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Toshiro POV - "Izuru, Matsumoto, Momo we need to go in Sokyoku!! . but you give terrible relationship advice. x, Nika Dear Onika/Dear Robert, I trust you. dick sucking legislation · hitsugaya and matsumoto naked lymara pussy · sex with couples video relationship advice for mature gay men. . Aizen relationship advice requested by sosukeaizen.:) .. Now we're going to do the same thing only for Hitsugaya, Hinamori, and Matsumoto!.

I don't know anything about him yet. I'd say you've already passed judgement on him. Or Rangiku, for that matter? I suppose he thought that not telling anyone who I was protected me…" He ran his fingers through his hair.

I haven't asked him, but I do know that Gin always seemed to know what I was interested in at the time.

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Momo used to ask me every so often, maybe that's how he found out," Toshiro mused. He had an unhealthy interest in you when I was there.

He was pretty obsessed. But I…" "You don't trust anyone, so you don't trust that he would do anything for you just because he's your father.

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Have you ever trusted anyone? You are — Toshiro? I'm not your child, you have no permission to touch me. I am a captain level Shinigami, I demand respect! First your family, now your name…" "What do you mean, your family? I'm so happy for you! You have Ichimaru and Rangiku. Rangiku's always tried to take care of you. Ichimaru's had an obsession with you forever. Once he heard there was a child genius in the academy he tried to find out as much as anyone knew about you.

It was a bit worrying for those of us who were already wary of him. But I suppose I am happy that you did find a family, even if it is Ichimaru. Even your father agrees that Ichimaru is not the ideal father material," Toshiro directed at Karin. I simply don't see him in that light. Perhaps now…" Isshin scratched his head. And he groped me. That — " "Don't get so worked up, Ichigo.

What do you mean, he groped you? He knew very well that Toshiro had a tendency to exaggerate or misinterpret a situation and he hoped to high heaven that this was one of them, because otherwise there would be one dead captain at the end of the day.

It isn't such a big deal. You're still a captain. I went from being a normal guy to having Rukia sleeping in my closet. Now I know all you people. He thinks that cuddling with you is normal.

He wants to make you happy, too. You two are really similar. Rangiku isn't nearly as similar to you as Ichimaru is," Karin said. The way you make him sound, he's just like you. Get to know him a bit, you never know what he's like other than a creep. I need to be alone sometimes. You're probably going to do something stupid.

Half an hour and then I'm leaving, got it? Rangiku's never made you try it? But not like candy, it's good sweet. If he's really your father he'll try to make you happy.

I just don't know what to do anymore. You're their kid, Rangiku and Ichimaru have to figure out how to deal with you, too. They'll take care of you, not the other way around. You're going to worry yourself sick, and then where will you be? Most, if not all, of the Soul Society hates him. No one trusts him. He's trying to make peace with you and Ran.

She glanced up, her face going from serious to a smile. I wouldn't make a good captain and I think everyone knows that. Rangiku went back to her work, not paying things much mind. Why do you ask?

She then set down her brush and stood up, going to where her small taicho was. She then felt is forehead. What's gotten into you taicho? Unohana says I'm not to keep things bottled in anymore. I'd treat you to dinner out, but I really need to talk to you privately. I'll head to kitchen area when I'm finished with this to wait for you. His body was tense and he found himself having problems to think straight.

He found himself glaring at the rice, knowing full well it was the easiest thing to cook. Suddenly though, someone came up behind him. At that, Toshiro's mouth twitched suddenly.

Have you ever heard of someone learning Bankai without having learned to release their zampaktuo with out the command? She just got this ability handed to her. All I can say is, good luck on learning Bankai. I think you'll make a good captain.

That said, not one of the captains passed her. At that, two teal eyes glanced up. Not to mention, if she's a captain, she'll be in even more danger.

Eventually, her small taicho came into the kitchen with a bag of food and began to spread the ingredients out onto the counter. She watched as he glanced at a piece of paper, studying the instructions on the paper.

If you missed something, I can go and get it. Hisagi-san gave me a recipe to try. He said it should be easy to make. That's a nice dish and a slight step up from what you're used to cooking. When he repeated the process, she started up a thing of green tea and pulled out a few sweets. Finally, when he placed the food and tea onto the carrying tray, she went ahead of him to open doors. They headed back to their quarters.

