Jo brand and bernie bourke relationship problems

Jo Brand does Sport Relief: "I'm thick skinned. I've had to be"

jo brand and bernie bourke relationship problems

Jo Brand is funny, frank and the kind of feminist you'd want to be friends with. The year-old, who is married to Bernie Bourke with two children, . friends, you have to work quite hard to keep the relationships going but it's worth it. So my advice to women would be: there's always support around for. When Jo Brand took issue with this comment, Thatcher was . with her marriage to Bernie Bourke, and even more so when, at the age of. JO Brand made a kinky confession on The One Show today. Jo has been married to psychiatric Bernie Bourke for 20 years and the couple.

jo brand and bernie bourke relationship problems

She also provided a voiceover for the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre's pantomime Aladdin. In AugustBrand judged the first ever Class Clowns competition at the Edinburgh Fringe Festivalshe also announced the winner at the Gilded Balloon on the night. She will also star in the film.

Her transition into mainstream television continued when she starred in her own series on Channel 4Jo Brand Through the Cakeholeco-written with comedy writer Jim Miller, who was already her main stand-up writer. Brand has had several solo television series, and presented shows such as Jo Brand's Commercial Breakdown.

Her television success continued with guest appearances on shows such as Have I Got News for You and QIto the extent where she became the most frequently appearing guest on the latter, appearing in a total of 34 episodes. As a fan of CountdownBrand achieved an ambition when she was invited to appear in the show's "Dictionary Corner" as the celebrity guest.

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She later became a friend of the host, Richard Whiteleyand after his death in attended his memorial service at York Minster. She has appeared on Countdown as a Dictionary Corner guest 88 times.

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On 25 MarchBrand appeared on Play It Again where she was required to learn how to play the organ in just four months. In order to practise her performance, she played Dear Lord and Father of Mankind — a favourite hymn of hers at a church service in her former village church in Benenden, Kent, and accompanied dancers at Blackpool Tower. Prior to this, her only experiences with musical instruments had been childhood piano and violin lessons. Perhaps some of it is more geared to old ladies like me who are heading for the menopause and leak when they laugh.

I always wanted children, I even had dreams of having 10 at one point. Bernie was as keen as I was, so luckily I didn't have to strap him against a wall and beat him until he agreed to it. We're a very happy family.

jo brand and bernie bourke relationship problems

It is incredibly fulfilling and I think you'd be a pretty miserable person if you didn't enjoy it. I had a friend who, when she had two children under three, confided in me that she wished she had never done it which I think is a very unusual thing to hear.

jo brand and bernie bourke relationship problems

Mine are great and I wish I'd had them earlier. Since then she's had successful television shows, including the award winning Jo Brand Through The Cakehole.

Signs of softening

But now there seems a slightly softer feel to the material. Hopefully I have matured over the years.

jo brand and bernie bourke relationship problems

Actually I never was, but hey that's what they liked to label me. That's so untrue, I'm married to one for gawd's sake. I think men are great but certain aspects of their behaviour towards women is execrable. It's just another misconception and a way of knocking me. At the end of the day you can't worry about the press who are so simplistic and wanting to pigeonhole everyone, not just me.

Now I just have to ignore it.

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Since I've had children I've found a waist type thing on my body so they wanted me to show my cleavage and never wear black. Black clothes are my uniform. She recently starred as a psychiatric nurse, drawing on her previous career, in a play called Mental, at the Edinburgh Festival.

jo brand and bernie bourke relationship problems

Her first novel, Sorting Out Billie, featuring a female stand-up comedian as one of the characters, will be published next May.