Kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship test

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kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship test

A sugarman, who has a special relationship with Kyuhyun, will show up in JTBC Sugarman. On the upcoming episode of the program, two. Relationship: The story of Ryeowook being cursed by a werewolf, Kyuhyun becoming an . “Haven't you already run plenty of blood tests?. When Kyuhyun had handed Ryeowook his present he had been . Heechul was one of the rare people who knew about Kyuhyun and Ryeowook's relationship, .. Why is everything going about when I have a friggin exam?!.

What are you getting at? Feeling somewhat bad, he got up, heading to the bathroom and getting the bandages. When he returned, Ryeowook was slumped over on his bed, towel slung over both shoulders. Approaching him cautiously, Kyuhyun waited until Ryeowook looked up at him, acknowledged him, and allowed him to come closer.

Kneeling down, Kyuhyun took the injured arm and carefully applied the ointment first before beginning the wrapping process. In the beginning, he had mainly been in charge of helping Ryeowook with the task, but the longer the wound lasted, the more Ryeowook practiced just doing it himself. Kyuhyun finished wrapping the arm, carefully securing the end before looking up at Ryeowook.

kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship test

Kyuhyun took a seat next to him, wrapping an arm around his waist gently. Closing his eyes tiredly, he leaned into Kyuhyun, wrapping his own arm around the man. The nights are the worst. It was better than arguing. Maybe sleeping with someone will help. When he checked on the unconscious Ryeowook, he found that he was actually half-awake, eyes bleary and glassy. His breaths were coming out short and quick. The veins in his neck and arms were quivering, as if trying to fight back against something.

Kyuhyun had checked his pulse next, finding it rapidly beating despite his state of rest. Unsure what else to do, he had climbed out of bed and rummaged around for a bottle of fever reducers. After that, the restlessness had eased only minimally, while the feverish state went on relentlessly.

kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship test

There was no way he could sleep after seeing that. Around daybreak, Ryeowook had finally calmed down completely, his heated flesh cooling down and body growing slack.

kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship test

Consequently, Kyuhyun was the first one awake because he had never gone back to bed. After urging Ryeowook to rest more, he ventured out into the kitchen for breakfast. Despite the fact that most everyone had already moved out of the dorm, it was pretty common for members to crash for the night. Usually, they complained that their schedules kept them out too late and returning to their respective apartments was too much effort.

As a result, it was still noisy. Kyuhyun and Ryeowook had originally been worried about how lonely the dorm would be when everyone left, but clearly, they had been overthinking it.

His eyes were still tired, though. We need him to see another doctor. With a heavy sigh, Kyuhyun proceeded to explain what had happened the previous evening. The more he said, the more concerned Leeteuk looked. By the time he finished the story, the leader was ashen. Kyuhyun pursed his lips, unsure if he was supposed to say something or if Leeteuk was going to explain what had upset him so much in that story.

Leeteuk nodded fervently, lowering his voice and coming closer as if to whisper something conspiratorial. The dorm was dark when Kyuhyun returned. Needless to say, he was ready for a relaxing shower before bed. Rolling the kinks out of his neck, he kicked off his shoes and trudged through the dark halls.

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From the lack of sounds, no one had slept over. Kyuhyun sighed loudly, peeling off his clothes as he walked toward the bathroom.

Slinging his shirt on the door handle, he was just beginning to unbuckle his belt when the strangest sound struck his ears. Ever so slowly, Kyuhyun released his belt and turned toward the open bathroom door. Standing just beyond the threshold with gleaming yellow eyes and large, pointed teeth was an honest to god wolf.

Surveying the creature, Kyuhyun tried to calm his erratic heartbeat while searching for an explanation. And then his eyes caught on a very familiar wound on his front leg. Kyuhyun held his ground, scrambling to remember how to assert dominance over dogs. He knew that showing weakness was not the right choice, even if his knees felt like jelly. Taking a steadying breath, he kept his eyes locked on those menacingly yellow ones. Suddenly highly aware of his bare chest, Kyuhyun internally cursed himself.

Without warning, heavy paws slammed against his chest, hurling him backwards into the bathroom. He gasped as the wind was knocked out of him and his back cracked against the tile. Wheezing for air, Kyuhyun struggled to push the wolf off of him. Its teeth snapped viciously, drool sliding down from the corner of its mouth.

Kyuhyun heaved hard, groaning with the effort to roll the creature over. It swung its limbs wildly, but Kyuhyun dodged each time, coughing harshly as he swung his entire body weight over the wolf. Straddling its rippling backside, he slammed both hands down on the back of its neck.

