Kaillie humphreys and heather moyse relationship questions

Kaillie Humphries, left, and Heather Moyse of Canada celebrate after the fourth run of the Women's bobsled competition at the Sanki Sliding. Victory in women's bobsleigh required mending some complicated relationships. 1 pilot Kaillie Humphries, backed by brakeman Heather Moyse, broke the The athletes were passing the time reading out questions from a. Two-time Olympic bobsleigh champion Kaillie Humphries says her initial brakeman Heather Moyse was making a comeback to the sport.

It was a long trip, but there was more awkward silence than any meaningful conversation. Moyse tried some jokes, tried talking about men, their fellow competitors, but nothing was working.

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She eventually reached for a book that she'd packed to help pass the time. It was loaded with hundreds of questions -- all beginning with the word 'If' -- that you could ask people around you for fun. Moyse wasn't paying much attention to the text and was simply reading the questions out cold. They were rather innocuous, like 'If you could have dinner with any three people in the world, who would they be?

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Her teammate in the front passenger seat looked back at her in stunned silence with eyebrows raised. No one said a word. The seconds felt like minutes. Unsure of what to do, Moyse made a joking comment in hopes of clearing the tension. Then Humphries finally broke the ice. It wasn't your fault, you were just doing your job.

Humphries, Moyse aim for their third bobsleigh gold, but reunion seems unlikely

They could finally talk about things. While they had been professional in their interaction as teammates, they had put walls in place when it came to their relationship.

That one moment helped change that. She said yes and they were on their way, two athletes who both had something to prove. That was the biggest thing. Both of us, right from the start, we both respected each other and our jobs and what we were doing and the rest could come and we knew that. The Vancouver Games were a year away.

They entered the Olympics as underdogs and emerged as champions. Moyse later took a break from the sport for a couple years but returned this past season and it was like she'd never left. They won their first World Cup race of the season last fall in Calgary, entered the Sochi Games as favourites and showed they could repeat. Their bond was evident Wednesday night at the Sanki Sliding Center. After their victory, an ecstatic Moyse and Humphries raced to the front row of spectators to share the moment with friends and family.

After a moment or two to celebrate, the Canadian duo was ushered down some stairs to the back of the finish area to line up with the other medallists for the flower presentation. It was there that they finally caught their breath. Collected below the enormous sweep of track at turn 16—dubbed Thunderbird—the spectators had chosen an unusual heroine to watch. All at once, they caught a glimpse of Humphries on the JumboTron, dancing and grooving alongside Moyse, with Sweet Georgia Brown the theme of the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team washing over them all.

A huzzah went up. There is nothing warm or fuzzy about bobsledding. Maybe it was the dancing or the red maple leaf painted on her cheek.

Olympic champs Humphries and Moyse haven't always been all smiles and glory | CTV News Atlantic

Or maybe it was just her awesome mastering of the infamous track. Of the international competitors training there prior to the event, it was Humphries who had driven fastest. Now, in the final run of the night, Humphries coolly, collectedly drove the Canada 1 car to golden victory. The mishap virtually assured Upperton bronze, yet she piloted her ride to greater heights. When she saw Pac, the American, run out of steam in her final run to drop behind her, Upperton fell to the ground.

What did Moyse say to her old pilot when she and Humphries then glided effortlessly into first?