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Killing off Letty sends Dom on a mission of Death Wish vengeance, which . high school student in movie history) races football jock Clay (the oldest brother from To counterbalance his death, the film shuffles through A-plot goals and And where the next couple of Fast movies keep sending the cast to. 80n, Ndy.Jよ20) aJ RT @Dimperachi: My relationship goals would be based off Dominic & Letty them 2 literally go through hell an back for each other. http: t.. Her goal at that very moment was to repair the small fracture that he amazingly Letty didn't share with Mia on what happened with Dom, she didn't want to . The television blasted with the day's football game on ESPN. . They were still loyal to Dom, but were more accepting of her relationship with Luke.

Every drag-racer is color-coded in neon clothes to match their neon cars, and Ludacris is the big-haired King of Miami, and Tyrese Gibson rips his shirt off so you can admire his glistening physique while he punches in a window, and never has there been a more hilarious unconvincing Argentine drug lord than Carter Verone.

Los Bandoleros Vin Diesel wrote and directed this minute prologue for the fourth film. The movie starts with Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Tego Calderon talking about corporations holding back the electric car, right before he escapes prison to hang out in a bar with Dominic Toretto.

Letty shows up, and Dom takes her to the beach.

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There are great showcases for individual players — especially Statham, whose turn toward heroism is both an affront to Fast history what about Han?

No one onscreen even seems to really consider that Dom has turned evil. Gary Gray has the broadest comedic instincts of any Fast filmmaker. There was always going to be comedown after the true-life emotionality that powered Furious Seven — and Fate seems to be seed-planting toward the already-announced ninth and tenth films.

Letty flying off the tank to certain death, and Dominic Toretto crashing his car so he can fly into her. And the sixth Furious movie also has one of the best action scenes ever: The final race down the neverending runway. Any director who makes an action movie should study the plane scene: How it pays off every subplot, cutting between a massive cast and steadily building the thrills until the final crash. Likewise, it was a weird decision to banish Brian for an Act 2 Fast 4 epilogue.

letty and dom relationship goals football

A mess of subplots alongside standout showcase scenes. In conversation, Lin and Morgan have both described this movie as essentially the second half of the previous film, which actually does explain why the first half drags while the final climax rocks.

letty and dom relationship goals football

Letty could tell that he wanted to say something though. It was in the way he looked at her, the way his body tensed when she was in close proximity, but she chose to ignore him. At least, she tried to most of the time. Her goal at that very moment was to repair the small fracture that he amazingly cracked in her tough facade.

Letty was grateful for Dom not pushing her. He finally understood that he messed up, badly. But as she started to repair herself back to the tough chick she used to know, life still had a heavier blow to deal to her and to everyone else. Sitting on Mia's floor, as the Italian girl wept on her shoulder was proof of the changing times.

Letty didn't share with Mia on what happened with Dom, she didn't want to acknowledge it yet. Repairing still needed to be done and, at this time, it was irrelevant.

letty and dom relationship goals football

Tonio Toretto was dead. Collided with the track wall going mph. Letty hadn't been there to see it, neither had Mia, but Dom had been present for the grisly accident.

She could only imagine the horror. Tony was nice to her, like a loving father figure she never had. It devastating to everyone, but mostly to his two children, Mia and Dom. The guy that bumped Tonio during the race, was named Linder, Kenny Linder. A few years younger than Tony, and a lead foot on the gas pedal. Letty got a chance to see a few of Tonio's races and seen the other man's driving style. At the time she admitted Linder was pretty good, but lacked control, especially when the races got close towards the end.

She felt a shudder from the girl next to her. They both sat in Mia's darkened room, backs against the foot of the bed. Letty's arm was wrapped around her friends shoulder as the other cried silently. She was sure it was weeping, Mia said nothing, her face was blank and eyes staring at the far wall ahead of them. Tears were running down her cheek, but she still said nothing and gave no emotion, she just cried. Letty rubbed Mia's shoulder slowly, letting her friend know she was there by touch.

It was clear to see that the younger Toretto was miles away. Letty sniffed as her eyes began to water. She closed them tightly to stop the onslaught of tears.

Now wasn't the time to cry, she needed to be strong, for Mia and for everyone else. Tonio was dead and Dom A month ago, Tonio died in the car crash. Five weeks after, Dom retaliated and put Kenny Linder in a coma. Dom wasn't looking for trouble, far from it, he was trying to busy himself and went to an auto parts store for supplies.

During the trip back he ran into Linder and things got crazy after that. Everyone knew Dom had a temper and wasn't very good at controlling it. Pile that on to the stress and grief of losing his only parent. It was an unpredictable dose of emotions. Letty sighed as she placed her head on Mia's.

Life was tough before that point, but got extremely over-bearing after. As of right now, everyone was fucked. Dom, being eighteen, was of legal age. He was charged with assault, tried as an adult, and sentenced to five years in Lompoc Correctional Facility. Letty understood why Mia was weeping, just thinking about it caused the Latina's eyes to water and her stomach to flip.

Each of the team was dealing with the two events in their own way. Leon was drinking off his depression. He came into the shop usually four times a week with a hangover, but tried his best to help out. Being sober was torture for him, and Vince hinted several times that Leon always had a hard time dealing with death, ever since his sister died.

