Hei and yin relationship advice

Why do I think Hei fell in love with Yin? - Giving it to you straight. NO CHASER!

hei and yin relationship advice

Kobayashi informs Hei that Izanami/Yin's inner being has already awakened .. Hmm I'd say yes, but with some conditions and a bit of advice. couple of characters (especially if you're a hardcore Yin or Yin x Hei shipper. One thing that could prove that Yin is dead is because on near the end of the anime, Yin appears (the one in the white suit) and asks Hei to kill her, in which he . It's beautiful and crucial to understanding that relationship between Hei and Yin. In my opinion, it's best to watch it between season 1 and 2.

Due to his exceptional combat capabilities martial arts, usage of improvised weaponry, and speed he became feared even amongst contractors, earning the title of "Black Reaper. However as "Heaven's War" went on Hei became appalled by Bai's actions and began to have thoughts of killing her, however his love for his sister prevented him from doing this.

Hei's internal struggle of trying to bring himself to kill Bai During the "Heaven's War", Bai went missing with the rest of Hei's team. Unknowingly to him Bai had merged her being with Hei, giving him her powers and the star BK He continued to serve the Syndicate in hopes of finding out what happened in South America's Heaven's Gateand more importantly what happened to his sister.

Hei also has a past history with the leader of the Evening Primrose and former Syndicate co-worker, Amber and hopes to find her in order to discover the truth. Abilities Edit Peak Human Condition: Hei's contract powers are especially useful because of his amazing agility, speed, endurance, dexterity, and natural strength.

Hei is obviously extremely skilled in martial arts and is an accomplished acrobat easily able to do backflips and mid-air cartwheels with little effort in terms of physical strain. Hei's natural abilities are so impressive that even without his contractor powers Hei is easily able to take on other contractors. Not unlike many Contractors, Hei possesses a very pragmatic and resourceful intellect; demonstrating a knack for improvisation during the heat of combat.

Since Hei's contractor ability can only kill once in direct contact with the intended target, Hei often relies on taking his opponents by surprise in order to gain the advantage as evidenced by his gambit during his first fight with Wei. His tactical unpredictability and resourcefulness coupled with his almost bullet-time speed makes him a daring foe. Contractor Power Edit Hei using his power. Hei possesses the ability to generate and discharge electricity through conductive media i.

The power is more than simple electric shocks, as he can alter matter on the quantum level. He has shown the ability to transform integral particles on the quantum level. He is capable of special particle luminance, meaning he is able to change molecules similar to how humans are changed into contractors. This ability is also one of the most, if not the most, powerful and coveted powers known as it is the only one capable of altering gate particles at will.

This ability is not actually his as he is really only human, but it was granted to him when his sister fused with him. While in possession of the Meteor FragmentHei's powers were amplified to the extent that he was able to destroy a large portion of South America almost effortlessly. This inheritance means that, unlike other contractors, Hei doesn't have an Obeisance. The reason behind this is that he is actually a human who has fused with his sister, a Contractor, therefore he has no price to pay.

Equipment Edit Hei's knife Mask: Hei wears a white mask with a purple lightning symbol over the right eye. Smith orders his troops to go to the core of the Gate.

Suou runs to a dying Shion and holds him in her arms. Before he dies, he says that the deal was his present for Suou and asks her to look after it and to send his love to their parents, calling her his dear sister. Yin says she granted his wish.

At that moment, July collapses and dies too. A pissed off Suou summons her gun and aims at Yin. While Suou is pulling the trigger, Yin retaliates by breaking the necklace that Suou is wearing.

hei and yin relationship advice

Apparently, it does contain a meteor core fragment. Suou realizes this as well and tries to hang on to her memories and her life, but to no avail. He lays Suou down beside July. Hei understands and smiles back. Kirihara tries her best to run towards where Suou and everyone is at. She visits the aquarium with her parents. We then see a smiling July pass by Suou at the aquarium and waves at her.

Goldilocks twins confirm this and says that July is there too. Kirihara and Mao stand gazing at the ruins inside the Gate. Kirihara disagrees, saying that this is only the beginning.

hei and yin relationship advice

Oreille then appears and gives them a ride out of the Gate. Kirihara does her usual voiceover… She says that America gained control over Tokyo in their quest to become the advanced nation they once were.

The age of the Syndicate is now over. We see the old Oji-san dead from episode 7 dead, as well as Shizume yeah, Hazuki killed that traitor! Serves him right after what he did to poor Youko. Goldilocks twins note that another Gate has opened. Smith and his team examine the flowery place inside the Gate.

They find a boy who looks like Yin lying inside a box. He suddenly awakens and kills them. Kirihara in an all new more girly and stylish outfit is picked up by Oreille, Kobayashi, and Mao using the futuristic flying! We then see Hei carrying an unconscious Yin, walking underneath the starry sky. That was the end?! Acting all chummy with Kirihara and Youko and Hazuki, he turned out to be the sneaky and sadistic kind of contractor. Whoa, August 7 turned out to be alive.

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Speaking of July, he is so adorable. I really liked his character more as he got more screentime and character development this season.

I appreciate that August 7 told him to do as he wishes when July said he liked being with Suou rather than going back to wherever August 7 was going. July hugging Suou was pretty cute. And I like that he was also sent over to the cloned earth that Shion wished and created for Suou.

It enabled Shion to overcome the glitch in his power, allowing Suou to last as long as she did despite being a clone. And as for Shion, I appreciate that he loved his sister very much. That must have drained a lot of his power and it must be the price for his wish. What did she want Kirihara to pass on to Hei? Well, back in episode 9Amber wants Kirihara to pass on to Hei and company whatever Kirihara finds out from the Mitaka Documents, so that no one will make a mistake in what was about to take place I think Oreille mentioned before that there are many versions of the prophecy, and I think what happened was just one version.

I doubt that Kirihara and Kobayashi remained with Section 3.

Why I think Yin and Hei make a great couple

Like Kirihara, I also believe that Hei is still alive somewhere. She cares about people as well as contractors and wants both camps to just get along and live harmoniously, she tries to see things from both perspectives. I think most of her questions are the same ones we have, and from her own dilemmas and worries, we can see both sides from her POV as well. Does that make sense?