Jack bauer and chloe obrian relationship quizzes

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jack bauer and chloe obrian relationship quizzes

It's been a full four years since we've seen Jack Bauer h Chloe O'Brian. exciting couple scenes for me to film because that was the first time that Chloe has. For another, Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) and Chloe O'Brian (Mary Lynn And Chloe and Jack have had a relationship, certainly, over the entire. Keep having nightmares about Nina Myers? Still think you can speed dial Chloe O'Brian from your pay as you go chip? If so, you're the perfect.

Luckily with the help of rehab, we see our hero or rather our anti-hero recover and fight on.


Question 20 Who said, "Bauer has more lives than a cat? In true Jack Bauer fashion, at the very last minute, Jack escaped this near-death experience.

jack bauer and chloe obrian relationship quizzes

A battle ensured and there were casualties, but Jack seems to land on his feet yet again. Question 21 Who killed Jack Bauer's brother Graeme? Sure, it may sound exciting at first, but then you must remember a lot of people would like to see you buried 6 feet under.

Not to mention, some of the very people that want you dead are members of your own family.

jack bauer and chloe obrian relationship quizzes

The saying goes that two can keep a secret if one of them is dead and someone in the Bauer family made sure their secrets were safe. Question 22 What animal bit Kim Bauer in season two? In the woods, a trap set by humans ended up catching something unexpected — little Miss Kim Bauer.

Alanis Morissette is somewhere writing a song and singing about this right now.

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Anyhow, Kim tries to break free but the entire time the thing that bit her is still there somewhere lurking, just waiting to finish the job. Actress Mary Lynn Rajskub joined the show in series three, by the end of series five she was lead female, with top billing second only to Kiefer Sutherland.

The star chatted exclusively to entertainment. Live Another Day has in store for her. If the trailers are anything to go by, it seems like Chloe has very much ditched her CTU life, and embraced what you might say is some kind of She's become anti-government and has also suffered a personal tragedy so her look is reflective of that". Sounds like young Chloe has really been through the mill then! And what of her relationship with Jack?

Actress Mary Lynn Rajskub revealed her role in the upcoming seventh season: So far he's taking care of the baby, but he'll be around. Kiefer Sutherland commented "Chloe is crankier than ever; the dammit count is pretty high. Chloe co-ordinates numerous operations for the team, until later they become compromised through their efforts to secure the CIP device used by Juma's henchman, Dubaku to launch attacks on America. Later on, after Dubaku is captured and the threat seemingly ended, Jack is informed by Tony of another impending attack.

Jack asks Chloe to erase Burnett's name from the files to buy him time to get to Burnett and interrogate him. Janis Gold, one of the FBI's analysts, becomes suspicious of Chloe's and finds out what she has done. Janis reports her to Agent Larry Moss, who has Chloe arrested and detained. Chloe is later released when her husband Morris cuts an immunity deal for her, and the two go home to get some sleep.

This plot development was partially to work around Rajskub's pregnancy. In earlier episodes, "I sit behind my computer and every time I stand up, they yell cut, and bring in a body double.

Jack tells her that Tony has betrayed them, but as of 4 AM has not informed her of his own condition. Jack eventually informed her of his condition, but asked her to remain focused and help them find Tony and the pathogen.

jack bauer and chloe obrian relationship quizzes

Thanks to Chloe's help, Jack is able to find and capture Tony. However, the tables are turned and Jack is kidnapped by Tony. When Kim recovers a laptop from one of Tony's lackeys, Chloe is able to track Jack's location and save him. Season 8[ edit ] In Season 8, Chloe is re-employed by the revived CTU, but is at times struggling with the new hardware, software and interfaces; dialogue between her and Head of CTU Brian Hastings Mykelti Williamson indicates that Morris has lost his job and Chloe is keeping the family afloat.

Chloe quickly goes head-to-head with her co-workers when evidence is uncovered that implicates journalist Meredith Reed Jennifer Westfeldt in an assassination plot against President Omar Hassan Anil Kapoor. Chloe is suspicious of the ease with which CTU obtained this evidence, feeling that Reed might be being framed by actual conspirators.

