Nana and takumi relationship help

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nana and takumi relationship help

Nana and Ren were in the same group once, but Ren was offered a chance to first sight, Hachi has always depended on other people to help her, especially her high The two begin a romantic relationship, though it isn't an ideal romance . Even though Hachi and Takumi's relationship was on the brink of termination, it's still a Sure it's one of the reasons, but the main reason I support those two. Do you like Takumi's character and the relationship that Nana K. and he have I do think Takumi loves Nana (whether he's in love with her will.

He is actually 15 despite looking tall and mature. Sometimes, Shin wishes that he was never born because of his dysfunctional family. Because Shin runs away from home and needs money, he moonlights as a prostitute.

He eventually falls in love with one of his clients, Layla Serizawa. At first, these two had a prostitute and client relationship. Layla was tired of being alone so when Shin gave her his business card, she took up the chance and asked him to spend the night with her. He started to gain an interest in her even though it seemed like Shin was just teasing Layla.

I believe Shin started to fall in love with Layla when he saw her working on a song for Trapnest. He watched her as she sang her heart out and cried that night.

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With that, he realized how pure and broken Layla was. She started to pour her heart to him. I think that this triggered Shin to want to genuinely take care of Layla and make her cheerful.

nana and takumi relationship help

Layla wore a fake mask over her face and heart to hide her sorrow. Shin tried to get rid of the misery in her heart so she could take mask off. As I said before, Takumi and many others put pressure onto Layla because she was the face of Trapnest. If her image was sullied, then Trapnest could potentially fall. More than anything, Layla wants to be free from her expectations, but she has to put a figurative mask on.

nana and takumi relationship help

Shin frees her from some of her misery by being someone she can talk to freely. Nana Komatsu Nana Komatsu is one of the leads in the anime. She has personal connections to both the Black Stones and Trapnest.

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Throughout her life, Nana searches for true love. She gets cheated on by her long-time boyfriend Shoji Endo and then has a fling with Takumi Ichinose. He comes from a rich family that owns an inn. Nobu is very passionate about music. After seeing Nana Komatsu struggle with finding the love her life, Nobuo starts to develop feelings for her. Eventually, the two start dating but then they fall apart when Nana gets pregnant by Takumi. I know that many people wished that Nana ended up with Nobuo instead of Takumi.

Nana needs constant care and attention.

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Since Takumi was obviously not giving her enough, she ran to a guy who she knew would. That guy would be Nobuo. Why did Nobuo even get attracted to a girl like Nana? I felt like he only did because he wanted to take care of Nana to make himself feel better. From my view, Nobuo is in love with the idea of love. He sees love as a way to support another and to keep himself happy.

This is proven when Nana Osaki later confronts him near the end of the anime. He leaves behind all of his romantic feelings toward Nana Komatsu to fall in love with a different broken girl. Meanwhile, Nana is a hopeless romantic. She wants to completely submerge herself in love but at the same time, she wants to show that she can be independent. She debates whether she wants to chase after Takumi or stay with Nobuo. After all, she was shown to be flirting with other guys even though she had a boyfriend.

Over the course of the manga, Hachi develops a huge, somewhat ridiculous hero-worshipping crush on rock-star Nana. And so, in this sequence, when the worst ha happened, Hachi does what mothers often do, and sacrifices herself for her baby.

It reminds me a little of my mother-in-law, who, like Hachi, is in many ways, infuriatingly flighty, and who, like Hachi, married too young. Yet, when my father-in-law that man she married was dying of brain cancer, she fed him and cleaned him and struggled tirelessly with a series of indifferent doctors and hospitals to get him the best possible care. Watching her was more than a little awe-inspiring. Nobody takes her up on her interview offer…and indeed, Nana is swept out of the car too quickly for anyone to really get at her, it seems like.

Life is filled with such blind alleys, of course, where the narratives sputter and stall and then go on; where the storyteller seems to have abandoned her work. Nana, certainly, is as insistently artificial as any soap opera melodrama, packed with tell-tale and impossible coincidences. On the micro level, the two protagonists have the same name; on the macro level, everybody in the manga either becomes a rock star or marries one.

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In an aspect, he sees Reira as a product as well; a commodity He made her famous, he sees her as something precious, similar to his job. It's something he excels at, and thus his love for Reira is similar to his love for his job. I think that's why he views her as perfect in that way, because it's something he created.

I doubt creating fake illusions of her in his head means love, or that is proof of his love. Again, Takumi's brutally honest.

nana and takumi relationship help

However, that still doesn't explain why he wouldn't make her fully happy hoping to keep her by his side as a "product" by staying by her side. Maybe he sees that as too icky being "big brother" and all. Takumi and Hachi share chemistry, and maybe that's what makes their relationship so worthy.

However, it's so flawed it's sad. Takumi gets so much play from women and Hachi reluctantly watches from the sidelines. I doubt Takumi could ever "settle" with Hachi.

It's just not in his book. If I could imagine Hachi and Takumi in a happy, healthy, all-around awesome relationship, I'd find that contrived and absurd. Sure love doesn't mean perfection, but when flaws get in the way of love then love can't find itself anymore.

Takumi and Reira I could picture, but they have no ending together because Takumi just doesn't love Reira in that way.

I believe Takumi is selfish, he wouldn't sacrifice himself to stay with Hachi. Even if they're connected on paper, they aren't in actuality. They're far apart, each with one children. He isn't staying with his family all that much.

He can easily splinter with Hachi and stay with Reira, but he doesn't. His love for family means love for children and Hachi, but that doesn't mean they have to BE a family.