Infj male and intj female relationship

INTJ female and INFJ male couple

infj male and intj female relationship

If you have been in an INFJ/INTJ relationship, you can probably think of many examples of .. I am an INTJ male engaged to an INFJ female. An in-depth analysis of INTJ relationships and INTJs' compatibility with other While INFJs are strong in extraverting their judgments, INTJs can be even more so . i'm intj female dating an older intp male and it is GREAT. i think i dated a. INFJ-INTJ: The Dark Horse of Ideal INFJ Relationships I am an INFJ who only discovered my type a year ago, but I haven't been able to read enough about.

Which I suppose has led me to break up so many times - something happens and I can't see a way forward any more. My last relationship lasted so long because I got better at communicating my concerns and he would promise to do things differently or I would make a compromise, or we would do something to change our material circumstances so that the future could happen. The issue was that things kept resetting back to square one and I realised that my initial intuition was right and we couldn't work.

Also - you were absolutely spot on with INFJ's reasoning!!!

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I had a think about whether they do provide something that he can't and I had a rethink about why I need to keep in contact with them They don't add anything to my life anymore Anyway, I hope that helps. Thanks for the well-wishes! I know him and I have a long way to go I don't think I'll ever completely be ready in the sense of being super comfortable with everything and having no doubts that a single life would not be a better alternative. However, I do feel that all my relationships have taught me something, and by my early twenties I was ready to take the risks of committing and telling someone I love him.

My first partner when I was a teenager tried to take his life in front of me when I realised I didn't love him The turning point was when I eventually realised that that was a freak incident and that if I never take risks then I will never move forward. Part of it was also just bare-faced bravery even if I do say so myself. I should also mention - if your intuition is telling you that she definitely has feelings for you then trust that.

He was patient and let me ask as many questions as I want, but he also challenged me by asking me why I said and did certain things and he would share his interpretation for my comment. I guess you tried to do that by asking her to take that test, but that to her is making an assumption and then trying to prove it to her in too challenging a manner. A better approach may have been to ask explorative questions about how certain events made her feel or just letting her talk about certain things.

Giving her some space to feel the gap when you're not there is also a good tactic, but be there for her if she asks - it shows commitment and dependability which leads to trust. These were just a few things my INFJ did to bring me round.

infj male and intj female relationship

I went from an adamant "no, it could never work", to "why do I act this way around him? I think I really really care very much about him I'm not sure how clear I was on this, but we met a year after this occurred and she said she was completely over the guy and the situation, it was a large embarrasment for her and it took her down a peg. She described her ex as self righteous and critical, for the most part.

She has a critical father who pushes her very hard. I tried my best to support her, hear her out when she would explain these situations, and rationally explain that she is much better than she feels and much better than what is being said to her in criticisms.

She was very worried about me taking things more seriously than her, I found this humorous and ironic and I would poke fun at the fact that her seriousness over my perceived seriousness made her the more worried partner and that we should just relax. I think a part of me felt rushed so that she could feel like she didn't have to constantly flip flop in her mind and be worried about the situation, I was always flirty and clear with my interest, but I never got too mushy with her.

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She definitely probed me quite a bit on my ideas on relationships; I have many ideas on them and I consider them to be versatile beasts for growth. She didn't enjoy the prospect of growth, she felt like being who she was now and accepting that was imperative. I find that theres a balance between satisfaction and desiring more out of yourself.

This would certainly be a point of contention that made her not want to pursue things. I was mostly open but I got dodgy when it came to the physicality aspects.

infj male and intj female relationship

I mostly wanted to please her and feel a more close connection and that avenue seemed to work best for both of us, but doing that when we were technically still friends gave me guilt for a while. I didn't want to bring it up to her but I eventually said it in passing, half jokingly, which she took seriously and felt very badly about.

That was the last reaction I could have hoped for, and so I reached within and restructured my opinions on intimacy from the ground up in order to adapt; I came to the conclusion that calling something a relationship or not doesn't amplify or diminish the feelings and the connection involved, and so what we did was personally acceptable.

That conclusion calmed things down. I frequently made sure to support feelings with a logical reason or a closely held concept or belief. Something tangible or understandable, at the very least. My goodness, that partner almost killing himself scenario is traumatizing, that's enough to run you away from relationships forever.

I've been in comparative situations where my INFP ex would cut herself and blame me or threaten to kill herself, but it was mostly histrionics.

I did challenge her, perhaps a bit too much like you mentioned. I remember how comfortable we were together when we were alone, it felt euphoric; the air became a soft lapping of waves and we just sat absorbed in a current of conversation, relativity, and closeness.

In school she was so anxious though, she undoubtedly felt uncomfortable around me, which was disconcerting. That never resolved itself, but we discussed it and she explained her position well. But despite the Te-Fi difference we're able to understand each other.

That's what's been really rewarding so far, I've never had been able to hold a deep discussion and express views on life, love, the world, and future with another person so genuinely.

INFJ INTJ Relationship

He feels the same way too. I am an INFJ male, and I would suggest, if you really like the guy, it just let the relationship evolve on it's own.

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I don't know too many things about these types and every type's features, but I could tell you what I think. I think he already likes you a lot, but is a little afraid of you not liking him back, and with the bad past experiences he is just a little cautious. If you like him and you are really considering to have a romantic relationship with him, just let him know that. But what I absolutely love about him is that he's genuinely patient and understanding when I tell him I've never dated, and I'm new at everything under the relationships umbrella.

I brought up the idea of dating casually recently, but he says he's not ready and doesn't want to be "held down" in the event we "accidentally have kids before we're ready and have to give up on his aspirations". I was absolutely floored that a 20 year old college student who's very attractive, confident, down-to-earth, and has no problem being extroverted would link "girlfriend" to issues like 'marriage" and "kids". Then again, INFJ behavior?

I told him I'm not interested yet either, since I'm busy.

INFJ-INTJ: The Dark Horse of Ideal INFJ Relationships

He was a bit upset at that, and tried to make me jealous by mentioning girls he know and that "it's easy for a white guy to date Asians".

I played it cool and told him to "go for it, if he wants to" I don't want to be needyand we had a brief misunderstanding there. I think he may really like me because when I joked later he sometimes amused me, he said that "at least I'm good for something. But I think it's all solved now, since I texted him later in the night and let him know I cared about him, but wasn't ready to express my feelings, and I didn't want him to get any other ideas that I wasn't interested in him.

I won't see him for two weeks, but it seems so far, we're both willing to work things out and take everything slow. I think you would be surprised of the outcome.