Mosses and trees relationship poems

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By Stanley Moss. In Canada, on a dark afternoon,. from a cabin beside Lake Purgatory. I saw your two clenched fists in a tree—. your most recent rage—until I . 14 quotes have been tagged as moss: Robin Wall Kimmerer: 'There is an ancient swaying trees and dancing leaves is the best way to view nature's museum. he's as high as a georgia pine, my father'd say, half laughing. southern trees. one hundred degrees in the shade: we settle into still pools of humidity, moss-.

mosses and trees relationship poems

Chickpea, continue to boil in suffering, so that no self may remain in you. Though once you laughed in the garden of earth, you now are the rose of the garden of spirit, you now are the eye of spirit. Once you are torn from the garden of water and earth, you may become food, and thereby enter the living world.

Become nourishment, strength and thought! Once you were sap; now become a lion in the jungle!

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You came from the cloud and the sun and sky, then scattered and ascended to heaven. You came as rain and heat; you will return into the Divine attributes. You were part of the sun and the cloud and the stars. You became soul and action and speech and thoughts. A morsel of food becomes food for humanity, rises from its inanimate state and obtains a soul.

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The caravan of spirit travels constantly between earth and heaven. Join it gladly and freely, not bitterly and full of hatred, like a thief. I speak bitter words to you so you may be washed clean of bitterness. The frozen grape thaws in the cold water and leaves its coldness and hardness behind.

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When you endure bitterness, your heart will fill with blood like the grape, and you will be freed from all bitterness. A dog not kept for hunting wears no collar; the raw and unboiled are nothing but insipid. By this boiling you elevate me.

mosses and trees relationship poems

Hit me with the spoon; delight me! Like the elephant, strike me and brand my head, that I may not dream of the gardens of Hindustan. Let me gladly submit to this boiling that I may be embraced by the Beloved. Men and women, imagining themselves free, grow insolent and hostile, like the dreaming elephant.

When the elephant dreams of Hindustan, he disobeys the driver and becomes vicious. This was the Amazon jungle as seen from the back of a harpy eagle.

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She rode her eye above the surprising landscape, following its paths in every direction. Here were rich, abundant valleys filled with tiny trees of braided mermaid hair and minuscule, tangled vines.

Here were barely visible tributaries running through that jungle, and here was a miniature ocean in a depression in the center of the boulder, where all the water pooled. Just across this ocean- which was half the size of Alma's shawl- she found another continent of moss altogether. On this new continent, everything was different.

mosses and trees relationship poems

This corner of the boulder must receive more sunlight than the other, she surmised. Or slightly less rain?

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In any case, this was a new climate entirely. Here, the moss grew in mountain ranges the length of Alma's arms, in elegant, pine tree-shaped clusters of darker, more somber green.

On another quadrant of the same boulder still, she found patches of infinitesimally small deserts, inhabited by some kind of sturdy, dry, flaking moss that had the appearance of cactus. Elsewhere, she found deep, diminutive fjords- so deep that, incredibly, even now in the month of June- the mosses within were still chilled by lingering traces of winter ice.

But she also found warm estuaries, miniature cathedrals, and limestone caves the size of her thumb.

Then Alma lifted her face and saw what was before her- dozens more such boulders, more than she could count, each one similarly carpeted, each one subtly different.

She felt herself growing breathless.