Jensen ackles meet and greet 2016

Jensen Ackles | Roster Con

jensen ackles meet and greet 2016

I love Nashcon for a few reasons. One, it's at the Gaylord Opryland, which is like Disney World smashed together with Under The Dome. SUPERNATURAL OFFICIAL CONVENTION Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and YOU: one of our most coveted items. Jensen started off his meet and greet by saying thank you for the candy and other treats that some considerate fans had left on the chair next to.

jensen ackles meet and greet 2016

Mark Sheppard introduced me to his youngest son, who stepped up to shake my hand unprompted and say how nice it was to meet me. So polite and charming! It was wonderful to finally meet Sarah in person too. Just tidbits, not a transcript, not word for word, you know the drill but I feel obligated to repeat it anyway… A fan asked if Jensen practiced his scenes as Dean in the mirror when he was directing, so he could see how it would look.

He said he depends on the stand ins to block out the scene, so that by the time he goes in to do it, he has a good idea of how it will look. It can take some time to get a scene blocked, so the stand ins are at the ready, stepping in and out, until they have it right.

Only then do the actual actors come in to do the scene. Another fan asked the question that I think was on all of our minds. Confusion, connection, whatever it is. Which is probably a good thing. I followed up with another question about Amara, this one about that scene in the last episode where Dean appears to be transfixed by Amara until Sam bursts in and Amara tosses him across the room like a ragdoll.

jensen ackles meet and greet 2016

Is that what pulled Dean out of it? The Darkness hurting his brother?

Creation Entertainment's Supernatural Offical Convention in Pittsburgh, PA

I had a chance to have a lovely chat with Bob Berens, who wrote that episode, on Friday — of course I asked him about that scene too. Always a treat to chat with Bobo! Bob also said that yes, seeing Sam attacked was what snapped Dean out of it.

Part of it was shame, too. Dean was ashamed for his brother to see him just standing there. I guess that was fairly clear in the ending scene, where Dean reacts to Cas and Sam asking him what happened with a lot of bluster and more than a little denial.

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A few bits and pieces from non-Show related questions: Hilly played Dean so well! And who can blame her? Look at that faaaaaace!

Okay, back to the Show… A fan said she loved the dvd commentaries that Jensen and Jared have done, and asked if there would be more. In other words, he watches old episodes just like we do!

With the new season already well into filming and the teaser trailer for S11 having just been released, there were excellent Show questions. But in the trailer, we see Sam bloody and tortured, and with ominous black veins bulging in his neck. Jensen was careful not to be explicitly spoilery, but he did say that perhaps what we see in the trailer is not exactly what it seems. So maybe what we see there is what happens in a one-off episode, instead of a whole season afficted!

Ooooooh Not to say that Sam necessarily lets Dean in on everything that happens. Tell Jeremy good job. I know, kudos to Jeremy, I will. Someone asked if the Season premiere picks up where the finale left off.

Then I go from there. I keep them separate, compartmentalize the scripts.

jensen ackles meet and greet 2016

Jared does it differently, as one continuous story line. Jared and Brian at the first Nashcon This Nashcon brought memories of its own. The panels were all wonderful, without exception, and the Saturday Night Special was even more special than usual with guest performances by Tim Omundson and of course Jensen.

I will never get over him singing onstage, never. I wish I could bottle that feeling and make it last! The con was also a bit like a chapter of Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls, in which Kathy and I continually became confused as to who we were at any given moment — fangirls or researchers? We were never quite sure, which landed us in a ridiculous number of embarrassing situations. And got us into trouble more than once. Jensen made sure I knew just how hard Jared has been working on it which I never doubted for an instantand I did get a chance to actually talk to Jared later instead of just trading emails back and forth — and then saying hi at a photo op ten minutes later!

Houscon – Jared and Jensen Meet and Greet Tidbits

I feel immeasurably lucky that this is the Show that I fell for, with the best cast ever. So Nashcon was wonderful. We stayed up far too late every night looking at her thousands of photos on her laptop and giggling or gasping at all the pretty. Not a transcript, just a few bits and pieces from my fallible memory, yada yada, you know the drill. He started out the panel reading his text conversation with Jared from the night before, because Jared had made it sound like Jensen dragged him out to a bar when really it was more like Jared luring Jensen.

The entire conversation was hysterical, because he read it line by line, every now and then adding some editorial commentary. Are there kids in here? There was a lot more to the conversation, but it eventually boils down to this: Jared says okay, and Jensen suggests they just raid the mini fridge.

jensen ackles meet and greet 2016

There is no f—king mini fridge! Call Clif or alone? So off they went in search of adventure, like two teenagers who just want to have some fun, like Sam and Dean looking for a good time.