Kaworu and shinji relationship with god

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kaworu and shinji relationship with god

And Kaworu Nagisa, white haired pretty boy, really likes Shinji Ikari. The final boss of Evangelion is essentially GOD. . almost completely erase and sublimate the possibility of Kaworu and Shinji having a relationship. Shinji and Kaworu . Some will also say the relationship between Gendou and Kouzou is loaded with subtext/vibes. Amusing as the idea may Either that or Asuka and Rei were sneakily insinuating that Jesus is Mary and Gabriel's lovechild. Shinji Ikari (碇 シンジ, Ikari Shinji) is a fictional character from the Neon Genesis Evangelion Shinji's relationship with his Evangelion and status as a pilot is very named for Gainax co-founder Shinji Higuchi; it can be translated to "child of god. . After Shinji realizes that he did not save Rei, he and Kaworu pilot Eva-

In particular the official game, Neon Genesis Evangelion 2, has the official stats for Kaworu's and Shinji's affection as high starter in romantic and low in friendship. In the 4koma gag comic strip not confused with the anime adaptationPuchi Eva or Petit Eva, Kaworu's blatantly in love with Shinji he desires to be his wife in his profile and calls Gendo his father in law.

There are a number of teases in several strips, including one with Kaworu moving in with his family the angels to live with the Ikaris. Yui's supportive of their relationship and teases Shinji about it.

For a online Valentine's Day Special campaign in a mobile phone, Shinji and Kaworu were drawn sharing the Red String of Fate tied to their pinky, both bashful with a multiple heart patterned background. In one of the previews for 3. The implication was that the boy was Kaworu, though. Later on he blushes when Kaworu tells Shinji he can just call him by his first name. Rebuild's theme songs Beautiful World and Sakura Nagashi are both very much to do with Kaworu and Shinji's relationship.

Beautiful World is rather blatantly about Shinji from Kaworu's perspective, as supported by the male pronoun "boku", and distinctly similar speech patterns. And as for the content Who else would profess so selflessly that their only wish is to sleep by Shinji's side?

Who sleeps with him in both the original and the films? The singer doesn't care where it is, as "anywhere would do", and in 3. Sakura Nagashi is a song about coping with grief, and mourning for a lover deceased. Guess who dies in that film If the song is read in that light, then the lyrics are very revealing of Shinji's feelings towards Kaworu.

You were so beautiful. What would you think of me, living without you? What about any of that is 'ambiguous'?

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Far less blatant is the open admiration Bridge Bunny Maya has towards her superior Ritsuko, though unfortunately for her Ritsuko is far too busy getting banged by Gendo. Ritsuko and Maya get a Crowning Moment of Awesome in episode 13, when they defeat the Eleventh Angel by reprogramming a computer. This being MayaRitsuko gets excessively fangirled for her contribution.

Let's not forget the onsen bath scene with Misato and Asuka. Through suggestive dialogue and giggling it's hinted that Misato was feeling up her mutually naked charge in some rather provocative ways, under the blanket of being "innocent girlie fun.

Amusing as the idea may be, it's not canon, though you can really imagine what you want with Eva And there's a scene in Rebuild 2. Shinji reminds him that he's a boy and in response Kaji says "No problem. Gender shouldn't get in the way of love," places his hand on Shinji's, gets close to his face, and tries or pretends to to kiss him and Shinji blushes, letting out an almighty squeal.

Shinji confronts the Angel, during which he also confronts his inner self, forming arguments and philosophies. He is brutally freed from the powerful Angel through the intervention of his mother Yui, whose soul is within the Eva, which epically, gruesomely splits the Angel's massive body into two.

After Shinji is forced to fight the Bardiel-controlled Eva while Toji is trapped within, [18] Shinji decides to quit Nerv. Zeruel soon appears and decapitates the other Evangelion units. As a result, he is trapped within its core for a month before being released. He meets Kaworu Nagisa and the two become friends.

However, it is later revealed that Kaworu is in fact the final Angel and Shinji is forced to kill him, [22] giving Shinji extreme mental trauma. The End of Evangelion[ edit ] The End of Evangelion continues Shinji's story, portraying his downward spiral into depression and eventual loss of the will to live. He is in this state for the majority of the film, remaining catatonic while all the NERV officers, including Misato, are killed.

Shinji then decides to pilot the Eva to save those who are still alive, but a bakelite release ordered by Misato accidentally blocks the entrance of Unit When Shinji learns of Asuka's defeat, the Evangelion moves on its own to let Shinji become the transcendent, powerful hero once again. Shinji's Ego cause the Eva's AT field to manifest in the form of gigantic, dreadful, divine wings.

Despite this, after witnessing the mangled, mutilated corpse of Unit being carried by the Mass Production Evas, Shinji's trauma becomes even worse as the Human Instrumentality Project begins. Shinji's intense emotion summons the Lance of Longinus stuck on the Moon all the way down to Earth. Shinji, now one with all other humans, converses with them, particularly Rei and Kaworu.

