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Lieutenant Colonel Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie, USMC (JAGC) Fell into a funk that impaired his relationships with the JAG personnel in Season 8, and Austin was the second partner to LT Harmon Rabb, replacing LT JG Caitlin Pike. .. She often clashed with the other characters; Harm did not trust her, Mac was aghast at . Lieutenant Colonel Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie USMC, is a fictional character played by She and Captain Harmon "Harm" Rabb become engaged during the show's final The relationship between the Department of State and the U. S. Marine .. The remaining area is public forest and park land, state trust land, Arizona is. David James Elliott as Captain Harmon 'Harm' Rabb, Jr. Mattie and Harm have a close, father-daughter like relationship and he Catherine Bell as Major Sarah 'Mac' MacKenzie .. Due to her aggressive personality, she often butts heads with other characters including Harm who does not trust her.

Anne-Marie Johnson as Rep. Roberta Latham Roberta Latham was better known by her colleagues as Bobbi and she was a character on the show from season 3 until season 7. Bobbi was not a main character but she was featured in 17 episodes and during that time, Captain Harm Rabb develops a romantic interest in her. Before landing the role of Bobbi, Anne-Marie was already a well-established actress who appeared on the sketch comedy show In Living Color and the thriller film In the Heat of the Night.

She is due to appear in the series Imposters, which is set to air in It turns out that they were on a sort of date because the pair eventually get romantically involved and got engaged. They eventually call it off after it is discovered that Meredith cheated on Chegwidden.

However, her appearances on these shows were just for one episode whereas she had a recurring role on JAG. While Hofmann has not had many recurring appearances on TV, she has appeared in many films such as West End and Burlesque.

Her most recent appearance was in the television film Michael Jackson: They get engaged and we get a cliffhanger ending of a coin flip, to decide who gets to keep their career. Mattie and Harm have a close, father-daughter like relationship and he briefly acts as her foster parent. She employs Harm at the crop-dusting company that she owns and considers him as her father figure since she is estranged from her biological father.

Mattie eventually becomes paralyzed after being involved in a plane accident, with the incident bringing her even closer to Harm. Hallee Hirsh today Though Hallee Hirsh is only 30 years old, she has quite the list of acting credits, as she began her career at the age of three.

Hirsh is set to appear in the film Chasing the Rain, which is currently in post-production.

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The actress is married to fellow actor Ryan Martin and the couple have one child together. The character had a rough past as she endured a difficult childhood but joined the military in order to escape to a better life.

New Orleans that she is best known for until today. She played the role of Agent Meredith Brody until she was written out following a two year run on the show. Zoe was married to actor J. Gillian until they divorced in and the year after, she began playing the role of Kendra Daynes on the show Designated Survivor.

Cynthia Sikes as Dr. Sydney Walden is Admiral A. Well, one of them anyway.

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Sydney stands by her son and ends it with Chegwidden. That was the last time we have seen the actress Cynthia on screen. However, with her time on JAG concluded, Cynthia decided to make a change in her career path and in she moved on to producing films. Her best-known film as a producer is the newly released Blade Runner Susan Haskell as Lt.

Jordan Parker has a brief love affair Harm Rabb for eight glorious episodes. However, their fire dies out when Jordan breaks it off when Harm chooses to go back to his true passion, flying. Things take a dramatic turn for the worst when Jordan is mysteriously killed in the sixth season of the show. Following her death, the JAG team tries to figure out who was behind the murder and bring them to justice.

After her stint on the soap was over, a rumor began to go around that she was fired from it after the writers no longer knew what to do with her character. In any case, that was the end of her acting career. Regarding her personal life, Susan and longtime companion Thorsten Kaye have two children together.

Mac becomes a sort of older and protective sister to the young Chloe, even after she introduces her to her real father.

They remain close for the next three seasons. Mae Whitman today Mae Whitman had been acting long before she arrived on the set of JAG, and over her long career, she has starred in the film Independence Day, the medical drama Chicago Hope, and has even appeared on the iconic sitcom, Friends.

Before reaching the age of 30, she has already starred in almost different movies, television series, and productions. She is currently working on the romance musical film Valley Girl. Mac had a tough childhood, which she channeled as an adult as motivation to joining the marines. At only 28 years old, portraying the role of Mac shot Catherine Bell into stardom, which led to many more television shows and feature films.

Catherine was also cast in the blockbuster movie The Good Witch, which moved her career along even further. This one single movie turned into a franchise all with Catherine Bell at the lead playing the role of Cassie Nightingale.

Inthe movie was subsequently turned into a television series and Catherine still stars on the show to this day. Jackson as Rear Admiral A. Chegwidden has starred on the show JAG from its pilot episode all the way until the ninth season.

Chegwidden served as the Advocate General of the Navy and is one of the most respected officers. He acted as a father figure to many of the soldiers under his command. A Marine lawyer, who later became Chief of Staff under Chegwidden and Cresswell, partnered with "Harm" and became his best friend and constantly dealt with "whatever" it was between the two officers. She had a terrible childhood with her abusive alcoholic father and a mother who abandoned her on her 15th birthday.

Suffered from alcoholism but sobered up and joined the Marine Corps at age She dealt with her past in Season 4's episodes, "Mr. Rabb Goes To Washington" and "People v. Mac" and "Second Sight. She was promoted once in the series' run from Major to Lieutenant Colonel. Until the series finale, she was senior to Rabb by two months. Lieutenant Commander Bud J.

He had a younger brother, Mikey Michael Bellisario who had aspirations of being an artist before being accepted into the Naval Academy, and eventually became a radar and gunnery technician. They had a complex relationship with their father, "Big Bud" Sr.

Harm and Mac: Scene from Season Eight Premiere.

Jeff MacKaya retired Master Chief, who was borderline abusive when they were children, perhaps due to the strain of having to raise them himself after the death of their mother. Mentioned having a sister named "Winnifred" or "Winnie" in Season 2 but she was never shown.

He lost his right leg when he accidentally stepped on a landmine in Afghanistan, but went through rehabilitation and was not only allowed to remain the Navy, but given a promotion at the end of Season 9.

Bud was promoted three times during the series' run, first from Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade; secondly from Lieutenant Junior Grade to Lieutenant; and lastly from Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander.

Both Harm and Mac thought the world of Bud, and in the series finale both of them all but begged Bud to join them in their new commands; Bud politely turned them both down because his wife wanted him and their family to stay in the D. How many times have we had guys through here, guilty of the most terrible crimes, who seem to have convinced themselves they were perfectly entitled to do what they did?

Jennifer Coates, the Admiral's Yeoman, poked her head around the door.

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I thought you might like a set too. Everyone took a copy and unfolded it. The headlines screamed at them in big black type.

The Washington Bugle had really gone to town, it's front cover was taken up entirely by mug-shot like photographs of the SecNav and the other indictees with the word 'Indicted' stamped across each one in thick red ink. The others were more restrained but it was the lead story in each, taking up most of the front page and several inner pages.

Bud Roberts leafed through his paper until he found details of the indictments. Apparently it was all disguised as campaign contributions. After a few further clicks he looked up, an odd expression on his face.