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Jun 26, My relationship to the dragonrider books has long been ambivalent, (Such as Lessa's dubiously consensual sexual relationship with F'lar, post . Is that what we'll require in order for a work or series to pass the test of this. Then there's F'lar and Lessa's relationship. McCaffrey never actually explains this , because that would be, uh, not subtle enough or something, but apparently. May 2, Here's a little back-story about my relationship with this book. . The relationship between Lessa and F'lar was hotly debated on the forums as.

And, of course, some of the complications were so easily solved Fax, the rebelling holders … it all feels too easy. Silver Adept July 14, at Lessa becomes more sidelined in terms of actually doing things, even accidentally, in favor of the two main dragonrider characters doing things that always seem to work out well for them in the end. Otherwise people are going to either think that he gave Lessa a black eye in public or that, since his act was not giving her a black eye, that the accusations of abuse are invented.

How would we stop them? Surely this is worthy of comment? As it is, I find the posts impossible to read and make sense of without digging out my own copy of the book to follow along with.

So — can we please have more quotes, and more text-specific commentary? Silver Adept July 16, at 9: She shouts at him, he shakes her, the plot moves on. And so are you, I guess — hopefully. On with the blogging! Boy howdy, does this bring back some memories. And yeah, it gets intense.

But the Pern books were different for a couple of reasons. First, and maybe most importantly, was that I came across the Pern books independently, or rather, from someone outside my family. It was actually my sixth grade teacher, Mrs. My nerd-love for every other thing that has come since — cough Lord of the Rings cough — is intrinsically linked with this first love. Like, obsessive, Idris-Elba-stalking love. At one point, I just gave up buying new copies and used an elastic band to hold the pages together.

Anyway, I devoured every single Pern book, and then when I reached the end, I did what every normal fan would do. I picked up my pen and started writing my own Pern stories, and thus was a fanfiction writer born. I just thought I was being really resourceful. Ah, the folly of youth. I used to do re-reads all the time, but I think the last one was in high school, ages and ages ago.

Would my love for it endure, or would all of my fond memories be ripped violently to shreds? Lessa is more concerned with avenging her family, murdered ten years ago when she was a young child. Fax initially agrees to acknowledge Jaxom as the new Lord of Ruatha Hold on the basis on the Hold being unable to adequately provide for its Lord, but threatens to renege on that promise and attacks F'lar. F'lar kills Fax in the duel, leaving Jaxom an orphan. On their way back, exploring the back tunnels of the Weyr, the two boys discover a previously unknown room, with diagrams from ancient times and a microscope.

When Jaxom returns to the Weyr for the Hatching, the white egg fails to hatch, and Jaxom impresses Ruth when he breaks the egg's unusually tough shell and inner membrane it is later thought that touching the egg is what caused Jaxom to be able to sense the unhatched Ruth and Lessa later includes allowing the new candidates to touch the eggs before hatching, which reduces the amount of confusion and injury of candidates during the hatching process.


The Impression is considered a nuisance by many, as Jaxom has responsibilities as Lord Holder to uphold, and some feel it might create a conflict of interests. Also, a dragon and its rider must live in a Weyr, but Jaxom as a future Lord Holder must live in his hold, and clearly he can not live in two places at the same time. This problem is sorted by the pragmatic Lytol who points out that any place a dragon lives is by definition a weyr, so if Ruth were to live in Ruatha's stables, the stables become a weyr.

Ruth is not expected to mature to a size which would allow him to join a Thread-fighting wing of a weyr, which would take Jaxom away from his responsibilities in Ruatha, so the two are allowed to return to Ruatha. Growing up, Ruth becomes his main friend, but once allowed to fly, and then to go betweenhe finds friends among other students at the Harper Hall, Smithcraft and in the Weyr.

He also learns how to go between time as well as place, and, despite thinking that it would bring down recriminations upon him, to flame Thread.

Because Ruth is especially adept at 'Timing it', he and Jaxom play a major part in the end of Threadfall forever. Jaxom falls in love with Sharra, the sister of Southern Holder Toric and expert Healer, who nurses him back to health when Jaxom succumbs to a potentially fatal illness known as "Firehead".

His feelings for her are reciprocated, and Sharra, through their relationship, becomes the only other person who can hear Ruth's thoughts. Even though Toric has plans for his sister that do not include "a table-sized Hold in the North", Jaxom and Ruth fly into the Southern area and rescue Sharra; their relationship is then grudgingly accepted by Toric, and they are later married at Ruatha Hold. Together they had two boys whose names were Jarrol and Shawan.

Lessa's psychic ability to influence the thoughts and actions of others plays a role in various parts of the series. Kale was an amiable man and in ordinary times was considered the ideal Lord Holder. However, Kale underestimated the greed of his neighbor, FaxLord Holder of High Reaches, who had conquered five other holds since claiming his own.

