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Which TV and movie couples did you fall in love with in and which did you hate? Often, they start off grating and end up becoming de-facto ads for couples counseling. We've rounded . Worst: Lola & Narcisse, Reign. The fourth season of Reign, an American historical fantasy, premiered on February 10, Narcisse, angered at being unable to avenge Lola, sabotages Elizabeth's attempt to allow Darnley to marry Keira. Mary and Darnley's relationship deepens, and they have sex, but Keira arrives in Scotland soon after, hoping to. Lord Narcisse and Lady Lola - Reign 2 craig parker I hate these two characters Lord Narcisse when he first met Lady Lola Best Tv Couples, Reign, Father, lola + narcisse | dark in my imagination Music Therapy, Reign.

I also still have the bitter taste in my mouth from last season when Antoine destroyed Kennash. And they even mentioned Kenna in the episode! The Francis and Antoine confrontation was also epic. He even had the little weasel kneel down before him to sign away his rights to the throne.

As always I feel both of these characters have such good interactions with each other without making any sort of romance or flirtation involved. They are just two people co-parenting their son. Francis is still dead set against Lola marrying Narcisse. He needs a man in his life to protect him, guide him, show him right from wrong. Even though it hurts for Lorcisse shippers like myself, I do love that Lola would still put her happiness aside for the sake of her son and Francis.

Now the fun stuff…. The Cleith Development Is it me or is Leith really ripped this season? These two are starting to grow on me more and more. Of course any person that can make Claude less bratty is welcomed. But still figuring each other out. Claude seems to look at Leith more seriously than her other boy toys. And Leith is cautious around her, but tries to take care of her the best he can. Claude, Narcisse, Charles Comedy Gold I just burst out laughing throughout the entire scene with these three.

And without fail Constance suddenly gets an overdose and goes into a coma. Charles tries to find someone to help. And who can help but his wild party girl sister Claude.

Claude was very annoyed that 1. Charles would think to ask her. She wished her mother were here to get them out of this jam. But who else besides Catherine knows what to do with drugs and secret body dumpings? Second plan of action is to flush out the toxins from her body through vomiting. I absolutely love Narcisse putting Charles in his place and teaching him to take ownership of his mistakes. She took something you gave her. Just when you think Narcisse is down for the count from the last episode, he just surprises you in an unexpected way.

And he has the weight of thousands of lives, just like this one Constance on his shoulders.

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Be wiser next time. Narcisse looks like he just won the lottery… 7. Saving the best for last…. Ok now I have to go on my sobbing spiel because this episode was the Holy Grail for Lorcisse shippers everywhere. It was all so beautiful.

I love that their time together is presented as a loving couple. It has that honeymoon stage kind of feel. Of course we see Lola grinning from ear to ear, which means the whoopee they just did was hella good. Narcisse puts himself out there for Lola. Narcisse actually listens to Lola and trusts her word on the matter.

But not without giving her a promise ring and proposing to her right there on the spot. Lord Narcisse arrived in Scotland, telling Queen Mary he'd come for revenge for Lolaand wanted to take what John Knox held most dear. Mary tells him, Catherine had informed her he'dbeen there at the end.

She added she was thankful Lola wasn't alone. But also added Knox would pay, but not by Narcisse's hand. His followers would be quick to blame her if he were to die or disappear under mysterious circumstances. Narcisse assure Mary, there will be no repercussions for your Crown, Catherine was very clear, insistent upon it. But how can I possibly help you? An advisor of my choice or regrettably there is no deal. I shall get my grain elsewhere. You didn't come here because your heart bleeds for your starving countrymen.

What are you hiding? Perhaps I'm hiding a bleeding heart. What are you doing out here? And Queen Queen Catherine: Oh, that is so like him. A last gift so I never forget him or his whores. Give up this idea that nobody can know you, and still love you. Well I may be cooped up in a castle, never forget.

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My reach is far. I ease my fears because they are mine! I was forced to do that once for a king. I have endured many trials. But nothing as painful as having to look upon the corpse of my decaying first born son.

I only see one option. But it might be a little unseemly for a young King to authorize So early in his reign.

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Our union is damaged beyond repair. Charles will put his weight behind this! Well then perhaps I shall withhold my news from the huntsman. And perhaps I shall have your throat slit in your sleep. Or have the villagers do it for me when they come for us to root out the beast we have protected. Perhaps Charles would respond better to a strong male authority figure.