It is revealed that Shinji and Eva's absorption of a Fruit of Life and a Fruit of Wisdom meant that Eva, and the pilot inside, will continue to exist forever, "even after the Sun, the Moon, and the planets are gone".

He eventually converses with Yui, whom he wonders what will do, until he finally decides that he wants to live and returns to Earth. Asuka appears next to him and Shinji attempts to strangle her for an un-clarified reason, but stops himself and breaks down after Asuka regains consciousness and caresses his face.

kaworu and shinji relationship with god

In this film, Shinji's role is very much the same as that of the anime series. He is assigned to be the pilot of Unit and works alongside Rei to defeat the Angel Ramiel. On the night before the battle, Asuka sleepwalks onto Shinji's futon; he attempts to kiss herbut stops after she calls in her sleep for her mother, after which Shinji realizes that Asuka is merely a child.

The next day, their unison perfected, Shinji and Asuka sortie in Eva and Eva, and successfully defeat Israfel with a simultaneous attack on both of its cores. The plan is a complete success, apart from the Evas ending up in a heap and the pilots bickering over whose fault it was. Shinji in Tokyo-3 Main Articles: Episode 10Episode 11Episode 12Episode 13Episode 14 During the summer, Shinji, Asuka, and Rei are required to miss the school trip on account of their piloting duties.

During Nerv's operation to attempt to capture the 8th Angel, SandalphonShinji serves as backup while Asuka descends into a magma pit. The operation fails, though the Angel is later destroyed. Asuka and Eva are almost lost, but Shinji leaps into the magma in Eva to save them both. Afterward, Misato rewards the pair by taking them to a nearby hot spring. Just before the blackout at Nerv, Shinji calls Gendo to inform him of an upcoming Parent-Teacher meeting in school.

Gendo dismisses this, telling Shinji that all such responsibilities have been delegated to Misato, and not to bother him with such matters again. During the blackout, Shinji, Asuka and Rei have to manually infiltrate Nerv HQ, discovering along the way that the 9th Angel, Mataraelis attacking the base. Once inside, Shinji learns that his father has been working to manually prepare the Evas for launch, in the belief that the pilots would arrive. All three Evangelions sortie under emergency powerand work together to defeat the Angel.

Shinji and Asuka continue to live with Misato. Shinji's synchronization with Eva continues to improve, much to Asuka's annoyance. When Kensuke notices that Misato has been promoted to the rank of major, the children throw a party for her at the apartment, though Shinji is a little unused to being around so many people. He asks Misato why she joined Nerv; she claims to have forgotten, but later reveals that she joined Nerv to both avenge her father and to break free of his spell.

While Gendo is absent from Nerv, Tokyo-3 is attacked from orbit by the 10th Angel, Sahaquielwhich jams all communications and threatens to destroy Tokyo-3 by falling on it like a giant bomb. Misato orders an evacuation, and all three Evangelions again sortie in order to catch the Angel as it falls. With a burst of speedEva catches the Angel first and holds it in place until Eva and Eva arrive to dispatch it.

After the battle, Gendo personally praises Shinji by name for his actions. Later, while out eating Ramen, Shinji reveals to Misato that he pilots Eva to hear such words from his father. During the tests, the 11th Angel, Ireulinfiltrates the Pribnow Box and attacks.

Shinji and the other pilots are evacuated, as Nerv deals with the Angel without using the Evangelions. Shinji later takes part in an interchangeability test, and he tries to pilot Eva for the first time. During the test Shinji feels the presence of something trying to dive into his mind, after which Unit again goes berserk, trying to attack the control room. Shinji awakens later in hospital, apparently remembering nothing of the incident.

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Shinji and Gendo Main Articles: Episode 15Episode 16Episode 17Episode 18 The anniversary of Yui's death is coming up, and Shinji is due to visit her gravesite with his father. While the students of Class 2A are cleaning their schoolroom, Shinji stares intently at Rei while she wrings a cloth.

Later in an elevator, Shinji tries to ask Rei what Gendo is like, but she claims not to know. When Rei asks Shinji why he was staring earlier, he says that the way she was wringing the cloth reminded him of a mother. Later in Misato's apartment, Shinji reflects on Gendo, and Misato tries to encourage him for his gravesite visit the next day.

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The next day, Shinji and Gendo visit Yui's grave to lay a wreath of flowers. Shinji has not been there in three years, having run away on the last occasion.

kaworu and shinji relationship with god

Gendo and Shinji converse about Yui, how there is no body at the gravesite, and how Gendo has destroyed all pictures of her, claiming to keep everything in his heart. As Gendo makes to depart, Shinji calls out to say he was glad to have spoken with his father today; Gendo responds briefly and the pair depart separately. Later, at Misato's apartment, Asuka arrives home after dumping her date and, finding Shinji playing his cello quite well, applauds his performance.

Shinji tells her that it is the only piece he knows how to play and that he isn't very good [2]and that he first started after his teacher instructed him to do so, continuing only because no one ever told him to stop.