Kale's over-optimism and trusting nature resulted in his death and almost all of the Ruathan bloodline.

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Lessa escaped her family's massacre because she hid in the watch-wher 's den. Lessa was already headstrong and independent.

Her father mentions her as "stubborn at only four [years old]", and the Harper Robinton is amused, years later, when she falls asleep during a marching song. Lessa spends a decade as a drudge in Ruatha's kitchens, where she survives abuse and subtly undermines a hold which should otherwise thrive, to gain revenge against Fax.

She bides her time, hoping Fax will renounce the hold or be killed so that she can step forward and claim the Hold as the only survivor of Ruathan Blood. When Benden dragonriders arrive in Search for a woman with the telepathic talents to Impress the new queen dragonet, the dragons feel her aura. She uses her psychic abilities to force the dragonrider F'lar to a duel with Fax, which F'lar wins.

Lessa reluctantly gives up her right to inherit Ruatha Hold to the newborn Jaxom. Jaxom is the son of her distant cousin Gemma, whom Fax married to give his claim to Ruatha legitimacy. She travels to Benden Weyr and becomes Pern's only Weyrwoman, and joins forces with Weyrleader F'lar to fight the resurgence of the voracious alien life-form called " Thread ".

Lessa's most notable achievement is her rediscovery that dragons can travel between times as well as places. She makes daring use of this skill to make a single jump back Turns into the past in a search for help to fight Thread in her time. F'lar believes she has jumped to her death and is left in despair in the present, but Lessa succeeds in persuading the dragonriders at the end of the Eighth Pass to travel with her to the future.

These "Oldtimers" and the riders of Lessa's time resume the battle against Thread's menace to life on Pern.

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Several of these Oldtimers later become an additional threat to Lessa's and F'lar's quest to help Pern survive the present Pass. Lessa is at first a seemingly unsociable and cynical personality because of the abuse she endured after Fax's conquest of Ruatha.

She grows and matures during the course of the books into one of Pern's greatest leaders and a loving mate to F'lar. Her short temper does become famous on Pern and she continues to use her strong psychic ability to influence other people's moods and perceptions.

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Lessa is one of the few on Pern who can speak to all of the dragons. Lessa is described as petite, almost childlike, in figure with long, thick black hair. Her queen Ramoth is the largest dragon on the planet. F'lessan is her only child. Lessa almost dies in childbirth and additional pregnancies are assessed as too risky. This leaves Lessa somewhat bitter and she regrets in one book that she was not like Kylara, another Weyrwoman known for promiscuity, who bore several children but wanted none of them.

The Skies of Pern states that Lessa left F'lessan's care to his fostermother and never paid much attention to him. Manora replies this was expected, since she was Weyrwoman and had other duties.

Menolly[ edit ] Menolly is a tall, thin, dark-haired girl [12] [13] The youngest child of Yanus, Holder of Half-Circle Sea Hold, she assisted Hold Harper Petiron Master Robinton's father in teaching the Hold children their learning songs, wrote her own songs and secretly dreamed of becoming a Harper, though her isolated, conservative Hold thought that was improper for girls.

Her parents grudgingly allowed her to continue teaching music to the Hold children after Petiron's death because their community had no other Harper; however, they forbade her to write any music or sing or play any she had written, again because in their view Harpering was not for girls. She was forbidden to make music at all once replacement Harper Elgion arrived; in fact, her father severely beat her when she was discovered teaching her own music to the Hold children before Elgion's arrival.

When she seriously slashed her left hand while gutting fish, her mother deliberately allowed the wound to heal incorrectly to prevent her from playing again, and Yanus told Elgion that the one who had taken over the Teachings after Petiron died had been a boy fosterling who had returned to his own Hold. Menolly ran away from the Hold and took refuge in a cliff-side cave where, during a Threadfall, she unintentionally Impressed nine fire-lizards: Menolly lived Holdless in the cave with her fire lizards, teaching her friends to enjoy music and to sing, until one day she was caught outside far from her cave during Threadfall, and while trying to outrun the falling Thread she was rescued by a brown dragon rider, who brought her to Benden Weyr, where she was befriended by Benden Headwoman Manora and fellow fire lizard owner Mirrim and came to the attention of Lessa herself when it was discovered that Menolly had Impressed nine fire lizards.

Menolly was also responsible for finding and providing a clutch of fire lizard eggs for Benden to distribute to certain individuals. Masterharper Robinton, who had been searching for the very talented apprentice that Petiron had mentioned in messages to the Harper Hall and who had been promised two fire lizard eggs by Benden Weyr, accidentally stumbled across her there after a Hatching, was alerted as to her identity by Harper Elgion who had discovered the truth about Menolly and was also present at the Benden Hatching and immediately brought her to the Harper Hall.