core gameplay, which it described as otherwise "solid" albeit ending too quickly. With the release of the latest Ratchet & Clank game, the franchise has received fifteen 13) Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters (, PSP) . of Destruction and A Crack in Time, ending in the reveal of Dr. Nefarious' return. . Talwyn and Max Apogee arc and focus on the relationship Ratchet has with Azimuth.

To counter this, all weapons, armor and bolts acquired so far are carried through. New sets of armor are available in Challenge Mode and there is a bolt multiplier feature included.

Weapons can also be upgraded further by purchasing "Titan" versions. There are a total of twenty-five Skill Points in the game, which are gained by performing certain tasks, the only clue to which is the name of the particular Skill Point. These will unlock cheats in the game. There are twenty Titanium Bolts to be found which can be used to buy skins for Ratchet. Plot[ edit ] While on a vacation on Pokitaru, Ratchet and Clank meet a little girl named Luna who is writing a school report on heroes.

Shortly after they meet her, Luna is kidnapped by mysterious robots. Clank then stumbles upon a mysterious artifact from an ancient race, the Technomites.

Although Ratchet is initially skeptical about their existence, Clank believes they do exist. Ratchet and Clank set out to save Luna and in the process, encounter Captain Qwarkwho is attempting to find his biological parents.

Ratchet allows him to use his ship's computer to aid in his search, in order to make him stop following them. On Kalidon, Ratchet is kidnapped by Luna, and Clank is left in a junkyard on Metalis, however Clank transforms into his Ultra-Mech form and sets off to destroy enemy troops and to save Ratchet.

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Meanwhile, Ratchet's DNA was taken in order to produce an army of clones. Other fun elements include the very dysfunctional relationship between the commentators who slander Ratchet at every turn, and the lengths the villain goes to in order to increase the ratings of the show.

Tools of Destruction isn't much more darker than Deadlocked, but the game involves a galaxy mostly conquered by an omnicidal emperor who is the last of an Always Chaotic Evil race wiped out by the lombaxes at least 50 years before the events of the first game. Said emperor is looking for the secret weapon used by the lombaxes to bring back his evil race. Meanwhile, Ratchet would learn that the lombaxes have been subjected to a genocide 20 years earlier, and he is the last known lombax left asides from Angela Cross and Alister Azimuth.

Our Lombax friend provides the page quote. Death of a Thousand Cuts: Played straight and avoided in equal measure: According to an interview with Ted Price, after making a trilogy of collect-a-thon games in the vein of Super Mario 64 and its many other imitatorsInsomniac Games realized that making yet another game like that would be a dead end in the long run, so for the first Ratchet and Clank they tried to start playing up the combat aspects of the game over just jumping around and collecting things, and they even tried to avoid calling it a platformer in development which didn't stop critics from calling it one anyway.

The sequels would continue playing up the combat aspects over the platforming, to the point where games like Ratchet: Deadlocked have almost no platforming at all, and even the re-imagining of the first game downplays the platforming in favor of combat. Nearly all weapons have some sort of corresponding NPC commentary, and every enemy dances differently when you use the Groovitron.

In the first game, you can also blow up the Captain Qwark robot at the fitness course with a well-aimed Devastator missile, even though there's no reason to return to this area past the stage of the game where you can get the Devastator. Except if you're a perfectionistas one of the skill points requires blowing the robot up. One of the Megacorp weapons facilities opens up with a guided tour of some of their rockets and missiles, where you can accompany a bunch of bots around to learn the history of Megacorp.

You can destroy each of the rockets you're seeing, and they all get destroyed in different ways. The third one, the robot version of Mr. Fizzwidget, will tell you "sent Bobo the Squirrel into space" as a test, but they never saw said squirrel again.

Blow it up and sure enough, a squirrel will appear.

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Finally, the last one launches up into space, disappearing completely. Furthermore, protecting all the tourists from the killer squirrels in the area nets you a skill point, but deliberately destroying tourists as they exit the bus the tour won't start until there's a large enough group ready to go around means you get a series of increasingly threatening warning messages.

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However, there's more to it than that. Then, later in the level, you'll encounter a very large and very tough security bot, who you will have a hard time beating with all your weapons, or it will be destroyed by the rocket that launched earlier. Disney School of Acting and Mime: The PS2 era games constantly used these kind of broad gestures and acting. This started getting downplayed in the Future era games, and the in-game cutscenes from the reimagining of the first game outright avoid it.

Captain Qwark in Size Matters. The titles are clever plays on naughty phrases. The original name for "A Crack in Time" was "Clockblockers". At one point, All 4 One was going to be called "4-Play". It was made into a trophy instead. Size Matters and the PS3 games have avoided the title changes, however, except for the removal of the "Future" from the PS3 releases.

Ratchet can, of course. Clank can do this in the PS4 re-imagining. In A Crack in Time, Clank can use his propeller while in the air up to three times. Buying the upgraded forms of your weapons. First you need to enter Challenge Mode to even have the option of seeing the upgraded form.

