Malvolio and olivia relationship

malvolio and olivia relationship

Oct 29, They are both sentimental and where Olivia sends Malvolio to 'run after The true extent of Sir Toby and Maria's relationship is not apparent. Malvolio - The straitlaced steward—or head servant—in the household of Lady Olivia. Malvolio is very efficient but also very self-righteous, and he has a poor. Jan 27, Immediately Olivia asks Malvolio for his support 'What thinks you of this fool Malvolio'. Shakespeare establishes that Olivia shows trust in.

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He has aspirations far above his rank, which seem to justify what the other characters have planned for him: He manages to personally offend each of the people hiding there in the bushes, which only go to spur them on the more.

Upon discovering the letter Malvolio is immediately drawn in. His readiness to believe that she loves him is conceited and this, along with the fact that he has overstepped his position on several occasions, only goes to make the joke funnier.

When he appears before Olivia, smiling maniacally, wearing yellow stockings and being cross-gartered you realise how out of character the letter has compelled him to be. However, he does this because he believes Olivia loves him and he goes through with the instructions out of care for her. He is kept in a dark cell, treated like an object and made to think that he really is mad: Throughout his torment, however, Olivia remains concerned for him and her affection for her steward is probably the truest she feels in the whole play.

I feel that Malvolio has taken up the role of brother and father for Olivia and this is why she is so anxious for his welfare: He opens the play with a famous declaration of love: He is consequently established as a lover of profligate proportions, indulging his hyperbolic passion for a woman who has made it obvious she is not interested.

Olivia and Malvolio

It is apparent that he does not know Olivia as an individual: His love is utterly self-absorbed as he is more concerned with himself as a lover than with the alleged object of his love, thus suggesting he is narcissistic. After this intimate discussion with Viola, Orsino does not appear again until the end of the play and by this time, his emotional reliance on Cesario has obscured his love for Olivia.

The proposed marriage between Olivia and Cesario shocks Orsino into a declaration of love. However, this time not the usual and self-indulgent idioms of his love for Olivia but a dynamic, fervent, violent desire for Cesario: There is, however, a lingering sense that it was the boy Cesario who Orsino fell in love with.

His final words to his bride stress the homoerotic foundations of their relationship: However, in this scene he shows how he has been educated out of narcissistic infatuation and into a relationship based on mutual intimacy.

malvolio and olivia relationship

When we are introduced to her she is mourning the loss of her brother and has vowed to deny the love of any man for seven years: The veil she wears is a fitting symbol: When Olivia first meets Cesario in I. This is also evidence that Olivia really is driven by external appearances.

Twelfth Night - Malvolio and Olivia

There are some parallels between Olivia and Orsino, the principal one being that they both fall in love with Viola. They both equate love with sickness: Such trinkets can only be seen as sentimental. Our first encounter with Viola is on the shores of Illyria, believing her beloved twin brother lost in the shipwreck.

malvolio and olivia relationship

Olivia and Malvolio Page history last edited by aheglund knights. Reclaiming the Humor in Malvolio's Downfall," Malvolio is a steward in Olivia's house, and he seeks her attention both as an employee and as a potential husband.

Kemper says that in Shakespeare's time much like in our own there was some concern with the disintegration of the feudal system and the many people that had been left out of work because of this economic downturn. For Malvolio, this would have created a fairly large amount of stress for him over loosing his job, leading to both tension between him and others in Olivia's household and a desire to secure his position in Olivia's household by marrying her Malvolio's character isn't really liked by anyone in the play, and, as Kemper reminds us, he is seen as a haughty, proud and hypocritical puritan It is for this reason that Sir Toby and his cohorts decide to play a little trick on him.

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Malvolio comes to Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, Feste and Maria as they are drinking and joking around and tells them that Olivia will have no more of their foolishness in her house, and that if they didn't stop such foolishness, he would have to report them to her and have them kicked out. Of course, Sir Toby and his friends weren't particularly pleased with this kill-joy, and so they decide to have a little bit of fun with him.

Maria says that since her handwriting is practically indistinguishable from Olivia's, she will write a letter to Malvolio pretending to be in love with him. Since Malvolio will think that the letter is from a love-sick Olivia, Maria is confident that she can convince him to do anything.

The Various Forms of Love in Twelfth Night Essay

In her letter, Maria tells Malvolio to dress in yellow stockings and cross-garters, both of which she knows Olivia detests, and not only is he to dress like a fool, but he is to act as one too. And so, as pictured above, Malvolio appears to Olivia in all his yellow-stockinged, cross-gartered glory as a smiling idiot. Everyone, including Olivia, is very entertained by Malvolio's foolishness.