Happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship with god

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happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship with god

Manic Love (Flippy x Flaky Love Story) Happy Tree Friends . For once, he was wholly mesmerized by her beauty and God, had he never She takes it immediately and thus starts her strange and twisted relationship with Patient This article focuses on the interaction between Flippy and Flaky. Flippy and Flaky are depicted in the series to be good friends. In earlier episodes, Flippy's. Relationships. Cuddles. Flippy and Cuddles are shown to be good friends. In This Is Your Knife, Flippy and Cuddles camp out along with Flaky and Giggles.

Half an hour ago, the two girls were still conversing happily with each other until Toothy, the buck-toothed boy inadvertently popped the champagne, simply oblivious to Flippy's presence. Flippy, the town's young war veteran, was infamous for his mental disorder.

Whatever reminded him of wars, his sanity would snap. The once glorious soldier would turn into a monstrous, sadistic murderer, wiping out all the existence that came into his sight.

Flaky was beginning to feel giddy. Hearing footsteps draw closer, she shivered. At any rate, he would find her and when he did, he would most definitely not spare her. She would simply end up like everyone else. She squirmed in her secret hiding place which was, frankly speaking, not quite secret. The soldier was way too intelligent and deceitful. She was just clumsy and feeble. He knew well she was under the table and the only thing he needed to do was uncover the table cloth and grab her out.

Yet, he had gotten accustomed to this game of tormenting her by filling her with ever so much fear. He wouldn't find her right away but instead, he would fool around and toy with her fragile heart. He pretended to be searching for her, whispering her name every once in a while just to frighten her.

Whether showing up or not, she reckoned she was doomed. This time, she decided to confront him. On the bright side, perhaps seeing her would snap him out of abnormality.

It had happened before. There had been a time when he was about to scratch her cheek with a bowie knife and she squealed. Her voice incited him to flip back. He is the other side of Flippy, the evil side, to be more precise. His yellow eyes widened with excitement. He glared at her and a crooked grin spread across his face. She had a sudden urge of fleeing as terror closed her in.

But there was no turning back. He had seen her and he wouldn't let her go that easily. Fli- " Before she could finish her sentence, he seized her wrists and dragged her across the room, so violently that she began crying deliriously. Tears rolled down her face.

She struggled a little but he was too strong. Her head struck the solid concrete and let out a creaking sound. It was as though her cranium had fractured. A brainless, pathetic, scaredy-cat. The idea of him falling for you just pisses me off!

The girl moaned in agony and collapsed to the ground. The psychotic boy started walloping and trampling on her incessantly. He yanked her wavy crimson hair and tossed her around the room. When Flaky's body was eventually covered entirely in bruises, she was so exhausted that she could hardly move a muscle.

Fliqpy stood above her and smirked, carefully licking off a trace of blood on his dagger. Making him see you suffer because of him entertains me! His ultimate fault is to fall in love with you!

The girl was tired of suffering continuously.

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After all, she would come back to life sooner or later. The revolting red liquid squirted out of her open wound. She howled and writhed in pain. He lodged the blade deep into her flesh and hauled it out roughly. Watching her blood spit out turned him on. He began laughing frantically and cutting Flaky in various spots.

happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship with god

Yet, none of these stabbings was sufficiently fatal. Death never welcomed her. There was only endless pain. She struggled while she was still holding a breath. Tears soon completely drenched her face.

Flaky shook her head in horror, half envisioning the worst part of his sickening game. Her severely injured body was exposed to the air. The boy pinned both of her palms to the ground with knives, disallowing her movement. Slowly, he leaned forwards and blew into her ears. She groaned as Fliqpy's hands reached out for her breasts, giving them a forcible squeeze. The humiliation was killing her. It was suffocating her. She had never in her life imagined a guy would do such mortifying thing to her.

As his lips touched her skin, she clenched her eyes in embarrassment. He ripped open her skirt. Just as he was about to reach for her legs, the girl yelled for one last time.

You know I love you, Flippy! He paused for a second, dropping his weapon to the ground. His yellowish eyes and sharp teeth gradually vanished. His evil look was replaced with an innocent yet confused expression.

Flippy glanced at his girlfriend in astonishment, merely believing what he saw. Flaky's clothes were all torn and she was only wearing undergarments. She was trembling badly and her face was completely smeared by her hot tears. Swiftly, he unpinned Flaky and draped his coat around her body. I'm so glad you're b-back I'm so sorry, Flakes. And I've hurt you Our friends will be back too. In no way would he permit himself to hurt the one he loved again.

Or at least, he deemed so. I'm so sorry, Flaky! If he didn't flip back this time, the girl would clearly be in trouble. And it was not any sort of trouble like being murdered. Possibly being raped and insulted by her own lover. Flaky nodded and rested in Flippy's arms. The room returned to its previous silence and peace. Yet, in vague consciousness, Flaky seemed to hear Fliqpy's voice sneer.

Until next time, sweetheart. At this point, the girl shuddered and finally fainted. Ever since Flippy flipped out last time, he had been locking himself home for more than two weeks.

At first, Flaky thought he just didn't want to hurt anybody again by keeping his distance from the outside world. Lately, paranoia took the best of her. The girl was beginning to doubt if he was growing tired of their rotten relationships. Whenever they were together, she could tell how much effort he had made to suppress his evil alter-ego. Even if he stayed so cautious, he failed to counteract Fliqpy's presence entirely. Approximately two weeks after the incident, Flaky woke up early one morning, thinking it might be good to check on her boyfriend.