The beast writhed angrily, nearly throwing Kyuhyun off multiple times. However, the man held fast, adrenaline giving him strength.

kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship test

Several moments passed before the beast reluctantly stopped fighting. His bared teeth were slowly pulled back as well, until half-lidded yellow eyes were the last menacing thing about the wolf.

kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship test

Kyuhyun watched the creature for a long time, refusing to believe that everything would be okay if he let him up. Underneath him, the wolf seemed to be…sleeping. Blinking a few times, Kyuhyun tried to recall when exactly the beast had fallen asleep. More so, how was he able to sleep in that position?

Kyuhyun carefully rose to his feet, backing slowly out of the bedroom. He silently grabbed the bathroom door, shutting it behind him without a sound. Turning on the lights in the hallway, he shuffled to the living room and quickly slid the coffee table out. He pushed it flush against the closed bathroom door. Going for the dining room chairs next, he stacked two of those atop the table, hooking one of them under the door knob. Just as he went to look for more items, the carefully barricaded door burst open.

He flinched as the chairs and tables were shoved out of the way, toppling over.

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Planning to just make a run for it, Kyuhyun hurried out of the hallway, but only made it to the living room before he was once again being tackled to the ground. This time, however, the wolf merely nuzzled his throat, licking lightly at his flesh before settling down on top of him.

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Kyuhyun swallowed hard, unsure what to do. His body ached with the weight of the creature, but pushing him off seemed like a seriously bad idea. Looking around for what was within reach, he grabbed a pillow off the couch, stuffing it underneath his own head for some support.

To be expected, that tactic was rather unsuccessful. When he awoke the next morning, it was to extreme exhaustion and a feverish awareness of the previous night.

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Bolting upright, he looked around wildly for any sign of the wolf. Rising slowly, Kyuhyun groaned at the ache in his joints and back. He was too damn old to be sleeping on the floor all night.

Hugging his bare chest, he rubbed either arm to try and warm himself up. Sleeping on the floor shirtless in November was a recipe for disaster. Entertainment 's music project Station as a tribute to South Korean Olympians past and present in honor of the upcoming Olympics.

Car accident[ edit ] On 19 Aprilalmost two months after Super Junior-T 's release of their first single " Rokuko ", Leeteuk became seriously injured in a car accident, along with ShindongEunhyukKyuhyunand two managers, when returning home after a recording of the radio show Super Junior Kiss the Radio.

At some point, the momentum caused the van to flip over on its right side. While Shindong and Eunhyuk suffered minor injuries, Leeteuk and Kyuhyun sustained more serious injuries, which required both to be hospitalised. Leeteuk had glass shards embedded in his back and above his eyes, requiring over stitches.

Death of father and grandparents[ edit ] On 6 JanuaryLeeteuk's father, Park Yong-in, and his grandparents were found deceased in their home. SM initially released a statement saying that the trio had died in a car accident, but it was later discovered that it instead had been a murder-suicide, with Yong-in strangling his parents and then hanging himself. A note left near the bodies read "I will bring my parents with me.

My children, I am sorry. Fact is, they are very close. In one video, they shared a hotel room. Leeteuk comes in and sees them wrestling with each other XD And Kanging did this absolute sweet phone call suprise on Sukira for his solo debut. Not close at all in the past. Very awkward if you've seen Intimate Note. It's gotten better though, and I think they are close now. Eunhyuk even cried when Heechul went to the army. That's what I'd describe their relationship. It's become more comfortable though ever since Kyuhyun's accident as he visited Kyuhyun a lot in the hospital they literally had accidents back to back.

Also, don't forget that Kyuhyun will always be thankful towards Heechul for not returning to Radio Star. Kyuhyun takes good care of Henry. Thanks to him, Henry got some main exposure in Happy Together watch it, I laughed my ass of at Henry's dorkiness and is now popular.

Even if he doesn't call Kyuhyun that often anymore, Henry still cares about Kyuhyun as seen recently in Kyuhyun's birthday surpise. No idea if anything has changed. Yesung doesn't seem to realize it, but the two don't talk to each other as shown on Shinhwa Broadcast. I think Sungmin thinks Yesung is too weird for him XD Even the other members think they aren't friends. Shindong said one time that he can't imagine eating dinner just with him, lol. Again, respect is how I would describe their relationship.

He firmly believes that he will become the next Nation's host some big words there, Kyuhyun. In the beginning, it felt more like Yesung had to look after the maknaes though XD I'd say Yesung is a bit closer to Ryeowook though.