Princess diana and hasnat khan relationship help

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princess diana and hasnat khan relationship help

In an exclusive interview, Dr Hasnat Khan - the one true love of Diana's life - talks about their intimate relationship. 11 Secrets You Never Knew About Princess Diana’s Love Affair. We give you an intimate look at the man who stole Princess Diana’s heart and their private relationship. Princess Diana reportedly had her fair share of fleeting affairs, but there was only one man she fell head over. Princess Diana fans know that after her marriage with Prince Charles ended, she was in a relationship with Hasnat Khan. Now, new details She didn't think he would be the best person to help co-parent William and Harry.".

While the prospect of making a new life with him was a tantalising vision, her single-minded focus was unnerving for the unassuming surgeon.

She was intense and obsessive, and her neediness was as demanding as it was compulsive. She would follow him on his rounds and even watched him perform heart operations, on one occasion allowing herself to be filmed in the operating theatre.

princess diana and hasnat khan relationship help

This lead to widespread ridicule from the media, who were baffled by her behaviour. Debbie Frank, her friend and astrologer, recalls: While Dr Khan found no allure in the princess as a celebrity, the altruistic, caring woman who was unafraid to take on difficult causes was quite another matter.

This was the tension at the heart of their relationship, the conflict between her public persona that attracted unwanted attention, and the private princess.

princess diana and hasnat khan relationship help

It was becoming clear that Dr Khan felt constrained by the curse of celebrity, the conflicting demands of the princess and his career, and by their cultural and religious divide.

More than that, he had a fear of commitment, having already been engaged twice and calling off the nuptials at a late stage. His eventual marriage in lasted barely 18 months. Dr Khan realised that if they married, they would have to live in Pakistan to have any chance of a normal life together.

There was no way the Queen or Prince Charles would have allowed the heir to the throne to be raised abroad for any length of time. Dr Khan said last year: Everyone wants a relationship to be going somewhere.

Princess Diana was 'madly in love' with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan

She said her final farewells. Her publicity-seeking behaviour was, say her girlfriends, targeted at just one man: Of course, we will never know her real motives. It is part of the mystery that remains Diana. Certainly her romance with Dr Khan was highly unusual, although she had long since thrown away the handbook on how to be a conventional princess.

You put great people up as high as possible.

princess diana and hasnat khan relationship help

He married year-old Hadia Sher Ali, a Pakistani descendant from Afghan royalty, in a lavish ceremony in Pakistan last year. Whether she found it impossible to follow in the Princess's formidable footsteps as his lover, or whether Diana cast a shadow over their relationship even in death, he will not say. I really cannot tell you what all these reasons were. These days Dr Khan spends most of his time working as a surgeon in Malaysia. When he is in Pakistan, he lives in his own spacious yet modestly decorated colonial-style house in Jehlum, the arid central Punjab district that is a two-hour drive from the Pakistani capital of Islamabad.

It could not be more different from the small but chic Chelsea flat he lived in while working in Britain. His other family members, including his sister, live in the surrounding housing "colony", which also has servant quarters.

The Khans are deeply religious, and his wall-hangings include a painting that has an inscription of verses from the Koran. Dr Khan, who left Britain last November, pursued his relationship with Diana from She stayed at his central London home, and he at her apartment in Kensington Palace. They always tried to keep their relationship secret, however.

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It is understood that at one point the Princess was so smitten with Dr Khan that she contemplated converting to Islam so they could marry. Yet she abandoned the idea when he decided their relationship could not work in the long term. Although Dr Khan will not talk about why their affair ended, his father - who graduated from the London School of Economics in - gave an insight into the reasons in an interview with this newspaper last year.

Abdul Rasheed Khan said that his son had told the family: We are culturally so different from each other. She is from Venus and I am from Mars. If it ever happened, it would be like a marriage from two different planets. He returned to Pakistan and hopes to set up a hospital in Jehlum.

He says he has not been asked to appear as a witness at the current inquest; he never met Dodi Fayed and can shed no light on how the couple died in a car crash in Paris in the early hours of August 31, I do not know what else I can say.

Princess Diana's former lover Dr Hasnat Khan says new film is based on 'hypotheses and gossip'

I really hope that everybody will be allowed to move forward. The surgeon told officers that the Princess had considered moving to Pakistan after he had told her it was the "only way he could see them having any sort of a normal life together". She even went to Pakistan to speak to Jemima Khan about life there.

However, after a while she no longer talked about Pakistan and although she did not actually say so, Hasnat Khan got the impression that she no longer considered living there a possibility. He believed that she wanted to get married but had not thought about the implications.

princess diana and hasnat khan relationship help

They had an argument about it. In the past, Mohammed Fayed, Dodi's father, has insisted that his son and the Princess intended to marry. Mr Fayed has claimed that the couple were murdered by MI6, the intelligence service, on the instructions of the Royal Family, notably Prince Philip, in order to prevent them from marrying.

princess diana and hasnat khan relationship help