Merlin arthur and gwen relationship problems - Gwen and Arthur had NO chemistry

merlin arthur and gwen relationship problems

They barely spoke, Arthur didn't even notice Gwen existed and she Admiring him for persevering to save Merlin's life and for catching on so .. nod and kiss her husband, but to be a real partner, sharing advice with her king. Relationships: daughter of Tom the blacksmith In the season finale of series 4, Gwen and Arthur finally get married, after Arthur general time period in which Merlin is set, as well as the problematic issue of singling out her. When Merlin, Morgana, Arthur and Gwen traveled to Ealdor to defend it against idea that Gwen fell in love with Arthur because Gwen chose not to share her problems . When Gwen goes to kiss Arthur, they are interrupted when Uther and.

In fact I wouldn't say that there was ANY overt romance in their first outing for the show. More just tiny bits here and there.

merlin arthur and gwen relationship problems

Uther talked about Igraine being his 'heart' so that was a bit I suppose but it was just a mention, and then of course there is Lancelot's crush on Gwen, but that was pretty brief too considering he only had the one episode, though the writers definitely made you aware he was attracted to her and she was charmed by his noble attitude. So I actually don't know how 'Merlin' would handle a little mini-romance arc.

I would like in the next season to see them really start to be friends, and maybe even have Gwen give him little pep talks now and again, she seems good at that. She also seems to care a great deal about what is right, fair and just. So that could be something to play into the relationship.

I feel like they are sort of building her to be the kind of queen that wouldn't just be there to smile and nod and kiss her husband, but to be a real partner, sharing advice with her king.

Last edited by LovelyLoisLane; at When it began, for all its flashy production values, Merlin basically told the same story every week.

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A disgruntled sorcerer would sneak into Camelot, angered by King Uther's hawkish anti-magic stance, and try to kill Prince Arthur. Then Merlin would save Arthur at the last minute with some furtive magic and go home to Richard Wilson, who would inevitably feed him some bad food. Someone would fart, there would be a sad trombone noise and that would be that. But gradually, as it found its feet, Merlin stopped this listless wheel-spinning and started moving things on.

Morgana, the previously insipid peripheral character, turned into Robert Smith from the Cure and kept trying to murder everyone. The Round Table was created. And at this precise moment in time, Merlin is better than it has ever been. It has moved on from its shaky start and transformed into a brilliant kind of Poundland Game of Thrones.

I assumed that there was so much more to look forward to. King Arthur's acceptance of sorcery. The quest for the Holy Grail. Mordred's rise to power. But one stopped panicking. Welcome to the family brother! I love you, Guinevere! Don't do this to me, Arthur! I'm the best man! Everyone but her husband instantly shut their mouths. Even Gwaine stopped whining.

Merlin stopped for a moment but started begging again. Because if it is, I can explain, I was born with it! I'm Emrys, the most powerful warlock ever in existence and I'm the last dragonlord too!

merlin arthur and gwen relationship problems

Gaius' eyes widened in horror. Oh, you can tell Morgana. Gaius had a heart attack. Don't worry about him, I'd worry about you," Gwen said. Her brother didn't even have the decency to tell her who her lucky man was. He'd been hanging around her way too long, to have become this cruel. No, it was Uther's fault.

merlin arthur and gwen relationship problems

After all they were father and son. He wasn't her father, Gorlois was, so Arthur wasn't her brother.

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I have gathered you all here today to tell you of the solution to my problems. As you all know, my sister, the Lady Morgana was captured a week ago. Despite all she has done, she is my blood, a Pendragon, so I cannot kill her," Arthur declared. The crowd booed, very disappointed that the witch wouldn't be executed for her crimes and acts of treason against the crown. We are much too close for that. Who was this mysterious friend of the King's, who happened to be a sorcerer?

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A knight, a Lord of the court? They will be bound together for eternity, doomed to live together forever. Of course it would be hell to be married to the witch, but surely, it wasn't the most befitting punishment for sorcery was it? Morgana stared at her healing bracelet, tears of sorrow falling from her eyes. This would take her one step away from seizing the throne of Camelot. No doubt, her brother, no the man she grew up with — he was NOT her brother, had chosen an annoying husband for her.

One that would get in the way of her scheming, one that would be a constant thorn in her side Her eyes widened in horror. What if it was HIM? He who betrayed her, made her drink poison, killed her like a coward, he who she once lo- liked. Her bane, her doom, her destiny. No, not him, anyone but him.

Hell, she'd even marry Gwaine rather than Merlin. She'd rather die than marry her doom. I'll just stay here Merlin saw this and immediately jumped off his horse, running to her.

Unfortunately, he forgot to tie the horse to a tree and it escaped.

merlin arthur and gwen relationship problems

Before she could turn around, he put his arms around her waist and picked her up. She was shocked by this action. He grabbed the horn from her grasp.

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Merlin also forgot that he'd have to be going back to the castle on the SAME horse as Morgana's, as his had escaped. A few maids were struggling to get Morgana ready for her wedding.

merlin arthur and gwen relationship problems

Not many women actually had a choice in marriage. Gwen was very lucky indeed.