Kazehaya and sawako relationship problems

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kazehaya and sawako relationship problems

This Pin was discovered by Cok Buttstuff. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Kazehaya and Sawako's relationship has grown a lot through the series mostly due to unresolved issues with his father and his ill mother. This is a list of the episodes of the shōjo anime series Kimi ni Todoke, directed by Hiro A second season was announced in the November issue of Betsuma Sawako also gets to meet Sanada Ryuu, a friend of Kazehaya and Yoshida, who .. Sawako is happy about her growing relationships with her friends and.

But when Sawako tearfully admits that she likes him too, he concludes that they like each other in different ways, one romantically, and one as a friend. And so a mutual confession of love only leads to separation and heartbreak.

This is Sawako crying.

kazehaya and sawako relationship problems

In effect, Sawako is too selfless, and too humble, to understand that the wonderful Kazehaya would help her out of anything other than charity. Her first and only worry when Kazehaya admits his affection is that others will think he likes her romantically, which could harm his reputation.

Miura also deserves some credit for the mess; in trying to get Sawako to give up on Kazehaya and accept his love insteadhe explains that Kazehaya already has a girl he likes.

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They also press home that the way Sawako won their friendship was by finding the strength to express her feelings. To do this well, she first needs to convince herself that she actually does deserve him.

kazehaya and sawako relationship problems

The episode ends on a note which suggests she might be ready to do just that. Impartial observers like the audience may know the sources of confusion and rail at them, but for the characters themselves, the traits and foibles which are keeping them apart have been there from the beginning.

kazehaya and sawako relationship problems

This is also why Kurumi is obsessed with him, as he comforted her during her rough middle school days. Best Her to Bed Her: In Chapter 51, Ryuu is the only guy able to defeat Yoshida in arm-wrestling and "wins" her for a romantic walk along the seashore.

Childhood Friends Chizuru and Ryu fill that role, though Chizuru doesn't notice the latter's crush until later on. As of Chapter 70, Kent and Ayane finally start dating. Then they break up in Chapter There's Yui and Andy who start dating at one point in the series, although they don't get as much characterisation as the others mentioned of course.

This is the point of the story, and not in a heavy-handed way. Sawako makes friends and wins Kazehaya's affection by using her natural gifts and personality, not with the aid of makeovers. Not that makeovers are a bad thing, as Sawako finds out on New Year's Eve. Sawako and Kazehaya times 3 or 4! Sawako before tries to get a kiss from him but he initially refuses and she calls him out for breaking his promise and becoming more distant from her - so Kazehaya responds by giving her a big damn shut-up kiss.

Chizu and Ryu in chapter He moves in to kiss her so quickly that his hat falls off. Maru goes from being an adorable little puppy to being huge later on in the series but his amicable personality remains.

Birds of a Feather: Subverted by Kazehaya and Kurumi. Even though many students Sawako included feel that they suit each other, Kazehaya only thinks of Kurumi as a friend while Kurumi pines an unrequited crush on Kazehaya. Sawako's world is filled with this, as well as Love Bubbles and flowers.

Even the Japanese tankobon covers have these. Kazehaya has some nice pretty boy looks, and the female side of the school is very aware of this.

Ryu and Kento also are lean and attractive guys. Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Kurumi acts sweet and nice to gain Sawako's sympathy, then tells her to keep her hands off Kazehaya. Chizuru inadvertently causes things to become awkward between Sawako and Kazehaya by telling Kazehaya that he's the most distant person from Sawako.

Ayane eventually finds out that it's Chizuru who caused that awkwardness when she Chizuru blurts it out by mistake while watching Kazehaya ask Sawako out formally at the beach from afar. In Chapter 27, Chizu tells Ryu that "next time something bad happens, it'll be my turn to comfort you! The series has definitely been growing less light-hearted and more serious as of from about the Chapter 70s.

It does make sense, since the characters are nearing graduation and having to make heavy decisions about their futures.

Sawako's character development from a shy hesitant girl to someone who's clear about her thoughts is the main point of this series. Pretty much all of the supporting cast get their fair share of development over the course of the series, as well.

When Sawako meets Kazehaya's father, he demands for an introduction in such a scary way that Sawako tells him not only her name but also her address, parents' occupation, hobbies and what she does at school. The father stops her before she goes any further. The fanbook has a short crossover chapter where he visits her family after her first date with Kazehaya.

