Luffy and sanji relationship trust

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luffy and sanji relationship trust

When forced to agree with the marriage with Pudding for the sake of his loved .. Sanji and Luffy have a great trust in each other as seen most recently when. What is the relationship between Luffy and Nami in One Piece? . If anything it it was a gesture to show his trust, even though Nami betrayed them, it meant that. But when it comes to his and Sanji's relationships what I have noticed take care of his own business but also that Luffy has strong trust in him.

We understand where Luffy comes from perfectly and can see how a lot of his reactions and actions stem from his past. Zoro — Zoro and Luffy have a strong bond of trust between each other that I really admire, but Zoro is also there as a support and as someone that can push Luffy in the right direction. I also think that Zoro understands Luffy pretty well, even though they both definitely view and deal with a lot of things very differently.

Relationship between Sanji and Luffy | ONE PIECE GOLD

I feel like Oda should take a look back and perhaps remember how funny Zoro and Luffy can be together, because even though I love the strong bond they have I really miss their less serious interactions a lot.

That is their foundation, but they also see things very differently which causes Nami a lot of worry and trouble. Nami nagging Luffy and trying her best to control him but failing has slowly turned into her just simply giving up in trying to talk her captain out of things. Basically her fists are one of few things that can actually tame Luffy. I really like their relationship and think that Nami and Luffy together can be pretty funny, but I prefer their serious moments together.

luffy and sanji relationship trust

I like that Oda keeps showing this even after Arlong Park, instead of just leaving it at that. There is so much trust and caring between them, but definitely a lot less of understanding on a general level compared to between Zoro and Luffy for example.

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Usopp — Putting Usopp and Luffy together will always be hilarious. It showed both of theirs weaknesses and flaws, but they also really grew as characters because of their fight. Usopp almost idolizes Luffy at times, and probably felt very lacking in comparison, but they also have a very easy-going type of relationship. They are like brothers who have tons of fun together and the gags that come out of their differences — aka Usopp being scared vs Luffy being reckless — are some of the best in the manga.

One of my personal favorite duos in the crew and definitely both a well-developed and fun to watch relationship. Sanji — Another strong bond and a relationship that also has gotten a lot of development in the recent arc. He sees Luffy as his captain and looks up to him a lot, but he also seems to be the one in the crew that controls Luffy the most besides perhaps Nami.

Either way I find the moments of Sanji reprimanding Luffy really funny, but I again really love when they show the trust they have for each other. It makes their development almost seem private, and in a way it is, because Luffy is definitely the person that Sanji has allowed to get the closest to him. They are both dreamers and I think these two in particular have been connected because of their dreams, which is something Oda focused a lot on in the Baratie arc.

Luffy knows Sanji really well and I think the way he more than anything wants Sanji to see his own worth is really great. I also love the fact that Sanji is the one Luffy compliments the most and how well Oda showed in this arc how important Sanji really is to him. The way he manages to get past Choppers protective walls and truly show Chopper that there is a place for him together with the strawhats is probably my favorite introduction arc out of the whole crew. The two of them having fun together and the way Luffy teases Chopper is really just cute to watch.

They share a lot of similarities because of their younger age and fun-loving nature, and also how they both like food and sweets so much. Luffy then sighed, "Is that so…" suddenly his face turned into a happy grin, "Well, as long as everyone is okay. Wa…wait the minute, where's Robin? I swear I'll kill you. And stop that gentlement crap, it's making me sick! And their captain was giving them no help by laughing on the situation of his crew. With all the loud and annoying noises around the going no merry ship, Robin was sleeping peacefully on her bed while smiling in happiness to be around her true friends and family.

The sun had finally set down, leaving the sky turned into darkness with stars. Luffy was staring at the sky, trying to count the number of the stars in the sky. Luffy chuckled, "Well, couldn't help it, I'm bored.

Nami then sat next to Luffy while staring at the star, "You know Luffy, I'm glad you're okay. Nami then look at Luffy's annoyed face, she chuckled, "Adorable. I mean how many times have we been doing this kind of get together secretly. And this is the only time I will act all lovy-dovy around you.

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Nami giggled, "True, ever since we told each other our true feeling, we've been like this ever since we arrived on Alabasta. Nami sighed, "Well…is just that, I don't want Sanji to know about our relationship. Cause I know it'll broken his heart. It happened when Nami was sick after the adventure in Little Garden.

Luffy then looked at him, "Oh, hey Sanji, what's up? Sanji then stared at him, "You have a problem with that? Luffy then looked at him, "Is, is she okay? She's not getting worse right? Did you find an island? Or maybe a doctor on the middle of the sea? And did…" Sanji then closed Luffy's mouth angrily with his foot, "Shut the hell up will ya, I haven't even said anything except for her name.

Luffy then gave Sanji a grin, "Okay, what about her? And there are more pretty girls in this world than Nami. He then smirked, "Or are you jealous?

It's not like if she's my girlfriend or anything! I mean, yes it's true that she's a girl and she's my friend but that does not mean she's my girlfriend. Sanji sighed while rolling his eyes in disbelief, "Good grief! Luffy you're SO obvious! Luffy then cried, "Sanji!

luffy and sanji relationship trust