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On February 10, Haha uploaded a photo of himself with some of his “Running Man” cast members in order to congratulate Ji Suk Jin on his birthday. The photo . Their next question: Is Ji Suk-jin really that susceptible to words? After they signed the contract, Suk-jin had hoped they would share a more brotherly relationship in A video shows Jae-suk test out Kwang-soo's waterproof phone by Jae-suk identifies the others as his manager Im Jong-yoon, and his. Running Man's Ji Suk Jin talked about his close friendship with fellow cast member Yoo Jae Suk. On MBC FM4U's “Kim Shin Young's Hope.

Yet, a show can only last so long on relationships, especially a South Korean variety show. South Korea's variety shows work in a very specific manner where each person has a role to play.

For example, Kim Jong Kook is the strong warrior, never to be out won in strength or Kwang Soo is the betrayer that always betrays. But once these roles have been established, it is extremely hard to break out of or create a new character. Once a betrayer will always be a betrayer, once a warrior always the warrior. Basically, although the roles that variety cast members play may be based on their personalities and habits, it is very much a role, a character.

In a way the members always are slightly acting. If you can't believe that, Kwang Soo has said that his personality in real life is a lot quieter and reserved while Haha, in the OG days, was the childish boy that always hit on the female guests, until his engagement with his now wife, Byul, was revealed.

These variety roles are slightly two dimensional and one set minded always tracked to its on-screen personality, not fully encompassing the nuances a real-life person has. So imagine playing a role, a character for 7 straight years, with the same exact members.

There can only be so many scenarios. In a way it was amazing for the cast to last this long, creating laughs for their audience, only off their slightly flat on-screen personalities.

And you could see it on the screen.

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Right before the cancelation, the show floundered, unable to come up with new scenes and framework for a cast that had done almost everything they could within their set boundaries.

Nothing in the cast relationships were new, which is why the show wasn't doing so well. And then the new cast members joined. They were a breath of fresh air. The original cast members had all sat down with the staff and had handpicked their new members. Maybe this is why the two newcomers are meshing in well with the crew, or maybe it is just because the new members are bringing new elements to the show.

Jeon So Min came in with a bang from the start. Her 4-dimensional personality, no filter for a very PG show, and need to one-up the show's main betrayer, has produced so many new plots and stories for the cast to bounce off of and explore.

The other answers are more mean-spirited: Jong-kook, in turn, would want to switch bodies with Jae-suk for a chance to ruin his polished and polite image. The first question is one even the cast is curious about: How do Gary and Ji-hyo truly feel about each other?

No matter whether you love or hate the Monday Couple pairing, we can all agree that this is a question long overdue. What a weird editing cut. Gary makes dinner reservations and blings up, while Ji-hyo gets dolled up at the salon. When they arrive at the restaurant, he insists on opening the car door for her and jumps out… to find her door locked.

In the next moment, Gary pulls out his trademark cheesy line charm, noting how the flower on the table resembles her. Ji-hyo gasps at the expensive menu, to which Gary flashes his watch and chain to reassure her that money is no object for him here.

His old-fashioned jokes makes her shake her head, but she does ask for their drinks to be non-alcoholic. Gary shows a little jealousy at that, and when Ji-hyo gets a bit of food on her lips, she licks it up.

They keep talking, and when he offers to show her what other couples do while waiting for the food, he holds her hand on the table. In the studio, Gary admits that he got jealous here, as we watch her whisper into his ear the nickname she has for him. Ji-hyo wonders if they should go see a movie yet, and Gary says all couples go out to watch a horror movie.

He lets go a minute later, then tries to break the awkward silence with more humor. Gary insists upon being the gentleman to open up her car door again at their next destination.

Hahaha, please let this be a running joke. He compliments her again, and says spring has come because of her. Aww, that is sweet. What I like about this entire situation is that they both do address how awkward it feels to be alone together, but they still make an effort to be courteous to one another. That helps to break the ice a little, and Gary launches into some skinship as soon as the movie starts. He fails in trying to place his head on her shoulder and an arm around her shoulder, then resorts to trying to place his head on her lap.

Instead, she suggests they shared the blanket. He takes that opportunity to place an arm around her shoulder, and she immediately shuts that down. They take a van to their next location: In an interview, Ji-hyo hopes that the audience is understanding to whatever the results are. A specialist is brought in to interpret the medical imagery, explaining that both Gary and Ji-hyo were shown photos of one another.

When Gary saw pictures of Ji-hyo… his brain activity was stable, as if he saw someone he knew very well.

Haha Posts Hilarious Photo of Yoo Jae Suk for Ji Suk Jin’s Birthday

Ha, Peaceful Gary makes a return. As for Ji-hyo… her brain did indicate some activity in that specified region. It can occur between new couples or those who have a longstanding relationship, much like Gary and Ji-hyo. That spurs more discussion about how they responded to other photos.

Is Ji Suk-jin really that susceptible to words?