Peter pan and tinkerbell relationship fanfiction

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peter pan and tinkerbell relationship fanfiction

A pissed off Tinker Bell shows Pan she's just as good as Wendy. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Humor - Peter Pan, Tinkerbell. Peter Pan fanfiction) by constelllating with reads. romance, neverland, love. Poor Tinkerbell, not even does Peter appreciate her enough right now like. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Angst - J. Hook - Words: 3, Tinkerbell had finally made her decision to tell Captain Hook where Peter was hiding. Are you honestly going to give me the whereabouts of Peter Pan?.

No one except Tinker Bell had ever been there before. Once they reached it, Pan quickly removed his tights and lay down in his shady bower. Tinker Bell's eyes widened in shock. Instead of a rock hard column of flesh, Pan's little Peter was simply little. She floated over to it and shook her butt; sprinkling pixie dust, hoping that would make it go up, but it didn't work much to her disgust.

Puffing out her cheeks, she landed none too gently on her would-be lover's stomach and quickly shimmied out of her little green dress and panties. Naked, Tinker Bell wrapped her arms and legs around Pan's little Peter and attempted to pump it, by flying up and down.

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Just when she was about to give up, Tinker Bell felt it start to harden. Twinkling happily, she continued to do as she had, with the extra added benefit that things were beginning to feel really good between her legs. By flying around his Peter as she pumped, Tinker Bell had effectively greased his pole. Now all she needed to do was fly upwards so she could slide down, adding little bits of her wetness whenever she needed it.

Pan couldn't believe how good the little fairy was.

Peter hid in the clouds to make sure the coast was clear, Peter saw no threats and flew down, and into a tree, he stood on a high branch that looked over almost all of the island. Tinkerbell smiled because the island was beautiful. Peter grinned and screamed as he flew into the air, "Tinkerbell! We have discovered…" Peter had been cut off by another voice that he had never heard.

peter pan and tinkerbell relationship fanfiction

Now who goes there? Peter was startled and went back to his original branch. Peter only heard a voice similar to that before; the voice sounded feminine and girly. And who are you missy? Peter watched from the branch as a girl flew out of a tree and onto the ground. You may come down now. Peter tilted his head and studied the Nova. She had a brown and leafy dress with a belt and knee-high boots with the same shade of brown as her dress. Her dress was slightly higher than Tinkerbell's dress on her body.

The girl had deep dark blue eyes, and light brown with blonde in it as well. Peter eyed her and Tinkerbell saw his face. She knew what his face meant, it's the 'I-like-what-I-see' kind of stare, and Tinkerbell didn't like this girl already.

Nova walked over to Peter and whispered in his ear, "Are you working for Brit the Buccaneer? Peter shook his head at Nova, "No, I'm just Peter. I came from Neverland in search for an adventure. Wow, you're really pretty. Peter stood again in front of her, as she waited patiently, arms at her sides so her auburn haired friend could see.

She was older than him - not much, but her knowledge of anatomy and intimacy was far greater than his own. He was a child, no one had taught him such things, and why would he need to know them?

He wouldn't grow up, and only children came to Neverland. Leaning over, Peter frowned, staring at the strain of the shirt as it pulled over her chest. Some of the lost boys get bumps like this but yours are really big - how did that happen? Tinkerbell dropped her hands from her laughing mouth and clasped them behind her as she began to explain the difference between an injury bump and the two on her chest. I still don't get it Tinkerbell, needless to say, was rather surprised.

She hadn't at all suspected her friend would decide to prod her breast to test what it was and how it felt. She smiled, shaking her head as Peter squinted one eye closed, his tongue poking out of the side of his mouth as he stretched his hand to her again, looking as though her breast may simply swallow his hand with its malleable consistency.

Peter cautiously planted his hand on the mound, watching it move under the different pressures he was applying.

peter pan and tinkerbell relationship fanfiction

I wanted to see if I could get you to come! She's a girl fairy! What is she doing in your shirt! Tinkerbell snatched her arm away and crossed both over her chest.

I was the very first Lost Girl! You're kidding no one Peter Pan! I know what happened! Of course you do! I just told you! You and Tinkerbell - you had sex! What's she talking about, Tink?

Why haven't we done that? Should she say no, and be morally right? Or say yes, and get what she wanted, but also gave Peter something he didn't understand?