Great expectations pip and magwitch relationship

great expectations pip and magwitch relationship

Essay on Pip's Relationship with Magwitch in Great Expectations. Words 13 Pages. How does Dickens use Pips relationship with Magwitch to interest the. Great Expectations Essays - Pip's Relationship with Magwitch in Great Expectations. How does Dickens use Pips relationship with Magwitch to interest the. and find homework help for other Great Expectations questions at eNotes. Dickens presents the relationship between Magwitch and Pip as complicated.

At this point in the story Magwitch is a frightening figure often compared to a hunted animal. Magwitch is recaptured and is transported to Australia so he disappears from the novel for quite a while. He reappears under the name of 'Provis' many years later when Pip has grown up and is living in London after coming into money from a mysterious benefactor.

By this time Magwitch is a much older and somewhat kinder figure — though he is still tough and determined to achieve his goals. It eventually becomes clear that Magwitch: Although he terrifies Pip when he is a boy, Magwitch grows to love Pip as his own son and tries to help him to become a gentleman later in life.

Pip also comes to love and respect the older Magwitch.


How is Magwitch like this? Evidence Analysis Threatening Magwitch has had a brutal life and had to fight for everything.

great expectations pip and magwitch relationship

He threatens Pip on the marshes and Herbert when he returns to London unexpectedly. He physically attacks Compeyson to prevent his escape. He is an escaped convict, desperate to avoid capture and will say and do anything to keep his freedom.

The scene takes place in a graveyard which adds to the sinister feeling. Seeks revenge Magwitch wants revenge on Compeyson, his partner in crime who betrayed him.

Great Expectations - studying relationships

He also seeks revenge on society in general for treating him harshly and unfairly. I not only prevented him getting off the marshes, but I dragged him here — dragged him this far on his way back.

Pip and Estella - My Immortal

Honourable Although he is a criminal, Magwitch helps those who help him and tries to avoid getting innocent people into trouble. He also admits to the crimes he has committed. So he nobly takes the blame upon himself.

great expectations pip and magwitch relationship

Determined Magwitch shows that given the right opportunities in life, he could be a productive and useful member of society. He also carries through any plans which he makes.

Magwitch: A Father Figure?

But I held to it, and the harder it was, the stronger I held, for I was determined, and my mind firm made up. At last I done it. But, sharpest and deepest pain of all — it was for the convict, guilty of I knew not what crimes and liable to be taken of those rooms where I sat thinking, and hanged at the Old Bailey door, that I had deserted Joe. In direct contrast to the relationship between Pip and his sister, Pip and Joe were the best of friends and confidants. Pip admired Joe, despite the fact that he was certainly not a gentleman, for his honest work and kind heart.

At this point in the novel, Pip comes to the realization that he has abandoned and erased poor Joe from his life in order to achieve his own selfish dreams of a life of luxury among the upper class. As a consequence, Magwitch fills the void of father figure, though much against Pip's will.

Compare the relationship of Pip and Magwitch to that of Mr. Which figure is more of a father figure, if any? Was it common for adolescents of this time period to be taken under the wing of a secret benefactor?

What are the most credible sources that could be used to find an answer for this question?

great expectations pip and magwitch relationship

As he has done throughout the novel, Dickens continues to alter the language of Magwitch in this scene, creating a more colloquial tone for his character. Why is this particularly significant at this point in the novel? How does this play a role in the characterization of Pip?

great expectations pip and magwitch relationship

Why was Pip so sure that Miss Havisham was his benefactor? How will this news change his relationship with both Estella and Miss Havisham?

Do Pip and Estella really have a future together, or even a relationship to grow from as a couple- or is Pip's sole motivation to become a gentleman now defeated?

great expectations pip and magwitch relationship