Then you have to get the weapon you want to upgrade to the max level in order to gain access to the upgraded form. Then you need to have enough money to actually buy the upgraded form. In addition to all of the above, you also need to collect the 3 cards in the set for each weapon to reveal the Omega form of each weapon. First, you have to find all 9 blueprints for said weapon.

Then, in order to actually build the weapon, you have to open a vault, which requires 6 keys. However, one of the keys is in possession of the Smuggler, who will exchange it for all of the Gargathon Horns on Planet Thram. The first game is basically from a whole different series from the other three PS2 main titles and the PS3 games.

The art direction is somewhat different; the lighting is brighter and the design and general aesthetic are more cartoony, unlike the sleeker, more futuristic look the series quickly adapted to. He looked up to the Solana Galaxy's greatest heroes, such as Ace Hardlight prior to disappearanceand was a keen fan of celebrity superhero Captain Qwark.

He dreamed of one day exploring the galaxy, and had been constructing a ship made of scrap metal held together by gum and rubber bands. This robot contained an infobot detailing a message from blarg Chairman Drek to the citizens of planet Novalisinforming them that Novalis would be destroyed to help him construct his new planet.

As the robot came equipped with the latest in robotic ignition systems, [3] Ratchet could now start his ship, resolved to search the galaxy with this robot, to find and ally with Captain Qwark to defeat Chairman Drek.

While leaving Veldin, Ratchet asked the robot's name, which he gave as B, though Ratchet instead named him Clank after he hit the side of the ship. When the two completed the training course on Umbris, Qwark offered them a position at his side to step into the "Ring of Heroes", a trap that Ratchet was suspicious of, but that Clank walked into.

Qwark betrayed them, revealing he was working for Drek as a spokesperson for his new world, and left them to die to his pet blargian snagglebeast.

After defeating it, Ratchet became angry towards Clank over this, and vowed only to seek revenge against Qwark, mostly unconcerned with Drek's plan. However, as Ratchet still required a robotic ignition system to fly a starship, Clank offered him an ultimatum that he would only start Ratchet's ships if he agreed to help planets under threat from Drek, starting with helping the Commando on planet Batalia.

Ratchet, on planet Batalia The two later confronted Qwark and shot down his spaceship at the Gemlik Base in the orbit of planet Oltanis. After celebrating in Qwark's defeat, an infobot showed the extent of the damage the blarg were doing under Drek to Gorda City on Oltanis' surface, prompting a change of heart in Ratchet, in which he made peace with and apologized to Clank, now determined to stop Drek. While exploring QuartuRatchet learned that Drek was going to use a weapon called the Deplanetizer to destroy planet Veldin so that his new planet could replace Veldin's orbital position in the star system.

This enraged Ratchet, driving him to seek vengeance and defeat Drek. He eventually confronted Drek over the Deplanetizer on Veldin, and the two defeated Drek by propelling him to his new world, and destroying it with the Deplanetizer while he was still on the planet.

After this, Ratchet and Clank did not part ways, and the two bonded to become lifelong friends. The re-imagined game describe Captain Qwark 's account of events, while the re-imagined film is an in-universe holofilm. As Qwark is an unreliable narrator, and the holofilm is fiction, any events that contradict the original are non-canon though those which correspond still apply. Grimroth, with Ratchet as an infant. In Qwark's retelling and the holofilm, Ratchet's story is slightly different.

Ratchet begins on Veldin in the garage of Grimroth Razzhis boss, where he is a reckless mechanic who installs unnecessary modifications on ships after clients only requested a repair, who dreams of greater things and idolizes the Galactic Rangers. When Captain Qwark and the Rangers host tryouts on the planet looking for a new recruit in the wake of Chairman Drek's destruction of planets, Ratchet convinces Grimroth Razz to allow him to participate in the tryouts, only to be rejected by Qwark, due to his reckless past and his inexperience.

Returning home solemn, Ratchet then spotted a ship crash land from the sky, and investigated it to recover the robot inside, whom he nicknamed Clank. Ratchet, eager to help, claimed to be a friend of the Rangers, and the two set off to the city.

After crash landing on Novalis, where the Plumber repaired his ship, [5] Ratchet arrived on Kerwan, and made use of the Mag Booster he installed on his ship to propel warbots into a Class G Dreadshipand stopped the invasion.

Ratchet landed on the planet to applause, and after being put on the spot by interviewer Dallas WanamakerQwark made Ratchet a Ranger, giving him a training course, and granting him a protosuit and a new starship. As well as rescuing Skidd McMarx on Aridia and competing in Rilgar's hoverboard races, Ratchet took on many missions for the Galactic Rangers, including investigating the Blarg Tactical Research Station and planet Gaspar for new equipment, as well as fighting on planet Batalia.