Shinji and Gendo During the evening, while Misato is out late with Kaji, Asuka asks Shinji if he wants to kiss her, claiming that she is bored, and eventually manages to persuade Shinji to agree.

The pair kiss, but Asuka holds Shinji's nose until he turns blue and has to break off. Asuka runs off to the bathroom, and, washing out her mouth, declares that kissing is not a great way to pass time.

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  • Kaworu Nagisa

Kaji arrives home with a drunken Misato, Asuka becomes downcast after smelling Misato's perfume on Kaji, but tells Shinji she is so because she kissed him. Shinji synchronization results continue to improve until eventually he passes Asuka to gain the highest synchronization ratio.

He is congratulated by Misato, but Asuka is secretly enraged. Shinji confidence improves so much, that later when the 12th Angel, Lelielattacks, Shinji decides not to wait for back up from Eva and Eva, and attacks Leliel without support in Eva When the Angel's spherical form turns out to be an illusion, Eva is sucked into the Angel's "shadow" as Shinji screams for help.

Shinji is trapped "inside" the Angel, within a pocket dimension known as a Dirac Seacut off from outside communication as the Eva's power supply and life support systems slowly begin to give out.

kaworu and shinji relationship with god

As more time passes. Still trapped in Leliel, Shinji finds himself in a dreamscape, faced by a younger version of himself in a dusk-lit train carriage. A voice, presumably the boy's, forces Shinji to confront his relationships with others and in particular with his father. Shinji is forced to recall his abandonment by Gendoand memories of the scandal surrounding Yui's death.

Shinji wakes in the Entry Plug, finding life support systems have now completely failed, believing this is the end. As he gives in Shinji sees a vision of a long haired woman in the entry plug, who he presumes is his mother Yui, and also sees a vision or memory of his mother from the past.

Shinji's entry plug is opened by a tearful Misato, relieved to find him still alive. Shinji later awakens in the hospital, with Rei at his bedside, and is surprised when she uses the exact words Yui used in the Entry Plug. Misato later refuses to allow Shinji to be interrogated by The Committee about his time inside the Angel. The Committee asks if Leliel attempted to communicate, but Misato claims that nothing in Shinji's report suggests this.

When Eva and Nerv's Second branch in Nevada are destroyed, Shinji remains uninformed, both about the incident, the impending arrival of Eva in Tokyo-3, and the selection of the Fourth Children. Shinji's life continues as normal in Class 2A, with the rest of his classmates. When Toji is asked to deliver a printout to an absent Rei, he asks Shinji to accompany him. The two travel to Rei's apartment, finding no-one home upon entering. When Shinji decides to clean her room, Toji remarks on what a different impression he has of Shinji now than when they first met.

My life was meaningful, because of you.

When Rei returns, surprised that Shinji cleaned her room, she awkwardly thanks him, later reflecting that she had never done so with Gendo. While sitting on a bench in the Geofront, Shinji expresses some disappointment in Kaji's lack of seriousness. Kaji decides to show Shinji something special, and takes him to a secret garden patch in the Geofront where Kaji has been growing melons.

While Kaji waters the plants, the two discuss what can be learned from such experiences, and about Shinji's knowledge of suffering. While at school, Toji is asked by Ritsuko to become the Fourth Children and pilot of Eva, though the others remain unaware of this. Shinji learns from Kensuke that Eva is coming to Japan, and will be tested in Matsushiroand that Eva and Nerv second branch have been destroyed, none of which Misato has told Shinji anything of.

When Misato is about to depart for the test, Shinji puts these questions to her, and tries to ask her about the selected pilot, but is interrupted by Kensuke, who has arrived at the apartment to unsuccessfully beg to be selected as the pilot.

Later at home, Shinji and Asuka are babysat by Kaji while Misato is away. Shinji tires to learn the pilot's identity from Asuka, but she refuses to tell him.

That night, Shinji tries to ask Kaji what his father Gendo is like, as Kaji is frequently with Gendo. Kaji tells Shinji that the Vice Commander is most often with Gendo. The two also discuss Misato.

kaworu and shinji relationship with god

Episode 18Episode 19 The next day, during its activation test at Matsushiro, Eva is taken over by the 13th Angel, Bardieland Misato and Ritsuko are caught up in the explosion. Gendo assumes tactical control of Nerv, and orders Shinji, Asuka, and Rei to sortie in their Evangelions and to intercept Bardiel, which is advancing on Tokyo However, Shinji is unable to fight when faced with the prospect of having to kill the pilot who is still trapped inside.

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Bardiel, facing no resistance, proceeds to throttle Eva Despite Gendo's attempts to get him to fight, Shinji refuses, preferring to die himself before killing another person. Gendo then orders that Eva's control be switched over to the Dummy System. Control is switched, and Shinji is left powerless to stop Eva's actions as the dummy system proceeds to destroy Eva and Bardiel in a particularly brutal fashion.

Later, Shinji discovers that the pilot was indeed Toji, when he sees him being removed — alive, but severely injured — from the smashed Entry Plug.