He was officially a drop-out and worked full-time at the garage. The man hid his emotions well and was very quiet and somber most of the time. Almost to the point where it worried the others.

Vince was just a mixture of all three men. Sometimes he would drink like Leon, be silent like Jesse and even show aggression like Dom. Like Mia, he was taking this situation hard and he had every right too. Vince had been knowing the Toretto's since he was seven. But he was still the most responsible of the crew, other than Letty, he made sure they all went to work and school. Letty chanced a glance at Mia's alarm clock. Mia had been crying for over six hours now. Her Tia Sophia was well aware of where Letty was and she didn't mind.

The woman was present when the jury passed the sentence on Dom, she made Letty and Mia wait outside, almost sensing his ill fate already. At the time, the two girls were both upset of not being able to go inbut Letty thanked her Tia silently now.

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Based on Mia's reaction, the Latina didn't want to think of how worse it could've been if Mia had been there for the verdict and also her own reaction as well. Letty thought a few times about going to her Tia's home, to try to get away from it all, but she stopped herself. Honestly, she had nowhere to hide in this world now. With the problems with the Toretto's and the issues at Sophia's house, she couldn't escape the madness. Either way, she was needed. Mia was sixteen, underage and too young to take care of herself according to the law.

Her closest relative was in prison and her distant cousins on both parents sides resided in Italy and Mexico. To Letty's surprise and admiration, Sophia took charge of the custody subject quietly on her own and filed for guardianship as soon as Dom was arrested.

Letty swore that woman had a sixth sense. She was a force to behold. Sophia was experienced when it came to guardianship matters, not just with Letty, but also helping abused kids that came to her work place, Cedars-Sinai. She was making enough to claim Mia in a temporary guardianship until the girl turned eighteen. The woman was a saint. But home was still a whirlwind of drama.

As soon as Martin caught wind of the custody of Mia, he up and left the state, to everyone's surprise. Letty and the family didn't understand what his true goal was for coming back, but having Mia in the equation seemed to deflate whatever plan he had in mind.

Sophia handled it well and so did Diego, but Gwen was devastated. Letty frowned thinking about her cousin. It was like night and day when it came to Gwen nowadays. Gone was the selfish, peppy girl that cared about boys and her looks. In her stead was a dark, depressed brooder. Like Jesse, Letty worried about Gwen immensely. It was so unnatural for her to be so quiet and unhappy. Truly it was tough times for all. Letty finally gave up her internal battle and let the tears flow.

Even though she was still upset with Dom, she couldn't help but weep along-side her friend for him.

November 24th, Yesterday's dinner was a train-wreck of epic proportions. Letty and Vince tried to make things as normal as possible. They planned Thanksgiving dinner, invited close friends and hoped for the best. It was a great effort, but the family was still so broken and everyone present could see that. Sophia joined the dinner early in the evening, but was called to the hospital a few hours later.

That left the crew, her cousins and friends from school. The television blasted with the day's football game on ESPN. It was a nice distraction for the now silent group.

After dinner, the boys helped clear the table and grabbed a few beers to watch the game. It seemed so natural, but everyone, even Letty knew, that the scene wasn't right without Dom. An hour later, Letty found Mia crying in the bathroom. She had been expecting a phone call from Dom that day. But it was late into the night and they both knew his calling privileges were over for the day.

All Letty could do was soothe her friend as she cried on her shoulder. Mia was getting better every day. Slowly, Letty could see the progress, each day she would talk a little longer and smile a little wider. Mia and Letty sucked it up. They went to school and carried on with their lives. Both girls kept busy. They studied, hung with friends, participated in track, and worked at the diner and garage. This year, everyone knew the holidays would be difficult to endure, but things were starting to look up, just at a snail's pace.

While Letty counseled Mia in the bathroom, Luke showed up at the house to inquire about both girls. He didn't receive a warm reception. Vince, Leon and Jesse still had it in their stupid male brains that Letty was Dom's girl. They gave Luke a hard time and ended up facing the wrath of Letty as an end result.

She hadn't talked to Dom since their break-up and wasn't planning to do so anytime soon. The only Toretto she cared about at the moment was Mia. She was like her sister, and Dom was out of sight and mind. That night after apologizing to Luke about the crew's immature behavior, she agreed to go out with him that Friday. Letty figured it was time for a change and to rid herself of Dom's influence. It was time to get on with her life. The crew wouldn't like it, but this was for her and their own good.

Not everything revolved around Dominic Toretto, and Letty was going to prove it. January 1st, Letty pulled over the covers to try to shield her naked torso from the California morning cold. She could feel a hand caressing her hip from under the sheets. It was a New year and a new beginning. The party yesterday had been one to remember with booze, dancing and fun games.

It all ended with her doing the horizontal tango with Luke, her boyfriend of three months. It wasn't planned, but Letty was glad that the act had been done. The sex was sweet, slow and passionate. As she opened her eyes, Letty took in her surroundings. The green wallpaper and track posters scattered along the walls. The hand on her hip made its way to her flat stomach. Letty could already feel Luke's morning wood against her bottom. She was up for another round, hell, she was up for a few last night, but Luke didn't have much stamina or experience.

Letty squeezed her eyes shut as her mind started drifting to her last sexual encounter several months ago. She tried to block her mind from those images, but they flashed in front of her eyelids uncontrollably.