Hastings refuses to follow up on her suspicions, even threatening her job if she takes time to investigate, so she recruits Jack to do it instead.

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As it turns out, Chloe's instincts are proved correct, leading CTU to the actual assassin, and Hastings formally apologizes and commends her actions in the official logs. Later, after Dana's behavior in relation to former associate Kevin Wade Clayne Crawford affects her job performance, Chloe is then reinstated to Head Analyst, with Dana now reporting to her.

In the rd episode of the show Season 8, 6: This puts Chloe in an abnormal position in regard to Jack: This new dynamic is put to the test within two hours of her promotion, when Jack steals a helicopter to pursue justice in direct defiance of orders from President Allison Taylor Cherry Jones.

Chloe sticks with the responsibilities of her position, ordering pursuit instead of supporting Jack; this is the first time in several years the two have pursued clashing goals.

jack bauer and chloe obrian relationship quizzes

At the end of the 8th season 3: Jack orders Chloe to shoot him in order to free herself from suspicion and to expose the cover up of Hassan's murder. Chloe refuses to go through with it until Jack points the gun at his own head, forcing her to either shoot him or having him kill himself.

She shoots him in the shoulder. After Jack is saved from death by President Alison Taylor's order, he calls Chloe and makes her promise to protect Jack's family, and along with President Taylor, plans to buy him as much time as she can for him to flee the country before the Americans and Russians come after him for his actions.

Jack thanks her for all she has done for him since she joined CTU and forgives her for her actions during the day. Chloe has the distinction of speaking the final line in the series by saying "shut it down" to Arlo Glass in regards to the CTU drone. She returned in the miniseries Live Another Day, which started airing in May Live Another Day[ edit ] Four years after the end of Day 8, Chloe is situated in London and has taken to a new, darker appearance. Since being arrested for helping Jack escape, she has become a member of the free information movement and is working with a hacker group named Open Cell, which devotes itself to exposing government secrets.

Her new goals are a stark contrast to the loyal CTU agent Chloe once was; it is suggested she was betrayed by the American government, at one point telling Jack not to judge her "after what [she's] been through. Jack, allowing himself to be captured to gain access to the facility, frees her and then follows her to the hideout of Open Cell's leader, hacker Adrian Cross Michael Wincott. Chloe convinces her colleagues to assist Jack in locating Derrick Yates Joseph Millsona former member of their movement who Jack believes to be involved in a planned assassination attempt on President James Heller William Devane.

By this time, Yates had already managed to commandeer a U. Together, Jack and Chloe track Yates to an apartment complex, but are circumvented by the CIA's efforts to apprehend them. After losing Yates, Jack evades capture and escapes with Chloe.

jack bauer and chloe obrian relationship quizzes

Chloe loses sight of Al-Harazi after being distracted by a passing family, after which she reveals to Jack that Morris and Prescott were killed as a result of her knowledge of Jack's disappearance following Day 8.

Together, they return to Open Cell's headquarters in order to establish a cover for Jack to infiltrate the U. However, Cross betrays Jack by botching Jack's cover; Chloe senses something amiss and warns him to escape, giving Jack enough time to create a diversion and enter the embassy. Chloe manages to hack into Al-Harazi's video feed from her drone's cameras and fake President Heller's death and then track her with Adrian Cross' help.

Jack kills Al-Harazi and stops an attack on Waterloo stationbut Chloe refuses to have anything more to do with him, telling Jack it was good working with him again before rejoining Cross.


After Cross receives the override device from Steve Navarro, Chloe tries to steal it but is forced by Cross to give it back. She is shocked to discover that Cross is working with Jack's old enemy Cheng Zhi who forces Chloe to fix the device and murders Cross who admits that he learned that the death of Morris and Prescott were actually an accident and he kept it from her so she wouldn't leave him.

A horrified Chloe can only watch as Cheng uses the override device to order the sinking of a Chinese aircraft carrier by a United States submarine to spark a war between the two countries, but manages to leave a recording of Cheng behind so that Jack knows who is behind everything.