Kyohei and sunako relationship counseling

List of The Wallflower characters

kyohei and sunako relationship counseling

Sunako and Kyohei (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge/ The Wallflower) Me Me .. Fanart Soul Eater Couples, Anime Life, Anime Soul, Soma Soul Eater, Soul. Always Save Your Love Interest: Kyohei and Sunako tend to do this to each other . Arranged Marriage: Both Ranmaru and Sunako have partners arranged for .. There Are No Therapists: Throwing the patient into the midst of four complete . the wallflower anime sunako chibi | Sunako-Chan (Nazi) | Flickr - Photo . top: yuki-kyohei-sunako bottom:ranmaru-takenaga-noi "yamato nadeshiko shichi.

While he says that all he cares about is getting free or the lowest amount required to be paid rent, he has a soft spot for Sunako and empathizes with her more so than the others.

He is the most popular of the boys, and always has trouble keeping down a part-time job because his fans will chase after him, or his boss male or female will sexually harass him. Kyohei's personality in the series often shown to be a fighter and dangerous one.

He also tends to succumb to food and money.

kyohei and sunako relationship counseling

Since Sunako is the only girl who is able to understand his true personality regardless of his good looks, he gradually develops an obvious attraction towards her, even going as far as kissing her for no apparent reason. In latest chapters he seems to be aware of his feelings to at least a small degree, looking at a loss when it seems Sunako loves a guy she doesn't and when witnessing said guy hugging a girl he rushes to find Sunako after buying chocolates 'for himself' to console her- he doesn't eat a single one.

He seems to have softened towards her more in chapter 91, telling her she's fine just the way she is when she's upset, scolding her for lying on a dangerous place and telling the 'old man' who talked to her not to fill Sunako's head with too many strange ideas, that he and the others would be worried if she went to the underworld. Takenaga Oda Voiced by: Hiroki Uchi Takenaga Oda The most intellectual of the four, Takenaga is called the "Boss" a pun on his personal name in Japanese, which can be read as buchou, meaning "boss" by his friends and is the least fazed by Sunako's morbid habits.

When the quartet dress Sunako up, Takenaga is usually responsible for doing Sunako's hair. Takenaga was originally from a wealthy family descended from flower masters ikebanabut when the pressure of being the family heir was too much, he became completely withdrawn and ignored everyone.

He was sent to live at the Landlady's mansion in hopes of becoming more "normal". He is described as a caring feminist and is rather shy. He is currently going out with Noi, whom he affectionately calls "Noi-chi", it is also quite possible that he has a jealous personality. Shown in the manga where he thought he might lose Naie to another guy. His name is derived from Oda Nobunaga in fact it was once suggested in the anime that Takenaga was a direct descendant of Nobunaga and his reference to Noi as "Noi-chi" is probably a reference to Oichia sister of Nobunaga.

Yukinojo "Yuki" Toyama Voiced by: Yuya Tegoshi The most androgynous of the four, "Yuki" is gentle and is initially the most frightened of Sunako. He's the most "normal" of the four boys; before coming to live at the mansion he had a normal school life with a middle-class family.

His mother and the Landlady are old friends and the Landlady, and Sunako at times, has a soft spot for Yuki, which is shown in "A Girl's Bravo" when Sunako kicked out all the boys and only gave Yuki food. He's also the shortest and shyest, with a " cute " face, and has been called on very reluctantly to dress up as a girl on more than one occasion. He is usually responsible for choosing what sort of clothes Sunako wears when she is forced to dress up and has a good sense of fashion.

List of The Wallflower characters

Ranmaru Morii Voiced by: Shuntaro Miyao A ladies' man, Ranmaru is often going out with various beautiful older and often married women. The very sight of Sunako initially has him breaking out in hivesbut when her true beauty is revealed, he decides that she has "potential" to become a real lady. Like Takenaga, he comes from a wealthy family who own a series of hotel chainsbut was sent to live with the Landlady because he exploited his wealth and his parents wanted him to become normal.

Surprisingly, Ranmaru is actually better at kendo than Takenaga, who comes from a traditional family. He apparently is the strongest advocate of making Sunako into a lady and is usually responsible for doing her make-up whenever she has to dress up; however, his attempts are rarely successful in the long run and he is convinced the it is Kyohei's attitude towards Sunako that is the primary problem.

In hopes of changing his womanizing habits, his parents engage him to reserved and conservative girl of their liking, named Tamao Kikunoi.

Even though he rejects Kikunoi's love for him, he begins to develop feelings for her. He is named after the real life Mori Ranmaruthe partner of Oda Nobunaga.

Noi Kasahara Voiced by: She loves being called beautiful by the others, especially Sunako. She admires Sunako's tough attitude and is often very protective of her when someone insults her. She believes that Sunako and Kyohei are compatible as a couple.

Noi is in love with Takenaga, though she tends to be insecure about their relationship because Takenaga is too shy to openly admit that he likes her. As stated in recent chapters, she's a fan of shoujo manga. Supporting characters Voiced by: Called the "infamous Marie Antoinette of the East", Miss Nakahara is extremely wealthy and usually travels in unconventional fashion, such as in a fleet of helicopters.

