Oprah and her sister patricia relationship

Oprah's Half Sister Opens Up About Their Relationship

oprah and her sister patricia relationship

The relationship between the women was complicated from the start. . In , Oprah found out she had a half-sister, Patricia, whom Lee. The day Oprah's half-sister, Patricia Lee, was interviewed for "Oprah: Where “ That was a new experience for me, to be in a relationship with. Oprah Winfrey surprises half-sister Pat at her college graduation in Wisconsin. When Oprah Winfrey learned she had a long-lost half-sister and that her dream was to graduate from college, the media mogul took steps to make that dream a reality. She bought Patricia Lofton a half.


He would take nothing less. And so I have provided a great economic life for both my parents. Lee appeared on her show, on one occasion getting a makeover with a lot of input from Oprah.

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Lee was interviewed through the years — and it seemed as if their complicated history was rewritten along the way. The sacrifice that that requires, day in and day out, to give up yourself is a lot.

oprah and her sister patricia relationship

Oprah looked for her own mother figure elsewhere, later considering famed poet Maya Angelou a mother, mentor and sister. And having decided not to have any more children herself, she has acted as a mother figure to the girls at her leadership academy in South Africa.

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Love knows no boundaries. While Winfrey seemingly embraced her sister within a few months of knowing her, Belkin cautions others to take as much time as they need to decide how they will proceed once they know the truth.

oprah and her sister patricia relationship

Mary DeMuth, author of "Defiance Texas Trilogy," a three-book fiction series on family secrets, and a memoir, "Thin Places," said that people today are much more willing to share secrets freely.

DeMuth's research into family secrets led her to create a blog where people can anonymously write about their family secrets. Since its inception inthe blog has had nearly postings of secrets revealed. You still have the decision to make of either moving forward or not. And it wasn't until nearly 20 years after that brief introduction that she decided to reunite with her stepbrother.

Comment required May 27, 9: But one subject has always been off limits: Kelley has vowed to deliver news on the woman most Americans view as an open book.

oprah and her sister patricia relationship

But those details that have already been made public are shocking enough. Winfrey was born in to Vernita Lee and Vernon Winfrey, who had a brief fling but never married.

oprah and her sister patricia relationship

She was initially raised on the Mississippi pig farm of her maternal grandmother, Hattie Mae Lee. Amenities like running water and electricity were scarce, but there was plenty of space, something the driven 6-year-old girl desperately missed when she was sent to Milwaukee to join her mom and half-siblings, Patricia and Jeffrey, in their cramped apartment.

In that neglectful environment, as her mom juggled odd jobs and went on and off welfare, Oprah had no defense against a sly sexual predator — a year-old cousin who raped her.