She hadn't seen him for days and it felt like forever. He had been avoiding her constantly just to keep her safe. Cuddles laughed his mischievous laugh and ran over to the table to get his gift for her. While they were getting the gift, Flippy whispered to Giggles and slipped out of the house. Luckily, Flaky didn't notice. Cuddles and Toothy had both pitched in their allowance to get Flaky a gift. And it was a series of baseball cards featuring all of her favourite baseball players.


Toothy and Cuddles smiled at the birthday girl in response; they were glad that Flaky liked the gift. Giggles have her gift next. It was a movie!

It was the movie "Moana". Flaky remembered seeing that movie in the theaters a few months ago and she couldn't wait for it to come out on DVD. But when it did, she had to pay her bills and therefore couldn't buy it.

And now Giggles had gotten it for her? Speaking of enjoyment… She looked around for Flippy, but she couldn't see him anywhere. That made her a little sad for some reason… "Hey, Giggles," she spoke up.

Flaky sighed a quiet sigh of relief. For some reason, the thought of Flippy leaving the party upset her. Earlier, she would've been happy about that happening. It would most likely break her heart. And Flaky's heart was very fragile and delicate, so, it would never be a good idea to do that under any circumstances. The presents kept coming and Flaky felt more and more happy. Petunia got her a stuffed bear along with another movie.

It was a Winnie the Pooh one. Flaky adored that movie as a child, and now she had it again and it made her feel nostalgic all over. Handy got her a gift card for Dairy Queen along with a birthday card that read, "I might not know you that well, but you still mean quite a deal to me. How he did that without hands is beyond me… Cro-Marmot gave her a rectangular box that contained clothes. But not just any clothes: This confused her, but she also found it kind of neat that someone would give her something like this.

So, she tapped his ice block to say thank you. Sniffles gave her bubbles to play with. I reworked the basic formula for bubbles into a multi-coloured solution that makes for great fun! Nutty giggles his trademark giggles and leaned on his best friend. Flaky chuckled at the two Tree Friends; they had such an interesting and charismatic relationship. A scientist and a sugar junkie… Who'd have thought that they'd end up being the best of friends?

But Flaky thanked Sniffles for the gift and moved on to the next one. The next one was from Lumpy and The Mole who had helped each other pick out a gift. Since Mole was blind, he would need help seeing what to get for her. So, he asked the first person he bumped into: And the moose had a hard time reading Mole's constantly blank expression but eventually they bumped into Mime and Russell and they helped translate. Mime had recently tried using sign language to talk seeing's how he doesn't speak.

happy tree friends flippy and flaky relationship with god

And Russell had somewhat understood it and told Lumpy what Mole was trying to ask of him. And Lumpy didn't know what to get Flaky, and naturally, when Mole picked out one of his own turtleneck sweaters, Lumpy immediately gave him a thumbs up and agreed to it. He still wasn't the brightest Tree Friend around… And when Flaky saw the aforementioned turtleneck in the package, she chuckled and thanked them.

Truth be told, she thought it was a sweet gesture on both Mole and Lumpy's parts. She only hoped it would fit her. When she stood up to try it on, it actually did fit.

It was only slightly oversized and the neck covered most of her face just like on Mole. So, she folded it down several times so it looked like a turtleneck should. Blushing, Flaky removed the turtleneck and sat back down. Nutty gave his gift next. It was a box of assorted candies that displayed such bright and beautiful colours. She didn't know what else to expect from Nutty, but she thanked him regardless.

Even though she wasn't a sugar addict like him, she still loved candy. Mime gave Flaky a gift certificate to the movies. Since that was one of his jobs, he was able to get an endless supply of gift certificates right at his fingertips along with delicious popcorn and gummy snacks. Flaky thanked Mime for his gift and then the purple deer moved his hands and fingers around in a certain way, implying that he was using sign language.

Flaky turned to Russell. Flaky smiled and turned back to Mime. She nodded her head at him with a big smile to tell him that she'd love that.

And he replied back by using the sign language sign for thank you which involved him bringing his hand down from his face. Then Russell gave his gift. It's was a purple pirate's bandana. She always loved giving gifts that kept on passing on to the next owner. What do you think, lass? Flaky chuckled and said she loved it. It matched the turtleneck she had just gotten and it looked pretty comfortable to wear as well. So she tamed her top quills down so they wouldn't poke holes in it and she tied it around her head.

That's the spirit, matey! Once all that was done, Flaky's family gave her their presents for her. And there was a message that read, "Happy Birthday, big sister, hope this'll help you in the future!

Flaky's mom, dad, and brother all agreed to pitch in to buy their gift for her. And when Flaky opened it up, she felt overjoyed. Because inside was a Wii U! But, you guys didn't have to-! And not only that, there was a few games included in the box as well. Flaky was silent for a while. Her head was hung and she did not move. Everyone looked at her curiously, wondering if something was wrong. But before anyone could ask, she slowly looked up, revealing that she was crying… She was just so happy she didn't know what else to do… "T-Thank you, everyone.

I-I don't know w-what to s-say! She stood up from her spot and gave everyone around the room tight hugs.