Jesus relationship with mary martha and lazarus images

MARTHA & MARY, two sisters who sheltereded Jesus. Lazarus raised.

jesus relationship with mary martha and lazarus images

Sitting at Jesus's feet, sister Mary is a picture of repose, one hand led to some speculation on the nature of Mary and Martha's relationship. because we find in the story of Lazarus a picture of Christ who is first contemplative; second We see it in Jesus words to Martha and then to Mary. Most of all we see it in Jesus deep relationship with the Father enables him to offer meaning. When I read the Bible, I can see that Mary, Martha, Lazarus and Jesus were as one, the literal sex-act, but of the often passionate relationships between men. . The "St. John" pictured in crucifixion images and statues is often pictured as.

But if Jesus could bring dead people to life, why didn't he do it more often and why can't we all live forever? Some would say we do - symbolically. This story was symbolic or was maybe what many think of as a religious ceremony or event, a metaphorical tale about "raising someone to consciousness" - a religious ceremony leading to spiritual enlightenment.

Modern psychic, clairvoyant or spiritual people think so too. The only reasons that caves were used for these was so that they would not be disturbed. This was especially important when someone was undergoing the death initiation as taught in the Isis mystery schools, where such a deep trance was induced it appeared that the person had died. This is what I think happened to Lazarus in the New Testament. He was doing a ritual which required his spirit to temporarily leave his body.

I did a little bit of this in shamanic training, where we had to achieve a trance state, done with the beat of a drum, to go to the realm of the dead. Before our trance journey we had to have someone not journeying to watch over us, and make sure that we returned to consciousness at the appropriate moment, in case we didn't want to come back. Some people like it so much on the other side they do not want to come back. The Egyptians used to do "far-world" stuff, as did the Druids, who called it the Otherworld, and the mystery schools about the time of Jesus.

Many of the Gnostic Gospels talk about this as well, it is all in Pistis Sophia. I have long thought something like this was going on with Lazarus in the "raised from the dead" Bible story. Just recently I read on the web-site of Andrew Cort, an American writer, in his article on the sacred feminine, the statement that this ceremony was the raising through seven levels to perfection.

He also says, that this ceremony was taking place when Jesus rid Mary Magdalene of the seven devils that he cast out. However, most experts think it means Mary was cured by Jesus, for in those days diseases were considered to be caused by devils. The Bethany family and Jesus were very close. When I read the Bible, I can see that Mary, Martha, Lazarus and Jesus were as one, their love for each other was so deep and mysterious, it springs out of the page to me, tears come to my eyes.

It says in St.

Mary, Martha and Lazarus of Bethany

Sex, passion and spiritual love I am fascinated by the sheer passionate quality of worship among Roman Catholics. The passion is supposed to be spiritual, but they translate it with erotic images. It is hard to understand. Mary Magdalene was there at the foot of the cross, in a shamelessly sexual pose - she appeared to be diffused with erotic rapture.

Many pictures show her naked too. What about the love between Jesus and Lazarus? I studied the Bible for weeks on end and was surprised at how much there was in it, if you cared to look, and that included references to homosexuality.

Mary of Bethany

I am not talking about the literal sex-act, but of the often passionate relationships between men. This has always existed in the Church and many churchmen adore Jesus or God with a passion which is a little frightening.

I mention in my book "Looking for Mary M" the story of the centurian who asked Jesus to cure his "boy. Many modern churchmen are gay. Vianney as a boy was always praying and having visions, it's said. He joined the army in but deserted, saying war was not the will of God.

At his parish at Ars, he loved the church and founded a school for the boys. He was soon known to be a clairvoyant and his villagers say today; he already had a halo. He could levitate himself and rays of light emanated from him when he prayed. He talked with angels and told everyone they had a guardian angel who looked after them. He had visions, spirits appeared to him, and today modern French spiritualists regularly get messages from him. Pilgrims soon started going to his church and the village, full of religious fervour.

I would like to die loving you, rather than live a single instant without loving you. I do not want Heaven, only the happiness of perfectly loving you. I fear Hell only because I would not have the sweet consolation of loving you.

It reads like a love letter to me.

jesus relationship with mary martha and lazarus images

Gay people in the Church have told me it is assumed that Jesus and Lazarus were lovers. But it was deeper than that. Let's start with the mysterious verses in St. Mark, 14, 50 - The event was the arrest of Jesus. There was some fighting in which St.

Peter cut off the ear of the High priest's slave. Then all the disciples left Jesus and ran away. A certain young man, dressed only in a linen cloth, was following Jesus. They tried to arrest him, but he ran away naked, leaving the cloth behind him.

If I am correct that young man was Lazarus, after the disciples ran away Lazarus stayed and tried to protect Jesus until he himself was forced to run for his life. But because of the "cloth" some assume a homosexual act was taking place, which seems utterly bizarre, in the circumstances of a pitched battle. What is important is the bravery of Lazarus and the cowardice of the other disciples - Peter denied Jesus 3 times then he broke down and cried.

jesus relationship with mary martha and lazarus images

Another small part in St. That disciple was Lazarus, the disciple that Jesus loved. Why on earth would Peter say, what about this man? Jesus then more-or-less told him to mind his own business.