When they arrived, Matsumoto glanced down at her small taicho. You might want to do so too, as you'll feel more comfortable if you aren't in your uniform. Rangiku set the tray down on her nightstand and changed into one of her pajama sets, one that didn't drop down low in the front. She then sat down on her bed cross legged, waiting for he small taicho to come, despite the fact the food was likely getting cold.

A tapping sound came on the screen that separated their two rooms and she piped up for him to come in. Hitsugaya sat down on the bed, his night clothing consisting of a simple kimono.

Matsumoto handed him one of the plates. She picked up her own and began to dig in. She's got this thing she things is Bankai. It requires you to bring your zampaktuo spirit into the living world. You simply can't dream it up while you're in a coma. She hasn't exactly been anywhere but dream land of late, so when would she have time to do this. Not to mention, time is needed to do so. As for why she didn't tell you She hates me now.

She's just blinded herself to her anger and jealousy, that she isn't able to see the truth. I mean, you did graduate the same year as her and you're known as a child genius with the stuff you do. They flat out told her that they aren't happy about However, she saw the face her small taicho made.

I'm stuck with that vision of my blade going through her chest I mean, some nights you haven't been sleeping well, since the Winter War. I can hear you, you know. At that, two teal eyes glanced up at her, a grateful smile spreading across his face. It was always on his mind, despite the fact it hurt to think about the issues at hand. He worked on his paperwork, when he heard footsteps from the doorway. Glancing up, he saw Hinamori looking at him.

She spoke up, her tone dark. The small female stepped over to his desk, glaring at him. Do you think that you are better then me, Shiro-chan? Hinamori, doesn't the fact that no one has ever learned Bankai without learning to release to Shikai without release command mean anything to you? Hinamori, tell me how that is supposed to be an achievement when learning to release to Shikai without saying he release phrase. Don't you dare belittle that, Shiro-chan.

I be you can't prove it! At that, two teal eyes stared at her, a rather bewildered look on their face. However, Hitsugaya suddenly got up from where he was seated and walked over to her. He placed a hand on her chest. I can feel the other captain's zampaktuo when they go Bankai too. However, when that power appeared, I couldn't feel Tobiume. I couldn't feel her at all.

She shoved his hand away. The release allows the reiatsu to grow in size, something that didn't happen with yours. Instead, it felt like it was deadened by this other feeling, a bad feeling.

At that, Toshiro found his teal eyes blinking a couple of times. It is honestly hard to explain. At that, the small taicho's mouth twisted up. Who cares if it really isn't Bankai? It's powerful, isn't it? Don't kid me about that. Two teal eyes glared at her, irritation becoming evident. The fukutaicho of the eleventh division has more maturity they you've had of late. You spat watermelon seeds at me when you were little.

You don't get the fact that I'm older now, do you? Because after you stabbed me through the chest, I don't think so. Not when you've been ignoring me ever since you entered the academy. How can you talk about being a family when Momo though continued speaking up.

Stop being so self-centered.

I'm not the reason, tell me why. At that, two eyes blinked again. I won't hurt you again. Your going into the wrong territory. At that, Toshiro let out a deep breath. You think that being a child genius is all easy and everything. You've always had an ego on you, Shiro-chan. I had to join the academy because my reiatsu was killing our grandmother. You would have honestly told me I don't like hurting the people I care about.

If I had known you were there instead of Aizen, I wouldn't have stabbed you. That said, not everything is about you. Abarai and Hisgai are working hard, Momo. And what about Unohana and Yamamoto? They told you those things not because they wanted to hurt your feelings, but because they really are concerned about your behavior.

She opened her mouth a few times, never really saying anything. I feel like I can easily talk to him. He also understand me and doesn't treat me like a child. I've grown up Hinamori. That, and I don't like seeing you hurt yourself. She then turned and left, but said this before she did. Maybe Tite Kubo will give her the needed character development, but at this point, it just turns her into what we call a Possession Sue, a canon character turned into a Mary Sue.

One fanfic that has her work for Bankai and such is "Hinamori's Apprentice", by Kalow. Special notes for certain fans. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.