Noi Kasahara

However, the Landlady has also been known to make unexpected visits, which often leads to the boys putting on an act of some sort with Sunako to make her appear more ladylike and, occasionally, resulting in raised rent when all does not go as planned.

The Landlady is actually the younger sister of Sunako's father and, like her niece, requires very little effort to frighten the boys. It is known that her husband is dead and the apparent reason why she keeps getting a new boyfriend is that she is lonely, but she loves none of these men in the same way she loved her husband.

kyohei and sunako relationship counseling

While their interaction is relatively limited, Sunako actually admires her aunt a great deal and considers her the most beautiful woman she knows; the Landlady, in turn, simply wants Sunako to be happy and believes that helping her niece become a lady will do so, especially since as a child Sunako always wanted to be like her aunt.

She gradually turns her focus away from trying to shape Sunako into an elegant lady, believing that Sunako is perfectly capable of acting as such, and attempting to change Kyohei into a suitable partner for her niece. She has been shown to be fluent in various languages like French, Russian, and Tagalog. In the live-action series, her name is Mine Nakahara and she has a son. Unlike most children his age, Takeru has a courageous personality although he can be frightened as well.

He only appears in the drama. Norihisa Mori Japanese ; Matt Greenfield English Hiroshi-kun is an anatomical figureSunako's most precious possession and best friend.

The Wallflower (Manga) - TV Tropes

Sunako often confides in him regarding her feelings about the boys and situations, although she does not get a reply. Despite not being alive, Hiroshi-kun is treated like a living person, narrating the opening of each anime episode, and dancing during in the anime's end credits.

Hiroshi-kun was found by Sunako in a pile of rubbish shortly after she was described as being ugly by her first crush, and she formed a bond with Hiroshi-kun, both being "discarded" from the world. Sunako takes good care of Hiroshi-kun, along with her other anatomical friends Josephine, Akira-kun, and Sergeant George.

His fake organs have a habit of falling out or being removed by Sunako. The boys at first are dismissive of Sunako's relationship with Hiroshi-kun, but eventually come to accept it over the course of the manga and anime, treating him the same way Sunako does but remembering that he is not alive. Kyouhei often threatens to destroy Hiroshi-kun when Sunako irritates him, but in one episode, he actually confides in him like Sunako.

kyohei and sunako relationship counseling

On several occasions, Hiroshi-kun is kidnapped by other characters and held to ransom. These characters include The Boss so he could meet Sunako, and a trio of obsessive fan girls of Kyouhei, which results in Sunako risking life and limb to save Hiroshi-kun. Initially their roles in the storyline were much smaller, but were expanded within the anime to provide comic relief.

They usually have a cameo appearance in each episode saying their catch phrase "Goth-Goth, Loli-Loli" while crossing their own fingers. Their first appearance in the manga was a one shot of them getting revenge on Sunako and Noi for being so close to the men they loved.

A notable aspect to their characters is that instead of actively pursuing their crushes, they instead sat in the background and waited for them to notice them instead. In the manga they were responsible for a number of disturbances, such as replacing the boys' lunches with their rather horrible home-made lunches.

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Their attempts to get closer to their respective crushes culminated in them attempting to harm Noi for her close relationship to Takanaga and the others. They held their breaths for another moment until they all felt that the tension had completely ebbed away.

Noi was the first to break the silence. Go after her and say you didn't mean to hurt her or Hiroshi-kun. And no matter how you look at it, you've only got yourself to blame," Ranmaru added as a matter-of-factly.

Stop ganging on me! I almost got killed, remember? Yours and Sunako's life would've been much, much easier if you would only reveal your true feelings," Noi quipped, while pointing an accusing finger at the pretty blond's face. That she's the only woman you cared about and the only woman who has captured your ice-cold heart! And stop all of your romantic delusions because they're impossible!

He looked at his friends in revulsion and realized one thing: He exhaled sharply without answering back, gritted his teeth, stood up and went for the door. Kyohei scoffed and told them, "In your dreams," before closing the door behind him. Kyohei's exit was shortly followed by three audible sighings from Noi, Yuki and Ranmaru.

I think they're almost there!

kyohei and sunako relationship counseling

I think we should just let them be. I had enough of their childishness," Ranmaru shook his head. The dark-haired bishounen cleared his throat. She has her heart broken before. What I don't get is Kyohei.

Something's keeping him back and pride is the only barrier I'm looking at," "But no matter what, I think the first move must come from Kyohei! And you've seen how stubborn he is a while ago. How are we supposed to force him to confess? I think that might just work," he has now understood what Takenaga was driving at. If somebody goes after Sunako-chan's heart, it would put pressure on Kyohei and he'd surely confess! Sunako-chan has never had any suitors! He felt so totally alone in the sidelines of this conversation.

Takenaga put a hand on his shoulder. And so they huddled together to quietly discuss their scheme. He came bouncing back moments later carrying a big bouquet of red roses in one hand and a box of chocolates in the other.

The girls knew he's most tolerant with gifts," "No way! He continued sipping his hot cup of coffee. Kyohei accidentally spilled coffee on himself.