The standard implication was, he was talking about somebody resurrected - strange, why should that suddenly come up then? It seems to me that Jesus's friendship with Lazarus was none of Peter's business. But were they gay lovers? I researched on Wikipedia. That such an interpretation of a physical erotic relationship did exist as early as the sixteenth century is documented for example in the trial for blasphemy of Christopher Marlowe accused of claiming that "St.

John the Evangelist was bedfellow to Christ and leaned always in his bosom, that he used him as the sinners of Sodoma".

Mary, Martha and Lazarus of Bethany | Marg Mowczko

In accusing Marlowe of the "sinful nature" of homosexual acts, James I of England drew comparisons between his own erotic relationship with the Duke of Buckingham. Finally Calcagno, a citizen of Venice faced trial in for claiming that "St. John was Christ's catamite". The discovery of fragments of the Secret Gospel of Mark seems to add fuel to the flames of the homosexuality debate.

The Gospel no longer exists, but Morton Smith discovered a letter that makes reference to it. Jesus being angered went off with her to the garden where the tomb was, and straightaway a great cry was heard from the tomb. And straightaway, going in where the youth was, he stretched forth his hand and raised him, seizing his hand. But the youth, looking upon him, loved him and began to beseech him that he might be with him. And going out of the tomb they came into the house of the youth, for he was rich.

And after six days Jesus told him what to do and in the evening the youth came to him, wearing a linen cloth over his naked body. And he remained with him that night, for Jesus taught him the mystery of the Kingdom of God. Of course the gay community emphasise these things but it seems again, something spiritual was going on.

It said that a paragraph in one of the gospels was to be taken out as it talks of a disciple possibly John the beloved spending the night with Jesus, and sleeping in the same bed with him. The bishop was worried that the public would think this amounted to a homosexual act. However during a modern Shamanic trance the Shaman and the client lie flat on their backs, in close contact with each other.

The Shaman goes into a trance with the aid of ritual drumming, for the purpose of healing or finding something out. Because it was hot in Judea, being in close contact with someone all night would make you uncomfortable, and since the client must not move once the trance journey has begun in case of disturbing the journeying Shaman, it makes sense that neither man would have worn much clothing.

Parts of it are very mystical and the stories of events often read like a play, with all the conversations repeated word for word. This Gospel must have been written by someone who was there. Who else but a person very close to Jesus? The biblical scholar Bart Ehrman, has recently published a book called "Forged" which challenges the authenticity of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and John, and disputes the assumption that the Apostle Peter wrote the Epistles of Peter or anything else.

Unlike Paul, who wrote the Acts of the Apostles, Peter, a fisherman raised in rural Palestine, was almost certainly illiterate. So was the Apostle John, another fisherman. The fisherman John could have not written the Gospel bearing his name, says Ehrman.

Jesus at the home of Martha and Mary - Wikipedia

Martha was doing a very good thing, the expected thing, but Mary had chosen the better option. Click To Tweet Later, Mary would choose to do another fine thing when she lovingly anointed Jesus with her expensive perfume in preparation for his death Matt.

Did Mary knowingly anoint Jesus as a prophetic act? But Jesus did not experience poverty in Bethany; instead, he experienced the warmth, love, and hospitality of dear friends. Jesus spent a lot of time during the last weeks of his earthly ministry in Bethany. Mary and Martha were both women of great faith, spiritual acuity, and devotion. The church needs both Marys and Marthas who will be exuberant, pragmatic, and insightful in their devotion to the Lord Jesus, people who are always choosing the more necessary thing of spending time with Jesus, learning from him.

Mary learning and Martha serving: Scholars, however, are now debating if there really was a sect called the Essenes and if they wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Josephus provides a lot of information about the ascetic sect he refers to perhaps incorrectly as the Essenes in The Wars of the Jews, Book 2chapter 8, The ascetic sect associated with the Dead Sea Scrolls began in around BC and vanished after the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple. John the Baptist was also an ascetic.

Lepers were isolated from society. On the other hand, it seems that there were lepers in Bethany. Is it possible that a man with leprosy had guests for dinner?

jesus relationship with mary martha and lazarus images

The connection between Simon and Martha, Mary and Lazarus is unclear. Perhaps Simon was a wealthy man, afflicted with leprosy, who had bequeathed his home to the community in Bethany.

In this Gospel passage, there is an account of a previous anointing from an unnamed, unknown woman. Bethany was a natural oasis and known for its trees which produced olives, figs, almonds, and carobs.

Ignatius Press, here. Josephus, The Wars of the Jews, Book 2, see chapter 8, paragraphs here. Bethany was only two miles from Jerusalem which made it a perfect location for a hospice for pilgrims travelling to Jerusalem who became ritually unclean and were unable to participate in the Jewish festivals.