Chizu, Ryuu and Kazehaya have known each other since elementary school, and Chizu and Ryu have known one another pretty much forever. Sawako and Shino have been friends since elementary school, though the latter is eventually put to the side in favour of the former's new friends. Ryu has liked his childhood friend Chizu since forever, but she's pretty oblivious to it. They get together, eventually.

Shino, Sawako's old and initially only friend who gave her nickname, is never shown again after Episode 6. Probably justified as she has her own friends and Sawako's gained new ones.

Kurumi uses every indirect attack in the book - slander, threats, manipulation - to pry Sawako away from Kazehaya. Against someone as innocent as Sawako, it's like kicking a puppy.

Sawako's kindness, however, severely unnerves her, and all her plans backfire spectacularly when she only ends up bringing Sawako and Kazehaya even closer. Chizu becomes an interesting variation of this towards Ryu during the Okinawa field trip; she doesn't seem to have romantic feelings for him, even rejecting his confession in chapter 59, but that doesn't change the fact that she gets very angry with the girl who confesses her feelings to him and is thus rejectedand even, to an extent, with Ryu for not telling her about it.

Clips from previous episodes about Kurumi's crush on Kazehaya are shown as she shops for Valentine's chocolate in Episode 0 the second season of the anime. Sawako and Kazehaya finally clear things up during the School Festival beginning with a conversation behind the classroom's door. Prone to these, especially when Captain Oblivious is involved. For example, Ayane is devoid of any colour when she finds out that Chizu has no idea Kazehaya likes Sawako, and both Ayane and Chizu lose color when they hear from Pin that Kurumi was heartbroken by his 'rejection' they even say they've never felt more sorry for her.

Completely Missing the Point: One of Sawako's defining traits and a main point of comedy — being honest to a fault, she assumes everyone else is as well and takes everything literally without hearing any of the pretext behind it.

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Vol. 12

Nicely touched upon in the last episode of season 2 and its corresponding chapter where Sawako shows Kazehaya the beanie and chocolates she made for him yet couldn't give to him on Christmas and Valentine's Day respectively. In an early chapter, Chizu mentions that the shirt she's often seen wearing used to belong to her brother.

kazehaya and sawako relationship problems

Much, much later in the series, in a flashback chapter, Chizu's brother can be seen wearing the same shirt. Happens a few times. Kento pulls Ayane into a hug when she starts to cry upon confessing that she's never truly been in love with any of her boyfriends. Ryu and Chizu shared a comforting hug as young children shortly after the death of the former's mother and Ryu has a delayed breakdown. Kurumi's veins especially pop up out of anger, such as when Sawako refuses to take her bitchiness as something other than good intentions.

Kazehaya also prone to showing these when he's angry or jealous or both. Sawako, Kurumi, Chizu, Ayane Ryuu really has a soft sport and shows a tad more emotion for Maru. The arc about Chizu's unrequited crush on Tooru gives a lot of focus on Chizu and Ryu to a less extent.

kazehaya and sawako relationship problems

Kazehaya in Chapter 44, as it tells his point of view when meeting Sawako. Approximately chapters 89 - 90s greatly focus on Ayane and her troubles. Kurumi attempts to make Kazehaya think Sawako and Ryuu are an item. It ends with Kazehaya and Sawako walking off together, with Sawako realizing her feelings for Kazehaya, who in turn asked her out.

Pin then comes to where Kurumi is waiting for Kazehaya to come back, and, thinking Kurumi is going to confess to him, rejects her just as Kazehaya comes back. The guy then promises to "not say anything".

Everyone can see Sawako and Kazehaya's feelings for each other. Acknowledging it, though, took some time for the two of them. A different variation with Chizu and Ryu; Ayane comments on how they "might as well be dating" and Sawako initially thinks they are at first not to mention she obviously imagines them like that a lotbut Chizu usually reacts to these thoughts with the expected horror and embarrassment.

Well, you can't call Sawako "evil," but Maru still has the right idea when he initially acts cold to her. Played with for Sawako. Part of her Character Development has to do with mustering enough courage to not agree to things she cannot go along with eg.

Kurumi gets a big surprise when Sawako flat-out refuses to help hook her up with Kazehaya out of her own feelings for him. At the same time, she doesn't always do things because she feels forced, she does them because she likes being helpful eg.